Game Audio Redesign #011: Alien Swarm

Hi, my name is Federico and today we’ll try
performing some creature sounds for Alien Swarm. The link to play it for free on Steam is available
on the description of this video. Okay, let’s get to work. The ambience section features some filtered
brown noise and a comb filter for that metallic feel. Opening and closing the door triggers a short
noise clip with a punchy ADSR envelope. From that same sample I created an alarm sound
with the help of MComb by Melda Production. I automated the cutoff frequency of a simple
low pass filter to create some contrast between different parts of the room. The sound of the soldier walking was created
using a grill pan, amp distortion and some reverb. From a simple mate, I was able to record some
useful noises for when the aliens move. I tried my best to come up with a few vocal
squeaks for when the aliens die. I pitched a copy of the performance up an
octave. Added some reverb from REVerence. Created a third copy pitched down an octave
and distorted heavily with Quadrafuzz. I also applied a distinct tremolo effect using
Chopper in Cubase. And these are the final alien sounds after
layering the rest of the vocal takes. Filling up a plastic container with some metallic
jar caps helped me come up with some hit noises. I distorted one of the layers with MXXX from
Melda Production. And also automated some brown noise whooshes
to match the kicks and punches on screen. To help accompany the action, I recorded some
grunts with very little processing. During the intro, I took the liberty of adding
a radio like sequence with a heavily distorted vocal line, some noise level automation and
a simple distorted sine wave. The end result looks something like this. Now without the alarm sound. And finally without the ambience section. Thank you very much for watching, if you enjoyed
the content please consider subscribing to the channel and I’ll see you next Tuesday,
take care.


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