Gamer Girls of India Ep 1: Xyaa | Shagufta Iqbal | PUBG

When I was a tiny kid.
I wanted to become an Astronaut.
But then, later on I got pretty obsessed with hair.
Like hair styling and everything. So at one point I wanted to be come a hair dresser.
But, then I got into gaming.
And everything changed.
I was always into gaming.
I was born and brought up in Bhubaneshwar in Odisha.
My earliest memory is me playing with my sister.
We playing on the Nintendo and Tv, you know those 1991 cassette games. We use to play lot of that.
My dad is a Software engineer. So, he had a computer at home.
He use Subscribe to this magazine called ‘DIGIT’.
And then, they use to give us one software CD and one game CD.
So, I use to take the Game CD play all the games in it.
So yea, I have always being into gaming sinces.
There was one game called Claw
Which I used to play a lot.
And then, you might have about ‘AGE OF EMPIRES’ I used to play that a lot.
There’s another game called ‘CAESER3’
So, those were my first ever PC games.
I used to play a lot of those simulation games. Like ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon’ ‘Zoo Tycoon’
I use to love those.
oh yeah!!
I have done that many times.
I would just see them drown and sometimes last minute I pick them back. But yea I have done it a lot.
During my 9th or 10th I got into CS Counter Strike and thats were it all began.
I mean thats the story of a every gamer in India. COUNTER STIKE 1.6
If you haven’t played it. You’re not a gamer basically.
PUBG PC was super popular but since the launch of ‘APEX LEGENDS’
I have seen a huge shift from PUBG player base to Apex.
I think mainly because Apex is free to play game.
And it’s more fast paced.
PUBG is sometimes a bit slow, loot and you running and then you don’t see anybody.
And then all of a sudden you see someone and you’re just dead.
But the Apex is super fast paced the map is small and the games are faster.
There’s like some thing new because you are having like different legends, which have different abilities.
It’s not there in PUBG. In PUBG you just have different guns.
The PUBG base has gone down the player count has gone done.
Everybody’s playing Apex
From the top steamers to,actually everybody
all the pro players. Everybody has switch to Apex.
Yea, I think yes PUBG has been dethrone by Apex.
I started streaming again because I wanted to come out of the shell.
I was tired of being this nervous,shy timid girl.
And I wanted to interact with more people from the gaming community.
And that’s my I started streaming.
Now, its like once i start streaming I just come alive.
I’m like this extremely hyped, fun, supercharged person.
Showing them all my fails and everything. and having laugh at my fail.
Because that’s my objective. I stream mainly at night.
Its like after a long day of work.
People can come back from there college or work. They can relax and chill out with me.
Thats what drives me basically. Just interacting with people.
For me, I think perfect live streamer has to have a bit of both
They should be also quiet decent at the game as well as the interactive.
Because at the end of the day I got to some stream. I want to interact with the streamer.
Because you see a Tv show for what you see it for entertainment.
I kind of take it in the same way. You see the live stream for entertainment.
Entertainment is interaction, yeaa
So, I think its best of both worlds.
So, a lot of people have asked me that.
Basically, I don’t know meaning behind ‘XYAA’
I just love the way it sounds.
So, there was one Youtuber that I used to adore.
Like, I use to look up to here and she had a Cat.
She named her cat Xyaa and thats were I took the name from.
I was like this name sounds good.
And I stole it. I took it for myself.
And it just stuck to me.
So, this streaming boom happened last year.
No, last to last year.
Like 2017, before that professional players used to be like ‘GOD’ for all the gamers
But now I see people shift to streamers a lot.
Means, even streamers are getting a lot of attention from common gamers.
Because, not everybody plays good.
Not everybody can relate to a pro-gamer.
They can’t relate to a streamer because a streamer just another gamer like them.
They’re just like another friend for them.
They can just come talk to them and play have fun.
Not stress over the competitiveness.
The number one thing that I would say is the biggest challenge is the multi-tasking.
Because, people still do want to see good game play.
And then, when you are reading chat your mind get diverted.
And you do some stupid in Game. People will be like ‘you will be busted’
M y real name is Shagufta.
So, that’s the biggest problem in streaming.
My social life does take a hit because in streaming you have to be consistent
You cannot just skips streams here and there.
Which I do sometime.
Because sometimes it’s just unavoidable .
I don’t go out a lot, and my friends screw up me for that.
But I like streaming and love streaming. So I have to do it.
(Somebody’s sitting in the corner)
I still don’t think you can make living out of games.
But we all are trying because you need to enjoy what you do.
You need to enjoy your job and if you enjoy gaming then try to make it your career.
And that’s what I’m also trying to do.
I don’t know why a lot of people hate female streamers?
Because at the end of the day, they’re also gamers . Right?
You’re just sitting there and don’t know anything about the game. You do.
There’s no gender involved in gaming. You like gaming or don’t.
There’re a lot of guys who don’t like gaming. Nobody says anything about that.
But if a girl gets into gaming why are they criticized.
For the other female steamers who wants to start streaming just be yourself.
Don’t think of the trolls out there.
There will be people who will try to take you down and be like you’re just streaming because you’re a female this and that..
Just ignore them thats the best thing you can do.
Basically, you do What you love. If you love gaming. you do that.
You love interacting with people you do that.
Just ignore the hate and focus on positive side.
The support I have got from the community is insane.
I never thought I would hit like forty thousand subscribers in a span of four to five months.
And I’m super grateful for that. I’m super happy for all the love you guys have shown me.
And I will be forever grateful to you for that.

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