Gamer Girls of India | Ep 2: Rav3n | Paridhi Khullar First Interview | PUBG Mobile

At one point of time
I used to enter
other streamers’ custom rooms
Just enter like that
and I used to kill them
that time no one even knew
that I am a girl
[Series intro]
Shy one
I didn’t talk to anyone
I used to stay
in my world
Everybody told me,
“Just take 12th std seriously.”
“That result is important.”
Earlier it was 10th std
“Take 10th std seriously
no one will pressure you later.”
then again it was 12th std
so I’m like, ‘OKAY’
Let’s get it over with.
I was never interested in studies.
I used to play
with my brother
my brother had a good PC
and an internet connection
that was a big deal
at the time.
So he used to play
so because of him
I started playing video games
We used to compete
with each other
We used to place bets
if you win
my treat
if I win then it’s yours
Personally Bhaiya but…
I was better
I used to know how to
cheat and win.
I’m actually a national player
in 2 sports
state-level player in 1 sport.
I played Hockey,
Basketball and…
So I’m pretty good
you can say.
There was a friend of mine
who used to recommend
me the games
that he used to play.
And he was studying
in the 11th std
so he had a lot of
free time on his hands
When I started playing
PUBG Mobile
I didn’t understand it
So I just played
a couple of games
and I felt like
I’m wasting a lot of time
so I uninstalled
the game
Later on when I got
some free time
I downloaded PUBG Mobile
again during season 2.
And then I started playing it.
I was a hardcore camper.
You won’t be able
to imagine
the kind of spots
I found to camp
I used to camp at
such places…
that I can hear full squads
running around below me
and I am the last person
alive from my team
they’re looking for me
all over
but they never found me.
This was my level
of camping.
I didn’t know how to
kill the enemies
what would I have done?
The guys I played with
were good at this game
Those guys used to do
7 kills, 10 kills, 11 kills
at max I was able to do
was just 1 or 2 kills
and mostly I used to die.
They used to call me 0.1
One day I asked them
“Why do you call me 0.1?”
So they said…
“You always kill
just one guy.”
“That’s why.”
And at that time
I lost it
and I told them
“I will meet you
after 1 month.”
“And I will kill
more enemies than you.”
Then I started practicing.
For a month
I quit everything else
and focussed only
and then returned
to play with the guys
and killed more enemies
than them
and a new journey
began from that point.
He’s coming in
from outside.
You can take him on
from the window
There’s one more
Nice one!
It was a great experience
His IGL (in-game lead)
everybody knows his IGL
is on a next level
like the calm way
and the presence of mind
are the few things
that I love about him
He’s a super
down to earth person.
Even after becoming successful
having such a huge name
even till date
he’s super down to earth
He doesn’t have a
negative attitude
He’s like the same person
who he was
when I first met him.
But he’s on a next level
with his DP-28 sprays.
[Mortal’s next level DP spray]
Nova was the person
who asked me to
start a YouTube channel
and was the first person
who promoted my channel
so I will be always
thankful to him.
the reason why
people criticize it
they are right.
Because playing a
mobile game on a PC
is not the right
thing to do.
But people should
also understand that
because of these
emulator players
people know about
live streaming
people are supporting
they’re getting into E-Sports
E-Sports is coming to India.
People are getting
attracted to it.
We have to be
grateful to them.
But again, people need
a reason to hate someone
I actually saw this
whenever someone is
playing PUBG Mobile
he’s having a high live watching
people are also
supporting him.
They are insulting
and hating him
but still supporting him
and they continue to
watch him.
But the moment
he shifts to
any PC game
the live watching count drops
and the people say
“Can’t watch this.”
Boot Camp is a place where
everyone stays
under one roof
and they practice for…
15-16 hours a day together.
They eat, sleep
and stay together.
They even get funding, training.
They go to different
tournaments with sponsorship.
As compared to other countries
in India there is nothing like
training culture
it’s just like you have
your own squad
and the thing you learn with them
are the only things you learn
or if you learn something
on YouTube
or by watching a tournament
that’s all that we learn
In my discord server
I have made a special
girls’ Voice Channel
and chat
Girl gamers can interact
with each other
I try to play with them
as much as possible
It’s the mentality
of people here
if it’s a girl
playing the game
then she doesn’t know
how to play the game
Everyone expects girls
to get into make up,
be interested in fashion
So if a girl is interested
in playing games
she’ll play a make up
or a dressing up game
and if it’s a shooter game
or adventure game
they won’t actually
participate in it
if by any chance they
get into it
people will start commenting
“What is she doing?”
“this game is not for you!”
I want to be
known as someone
who tried to do
something for girls.
That’s the main reason
why I started streaming
because whenever
I used to play
people used to think
“Girls can’t play video games.”
and I used to feel very bad
and get angry
to kind of prove them wrong
I started all this.
Initially I used to take
everything to heart.
so many things
used to affect me.
but later on I realised
I will have to ignore,
I don’t have a choice
because I can’t cry
after every stream
every night.
Girls have a thing like
what will people think?
If parents get to
know about things
parents will also
say what are you doing?
Relatives knowing things
is also an issue.
India still has that mindset
girls are only destined
to get married
so they should focus
on learning how to cook
you should just follow you heart.
Just do whatever
you want to do.
Either you’re going to fail
or you’re gonna learn
something new.

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