Gamers Compete Against Vets At A Shooting Range

– That’s pretty good for your first time.
– Oh I think we should fair very well.
I’m very well versed in rifles, shotguns,
pistols, sniper rifles,
all type of weaponry.
– Never shot a gun before
and kind of scared.
These arms weren’t made for gun shooting.
These arms were made for hugs.
– You know, I come from
Kansas City, Missouri.
And mostly all my family’s all farmers.
So I’m kind of used to shooting a shotgun
or different guns as a kid.
– I’m looking forward to the gun range
portion of this competition.
I think it’s going to be a
great chance at retribution.
(video game music)
– Go!
– He’s dead.
– We set up two targets at 25 meters
and we did two to the face, two
to the face, two to the face
switching between the targets.
Two rounds in this targets,
two rounds in the left target,
and then two rounds in the right target.
Oh, in the face.
In the face.
Shoot them in the face!
– In the face!
– In the face!
– It’s all about the face.
– Go!
– Go!
He’s dead!
– Probably a little faster
would have been better,
but the shots are really good.
– These guys did an outstanding job.
A lot better than I
anticipated they would.
– Jadey’s never shot in his life,
so he did really well considering
that it was his first time.
– The difference is
between us playing a game
against you guys and
how much of a difference
between skill levels on
that compared to this
was not nearly as great.
– I was just thinking don’t (censored) up.
I wasn’t thinking “Don’t (censored)”.
There wasn’t really too much mess up.
It was more just like
I was just thinking take your time
and don’t be hasty.
Don’t try to look cool or
something for the cameras
because I was like I don’t have time
to mess up and hit the ceiling
and let shrapnel hit us or something.
I don’t know.


  1. David Lonigro…

    Wasn’t he on the Outsmarted show when he was challenged to shoot at the guy but he planned out his escape a week earlier and did a party in grey suits with some fog?

  2. The Vets are nice, they thaught the Gamers who have never held a gun in real life how to shoot, The Gamers didn't teach the Vets Anything.

    I would've shot one of the gamers tbh

  3. Id say its its easier to shoot in a gun range for the first time than it is to play a video game with a controller for the first time soley due to the fact that controllers are kinda clunky for control, when instead with guns its essentially point and shoot, and in a gun range, you have plenty of time to point.

    That being said, the gamers would probably not even be able to shoot due to immense stress in a live combat situation. They have no training

  4. In a gun battle come on we all know these vets will win the gamer knows they have a reset button the vet knows it’s one shot one kill no luck all skill

  5. oh wow! I'm so surprised that the veterans were much better than the gamers totally unexpected

  6. They used AR platforms with a red dot at 25m. A 5 year old could hit those targets. Making those gamers look better at shooting. Should have used pistols with 3-dot sights, at 15 yards. They'd be all over the place

  7. I'm literally a Spetsnaz operator from a video game, do I count as a vet or a gamer
    Seriously Lord Tachanka says I'm a gamer because I am the game I need help

  8. Give these kids 1 day of practice and I bet they would have blown these vets out of the water. Probably doubling their speed at a comparable accuracy.

  9. Ok, lets take a highly trained marksman from the military agenst someone who's never shot a gun, what could happen

  10. me seeing the vets vs the gamers 😮 wow those vets are badass
    me seeing zero then seeing these vets, are you sure you're vets?

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