1. No just no…Should have done a Future Soldier 2 If y’all wanted a futuristic type game.This game was rushed, but I really just want a new Splinter Cell.

  2. Sad to see where Ghost Recon ended up. Wildlands had the potential to take the series back to the realistic modern combat that made the series. Instead we got a kiddy island full of drones and micro transactions.

  3. Fix the game forget about DLC.. you guys are still reaching for money and haven't given us the experience we paid for originally!!.. fix the aiming fix the movement most generic aiming anybody could ask for.. go back to wildlands aiming if anything

  4. I'm getting it for free with my sapphire rx 5700 gpu. I had to choose between gr or borderlands 3 which I already have soooo yeah. Plus I wanted to get gr anyways lol

  5. No views
    YouTube is broken again.

    To everyone using microtransactions and lootboxes as a way to hate the game, I have news for ya.
    The microtransactions are only if you are too lazy to scavenge stuff on your own or you want the purely cosmetic items. Otherwise you can avoid them altogether.
    There are no lootboxes currently in Breakpoint.
    I feel like none of you using these excuses have actually played the game and just reading off of a news website that knows nothing about the game.

  6. Lol they should show the game as it really is…the team should be only nomads and when he touches anything it should glitch through…

  7. Getting a platinum was impossible because there was a achievement for doing the raid, if you look it says 1% achieved but that cannot be from customers, so they lied there are probably going to be a few people who will enter the raid get their platinum and then delete it

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