Golden Mask Casino in 2 minute – Notoriety

the thumbnail are tied to the tips lol *shot fired :O “all ur mom gay” “not something personal here *a unit tripped by crowd ik but this is normal even were on loud a big oof *DODGE* plot twist : brick man’s statue is actually made out of brick. *payday 2 in a nutshell do not go. oh wow. BOOM.


  1. NOTE
    Golden Mask Casino in 2 minute does't mean the game will be finish in 2 MINUTE.

    It's actually Golden Mask Casino video shortened into 2 minute.

  2. New weapons. The Five Seven is the best pistol it is even better then the deagle in damage and it has a 15 round mag so it one shots everything from a hard level law enforcement swat unit to 3 shotting a shadow no more having to deal with shadows when u have the Five Seven as ur side arm.

  3. At first I thought this was a speedrun of golden mask casino that was 2:00. That would have been insane!

  4. I once got 2million from downtown bank and R&B bank, total 4million in one day

  5. Payday 2 loud: here guys get the best setup ever or your dead

    Notoriety loud: hang on guys… sorry I forgot I had the suit on because loud isTOO EASY

    (The only enemy I’m even worried about in load at the cloakers)

  6. I’m an old gamer at notoriety and stopped playing, just so you know, the golden mask casino was not this way.

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