1. A fantastic bit of kit! But is Google Earth VR really that useful for travellers? Read my latest article to find out:

  2. Google Earth VR is amazing. I love the street view integration however I wish Google had added 360 videos of that location.
    I went ahead and created Travel VR app which does that. You can fly around the world but unlike Google Earth VR, you see a handpicked 360 video of that place instead.

    You can download it for free on the app store today. Over 20,000 people have downloaded the app on Oculus Rift and Vive.

  3. hi google I have trouble getting google earth vr to work on mixed reatliy head set I get a message in red letters unresponsive google vr . other steam games etc work. when I open google vr I can see it on my screen but not in headset.

  4. Question: does it include street view? Seems like you have the technology to do it, so I can't see why you wouldn't include it, and it would be so freakin' cool to be able to walk around city streets I've never been to! I'd never have to actually go on trips again! 😛

  5. Hi Google. my name is David Magalhaes, and I live in Portugal. I have a project, and I could help you guys improve "Google trips" and "Google VR". I've sent an email asking for a meeting, but I´m afraid it will never be seen. How can I contact Google to explain my project, and possibly work for Google? Thank you for the help!

  6. But can you walk through the Google headquarters as a SJW purple haired lesbo with no programming experience to get the true feel of working at Google?

  7. I introduced ecological . °°xxxxx . instead of "please google xxxxx"
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    Gé Nefkens
    But Before looking, see my ERIC SCHMIDT SONG ( the text about Google -)

  8. @Paul….Hey Paul. You said….. "
    So WHO Here Really Believes the pictures of earth from space the showed are real and not computer generated ? "

    Answer. ALL PICTURES FROM ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET ARE COMPUTER GENERATED!!!!! Including, all the regular Google earth images. But I can absolutely tell you they are REAL images!!!! I have seen my house and car and even my neighbors on Google earth!!!! I mean the people themselves!!! Standing where they always stand. I know NASA does lie about quite a bit.
    But the reason the images are computer generated from space are simple. They don't have an easy one image of earth from space with fatalities. So they put images on top of one another. To form the globe. THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT AND IT HAS NO DOME OVER IT!!!!!

    What makes me the angriest is when people say that FLAT EARTH IS THE BIBLICAL VIEW!!!!
    No it is NOT!!!!! Neither is YOUNG EARTH!!!!!! The so-called SMART people would be very surprised to read what the bible truly says!!!!

    A few examples..

    Science says…..The universe came into existence all at once in theory by a big bang, THEY ASSUME!!!!

    The bible teaches…The universe was created all at once, not in 6 days like those who don't read much think!!!! You have to read the bible in its original language to fully understand some things!!! There happens to be a GAP of POSSIBLY MILLIONS OF YEARS, between genesis 1:1 and verse 2. We have no idea how far back IN THE BEGINNING actually goes!!!

    One word in verse 2 was translated wrong. Instead of WAS it should have been BECAME!!!! Became is the proper translation of that word throughout most of the bible. Therefore verse 2 should read…And the earth BECAME without form and void with darkness on the face of THE DEEP!!!! God had not even started with the 6 days of RE-CREATING the earth!!! What was it made VOID of??? Umm, easy most if not all LIFE!!!!! Why were there already oceans before the first day of creation??? Answer because the earth was finished along with the HEAVENS!!!!! But the EARTH had been destroyed by a great cataclysm!!! A flood long before the flood of Noah.

    In the first earth the people we now call Angels ruled over an original creation. Then a rebellious Angel became Satan by attempting to space travel and plant his throne that was on EARTH not in heaven. But he tried to plant it in another part of the HEAVENS to be like THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!!!

    The true and only God threw him back down to earth and their had been a war of sorts. The earth had become a battlefield and was destroyed!!! Overthrown and flooded long before Noah. The scripture hints big time that the earth was hit by something very large that wiped out the first earth and the reason why some planets appear to have once had life and now are full of wreckage!!!

    The biblical view is that the earth is ROUND!!!! It even calls it THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH!!!!!
    There were people long before Adam and Eve and it says so!!! That is only the first of the GODS CHOSEN who would eventually bring The Son of God into the world to save mankind from sin. From a fate worse than the first earth. But yes you MUST BELIEVE IN CHRIST FROM YOUR HEART TO BE SAVED FROM WRATH. MAKE HIM YOUR OWN PERSONAL SAVIOR!!!

    I've seen the FLAT EARTH MODEL and somebody has a vivid imagination!!!!
    First of all. On a FLAT EARTH with the sun supposedly making little circles under some dome.
    There is absolutely no way that the sun would not still be seen in the sky from EVERY PART OF EARTH!!! Even those in the shadows!!!! They could still easily look up and see the sun in the distance on a FLAT EARTH!!! The only reason the son appears to go down is THE CURVE THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE ACCORDING TO FLAT EARTH!!!
    It's not daylight in the United States and dark in Europe and China for no reason!!!!!
    On flat earth even if the sun was in another part of the sky. We could still look up and see it in the far distance!!!!!!! BECAUSE ITS HIGH IN THE SKY EVEN IN FLAT EARTH!!!!
    Now their are things I don't understand like why we don't feel the motion of the earth. Or the universe if it's going as fast as they say. But I can say this. On a jet you go fast enough to RACE THE SUN!!! But the only time I feel ANYTHING is going up or coming down or during turbulence!!!! Otherwise it's just like sitting in my own home I feel nothing!!!!!!
    But the earth is round just like the moon!!!! And yes you can travel into space!!!
    There are prophecies in the bible about future generations that would attempt placing their nest/home among the STARS/planets. God says it's a bad idea and they still won't escape him!!!!

    Anyway use some common sense. But either way. Flat earth people seem nice and sincere. I think they are a bit insecure with the size of the universe and have problems with faith that God made it all!! But the dome stuff makes God sound very small and he simply is not. HE IS GOD!!!!! Flat or round dome or no dome. I still love him because he first loved me!!!!! John 3:16 is for ALL who will believe.
    It's your choice and you have to make it because the time is very short!!!! You don't cleanup your life first. No you call upon him AS YOU ARE!!!! And he will cleanup your life his own way!!! You are saved by love and Grace thanks to his blood given for you!!!!! So your works won't save you no matter how good you are it's not enough because you have to be PERFECT!!!! Only 1 was ever perfect and he played OUR SIN DEBT!!!!! Jesus the Christ the son of God and God in the flesh!!!!! Saviour of ALL who call upon him from THE HEART and mean it!!! Then read his word THE HOLY BIBLE!!!

  9. Let's press F to that google's drone that flyed around the entire world for a free app.

  10. How can people contribute to the development of this? Are there any ways to expand the capabilities? A Pro version?

    Thank you for the great work this is an incredible possibility that has only just now been realized. Nice job!

  11. Is it only the Google Earth with the 3D mode + Street View you just look through that device and nothing else? I thought you really can walk along a street like in GTA etc – Boring then.

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