GreedFall – Call to Adventure Trailer | PS4



  1. Who is watching this movie on the phone??

    Likes —> I’m
    Comments —> I’m not

    Gifting next 55 subscribers💙

  2. I bought, finished and enjoyed it. Great accomplishment for an AA game. But honestly, it feels a little too old school for me. Limited area zone maps, getting quest and traveling the same places over and over again… I got bored at some point and just want to finish the game and move on. Hopefully Spiders next games will improve and get better.

  3. i am playing this right now and i cant stop i even made another psn account just to play another class build at the same time!

  4. idk… game could be one of the best rpg ever made but it lacks a lot of stuffs and some features are totally broken imo!
    got bored after 15-20hours /played 🙁

  5. If this was a DLC trailer it would be awesome, but to make a new trailer of a game that is already out for a long time is just a no. It’s only a trailer with quotes from “game journalists” that puts me off.. it feels like you don’t have the confidence to sell your game.

  6. This company makes awesome games. I can't wait to play this. I just can't afford full price games so it will have to wait.

  7. I'm not sure what I just watched or why there's two people kissing for the thumb and during this mysterious war looking scene.

  8. Sorry, but this game is 6/10 at best. Dated animations and graphics, combat is clunky, dialogue is cringeworthy. Even the npc's are horrible…while fighting in the streets, npc's stroll through your fight like a walk in the park. When this game drops to under 15 dollars, then maybe pick it up.

  9. Holy spoiling video careful to everybody that wants to watch this by the way the game is fun and PS a bit poison on my blade and let's go!

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