GTA 5 Online Mini Games #Panto Party “Funny GTA5 Mini Game” Share Your Mini Games”

GTA 5 Online Mini Games #Panto Party “Funny GTA5 Mini Game” Share Your Mini Games”
fear I missed having you with us live
video player for GTA 5 the season with
the many games we gonna call this day
of kinda party hashtag antibody
decided to call it is you’ve got a bunch
people together all from the crew in
just friends Man TT
and made him a little game downs in the
tunnels and red pandas just
ran around people would have to from
back me sees on that we need and I was
just called hashtag kinda party now view
made Anne many games home in the comment
section just in traffic mission how you
do it and will
you know the good ones will grab a few
people grab you in der
getting a video get a recorded you in
the video and you can choose how to do
it i’ma put on YouTube
people much do while me patches so
there’s time we had two people
doing this that a good run through and
six-pound 07 driving around about
no rocked star he get it
a good time and then everyone’s when and
yeltsin lost a friend
through it as many times good now you
would think it’s actually quite easy but
it’s really
quite on I’m don’t often make it all the
way to
especially with the mall pop music he
was actually very funny
you had the x-box game chat recorder
most people just laugh and most so we
just basically called high stack
and it was a lotta fun basically
everything we did today was based around
now this is what it looks like from
inside the car
I’m when someone friends are you all you
see is body
window and then you get to kill so you
can get you kill
doing this have a little bit homie
friends but basically we tried to get
to you do a live two lives around one
car in the tunnel see
see the Committee on a practice run the
C checked this people basically what we
wanted them to do was to
game for enemy in the loop over the top
me upside down
every minute never managed to fully
achieve it burns we thought we had some
%uh VAW
Thames into the video Jesse have a look
and see what we did
and after this we had a little air all
on some miss bank which you can then
and embrace and basically it’s tended to
you in absolute nightmare in his cause a
a lot of fun per then not very stable
and the Chinese little tail spin it
so we have every sometime his bank just
for a little bit I’m
and then tienda video this is we had
about ninety
the star yet about 72 hours later so it
was a lot of fun
basically we try to get a convoy going
at condos and trying to do
360 loot inside the tunnels underneath
us under
put I mean it’s all about basically you
got any many can share them with us
we’ll grab it parliament a video
and see you be in a video showing us
will upload menu too because there’s a
lot of their
not a lot to do in GT and along with the
been so far paw high-speed delayed so
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  1. I never realised you wanted us to pass you upside down lol. Never mind though it was great fun recording it. Would enjoy doing that again either in the panto or something else.

  2. I think we should try to drive a semi truck or 2 up to the top of Mount chilliad with support vehicles to help get up the hardest bits. Or tanks with a tank battle at the top for all those who make it.

  3. Cool video and you might already know but in story mode if you jump (X) and press (B) right after your character dolphin dives

  4. My friend has made one, it is called witness protection like from gta 4 the lost and the dams. It is a capture, if u want 2 try it let me know and I will give u a link

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