GTA 5 Online “Single Player To Multiplayer Glitch”SP to MP Glitch After “Patch 1.13” USB Sign Out

Kevin here with a new single player and
multiplayer glitch for patch 11.13 GTA 5 Online Sp to mp sign oout method this one isn’t easy ways we want to do
is good to your X Box Storage and cool and find a beach bum deal see and move it to you USB device or another
hard drive am that is the first thing you need to
do so we have a USB device it’s pointless trying this 1 I’ll take
away the people who didn’t get the deal see what you don’t know why you wanna do a
star GTA online and be self to a place where you gonna
be bringing a car in and its riccio location to last location and then once you’ve done that all you
want to do is jump back to you single player by press down on the d-pad and switched
to a single player character black once you’ve loaded into single
player this is just makin sure your saved
location saved one single player is loaded up what you
wanna do is just press down on the d-pad and then just switch back to your gta
online character and then just press okay might now once loaded you into GTA online this is the
bit where we start a glitch so this is where I’m going to bring in the
car which you can do it anyway it is really mad away do it it’s just this is where I am going
to do it to what you do they call the x-box game store and press OK at this point wait till the
first zoom out press the ACCEPT button and just sign
out right now your USB stick will still be plugged in with the beach from the a/c given about
six seconds then included if you get this message that’s okay just
put back in given another three or four seconds and then just unplug it again it’s just so we made sure the beach from
DLC is definitely not the so those pics you didn’t get prompted
for last time definitely will this time if your mother because you
have a USB flash drive around the house or an extra hard drive once this has happened lol you back into
the prologues you not signed in just left couple seconds with you and
then just press start go along to game and then load game and
just pick your normal game save or a USB give save if you have one and
then just select your character and that it sign in which is fine no
pressing any buttons or anything in guidebook be just let sign in it’ll take
a couple seconds longer than normal but that’s okay right now want it signed
in if my ex whatever the reason actually
finishes we will do their very last stage which
is easy so you pick your hard drive picky
game save just like this and then it will load you in do is if you live it’s in between
here we’re loading screens now get the call that you want in single player and drive it to your location now I
actually wanted this call back because I lost it before we had twenty causing
the carriage so get there this is Michael still getting
drive to well was this is well because in multiplayer just drive around and pop
pretty close to where you were don’t have to be exactly where but as
long as you be able to see it from there and then all you want to do
is press Start go over to online and then go at this point I don’t know whether you
can be invited into the valley session or not have tried it but give it a try let me know in the comments section
works right once you press go it’ll say yes you need to deal see which we’ve
actually removed which is the beach from select the beach
bum deal see and then just press okay income for them
it’s only thirty eight megabytes so it will not take you much longer than a minute maximum to
download it obviously I’m gonna skip classes because
there’s nothing really must surely once the beach will DLC has finished it
will lose you into UGG online which is me there and
then across the road is the car that I brought him from single player and unfortunately for me I did do this
in a open session and as you see in about 56
seconds time didn’t exactly make to my destination is
actually a turnaround is driving me carriage as someone shot you so they go if he
can’t do it this way at least hit the like button answers customer


  1. thankyou so much man It worked 100% thankyou ve been trying to get franklins buffalo for months and I finally have it! it still works (june 14
    th, 2014 on xbox)

  2. Thanks this glitch does work I just got franklins buffalo took a couple trys but this does work just keep trying until you get it guys good videos keep it up

  3. Thanks this glitch does work I just got franklins buffalo took a couple trys but this does work just keep trying until you get it guys good videos keep it up

  4. Dude your a genius!!! Worked for me first time 😀 been trying so many time with the other methods to get franklin buffalo

  5. thanks it was doing the glitch neverworked but saw ur vid got it on my first try.THIS DOOD IS THE REAL DEAL USE THIS VID FOR THE GLITCH SIMPLE QUICK N UNDERSTANDABLE

  6. The glitch worked and everything but why when i take it to losantos it wont let me put insurance on it, it says its too hot to modify and i take it to my garage it says it has insurance on it. P.S – Pegassi Zentorno

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