This video is sponsored by The PUBG Merch Store. The link, and a 15% off coupon code, are in the description below. Go check it out. Welcome guys! Recoil and spray patterns in PUBG are known to be impossible to predict. This is because they are absolutely random, and while you can change the average outcome of the spray pattern with the use of weapon attachments, the random spray patterns always makes it difficult to test. When talking about recoil control, there is definitely one weapon that comes first to mind: the AKM. This weapon is interesting because not only does it have a very high damage output, being the only full automatic weapon which can kill a level 3 armor in just five bullets, along with the Groza, but it also has the most difficult recoil to control. Many have tried to find a predictable pattern and there are tons of recoil videos out there; I’ve made a few myself But I just couldn’t accept that there was no predictability in the recoil patterns, until it struck me: Why do we want to predict the recoil patterns in the first place? The reason is naturally that we want to be able to counter the recoil using an opposing mouse movement in order to land our shots at the exact same spot, and thereby gaining the maximum amount of DPS out of our weapon. So if we were only able to consistently predict five bullets, that would be great, right? Well, good news guys! Let me show you something incredibly cool, because I’ve discovered that the first five bullets of the AKM will always behave in a specific way. Introducing the Rule of 1 + 4. When using auto-fire, the first bullet will land exactly where you point, and the next four bullets will be just above that single bullet with a low and predictable spread. There is basically no horizontal recoil in these five bullets, and the vertical recoil is absolutely predictable. Bingo! This is exactly what we need. Let me show you how this looks in practice. Starting off, without any weapon muzzle attachment, we can see that the Rule of 1+4 applies perfectly to the pattern of the AKM. Notice how we consistently have one bullet with the space to the next four This pattern is completely predictable, and if you don’t believe me, you should go try it yourself. But what about when you use a muzzle attachment? The compensator, flash hider, and even suppressor; does the rule still apply there? Well, let’s find out! First, we have the flash hider, and it’s clear that the Rule of 1+4 still applies perfectly when using the flash hider on the weapon, because the real effect of these attachments would be seen when spraying more consistently. And then we have the compensator. It very quickly shows that the Rule of 1+4 is still perfectly applied. Now the compensator is known to be the best attachment when wanting to spray with a weapon, but this doesn’t really matter when using the Rule of 1+4. And to keep good testing practice, we will also have to test the suppressor, even though the suppressor has no effect on recoil whatsoever. And the Rule of 1+4 still applies perfectly as predicted. So, how do we control it? Well, we now know the predictable pattern and in order to counter it, we will simply have to move our mouse in an opposite direction. Because, as I said, when using an AKM, we only need five bullets to kill a player wearing a level 3 vest, so we should practice using only five bullets and perfectly counter the pattern. This means that we should start out with a fast, downwards movement, and then quickly change into a steady downwards movement, but a bit slower than the first bullet. Greatly exaggerated, this is how it would look like: After practicing this for about five minutes, my bullets are already starting to hit with astonishing precision. imagine practicing this for just 30 minutes! Remember that every single one of these five bullet bursts are enough to kill a player in PUBG, regardless of the armor he is wearing. Now these five bullets are not only precise, but these are the highest amount of DPS you can get out of the AKM. At a distance of up to around 50 meters we will still be able to consistently kill players using the same movement, although at a distance we need to be slightly more precise as not counting the movement perfectly will show more at longer distances. So how do you learn doing this optimally? I hate to say it, but it’s something you must practice. But if you remember the Rule of 1 + 4, then you will know exactly what to do when practicing this. Join a server, find an AKM, and practice for just about 5 minutes, and you should be good to go. But what about other weapons? Does the Rule of 1 + 4 apply to those as well? While I saw some similarities when testing this using the other assault rifles, it was clear that the first five bullets still hit very predictably, but without the big jump that the AKM has in the first bullet. But really, if you learn to spray with the AKM, you will also be able to spray with the other weapons, with barely no practice, as long as you remember this: When spraying with assault rifles in PUBG, always remember that the first five bullets are the easiest to predict. And when spraying with the AKM, always use the Rule of 1 + 4 to kill enemies with maximum DPS at distances of up to 50 meters, and get used to the rhythm of five bullets and use that to take down targets with the maximum possible DPS that the weapon is capable of. Now, that’s all I had for you guys in this video. I hope you liked It, and if you did, don’t forget to subscribe for more. Also, let me know how the Rule of 1+4 is working for you, either here in the comments or on Discord, and I’ll see you guys next time!


  1. I wish and hope that they add a training mode as a solo game with targets and all weapons laying on tables with unlimited ammo

  2. Given PUBG's shitty netcode, I doubt every bullet's trajectory is sent to the server, it probably uses the same trick CS used back in the day, and which was explained in Summerblue's CS 1.6 Report… The client probably determines first if there will be gameplay consequences to the shot, but you see an impact appear nonetheless.

    The fact is, you have no guarantee whatsoever that the spray pattern you see is the pattern the server sees.

  3. Yeah it'd be fucking nice if they gave people practice arenas instead of just the streaming fuckers.

  4. It's hard to practice in that game. At least in counter strike you have deathmatch server, here you die and have to restart all over again.

  5. actually I take 2 AR's in 1 game, a 5.56 AR and the AKM, I use the AKM when rushing an enemy, I just use the iron sight while running towards the enemy Im rushing, and the 5.56 AR I use it for longbrange fights with either a 4x or 8x

  6. I just saw a clip of chocotaco controlling the akm recoil like beast can you explain me that plz …
    His latest video named choco taco demolishes…
    Where he blast a vehicle

  7. Awesome video! How can I practice on my own, it looked like you were on your own server it something how can I do that?

  8. Hey i m new to pubg and i used to play csgo so which is more tuff to master can anybody help me in this.
    Till now i realise that it's a fun game to play but not as intense as CSGO

  9. Hey! Im new to pubg, 51 matches 0 win rate thats how I am bad in th game due to aiming problems, I thank you making this guide. Need more practice and application now. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you so much for this video. It's really helps me a lot. I don't know who you are ezactly but you give the best ever had i seen. It really helps, thank you once again.

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