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Hey, i can hear some footsteps around Please be careful! someone is around us can you hear that sound? …yes That footsteps are ours Guys …please don’t disturb Today we’ll win a match anyhow Not a single match is won by us today what’s the big deal ? We ‘ll help you to win this…help us yo join you in this Looks like counter strike I was always anti-terrorist…thats why i got ATKT in college Add us quickly Here it is…your accounts are being made why is my Avatar female? Female avatar is best No one will kill you leave that but tell me why am i semi-naked? okay now tell me where should we play ? where means?… Are we not playing here? Not like that…I was asking about GAME’s MAP Randle or Miramar? OFC miramar Best..Today orchestra free with drinks Miramar is a place in the Game map Now i understood let’s go,i am starting the game in Randle ATTACK Beat the shit out of them be Calm idiots! one can kill each other This is a waiting area…they will take us from here in plane i’ll be back! hey ,where are going? to take passport…we are going in a plane so… hey skinny, sit down and concentrate in game now everyone go in different different house and collect the everything you get okay Yes’ i got the AKM gonna kill’em all SKS , 200 bullets 8x scope Hemin did you find anything? if i’ll tell them, they will take everything from me Even i got nothing I am really very poor Deep, don’t touch my legs i am not touching your legs, just taking weapons from there Don’t teach me … i know everything what happened? DIED I have got no support at all Sorry brother Let me check your box ,if i get some energy drinks NO NO don’t go there…2 players are sitting there with snipers and 8x scope take a U-turn see they both are sitting there Uh lair what is this ? SAY See here,see ..say what’s this? You were telling you are poor what’s this all stuff then? You have Level 3 bag,helmet,amror AKM SKS 300 bullets one Heal Medikit , first aidkit , 25 bandages 2 plate khaman 1 bowl dip 8 thepala A pair of dandiya , 2 CD’s of Kinjal Dave One bottle of Shikanji where are they?..Send me the co-ordinates That was miss fire as all the buttons are compact Dumb here i got worried Stop it..Don’t teach me where are they?..Send me the co-ordinates He did miss fire so i did Let me know if anyone of you have 5.2mm bullets And let me know if anyone of you have 9mm bullets also let me know if anyone of you have 7.62mm bullets I have BULLETS but let me know if you have a GUN Let’s Go … blue circle will start getting small soon No Hurry we have plenty of time..let’s rob somethings Let’s Go … blue circle started getting small Let’s Go … blue circle is nearby Deep it’s high time now , we have to leave yes yes , Let’s go come on everyone sit in the car listen..There is no gas in car idiot , i was insisting to get ou from here wait, Now i’ll ride the car okay , you ride now Drive properly idiot sorry, i didn’t saw that bumper Get down from Car , let me ride Noooooo Why does frypan doesn,t go in the bag? instead beacomes like a tail so that Nobody bangs you from Back Here 3 teams have landed , where are you both? Also bullets are very less left with us we don’t know anything is this right? no Tell me is it right? Heeeey , one car is coming ..wait a min Idiot.. we were coming to pick you now come and revieve Us Sorry boys , I am going as blue circle is getting small i wish i had 8x scope in real life then where would you have used it? A chic leaves in the opposite house She is my GF Don’t dare to look at my gf nowonwards there is some holy sign of map Idiot this is not holy sign This is a redzone area…soon airstike will happen like world war Run from there wait i saw a player… let me kill him i got knockout if you jump from running car this will happen only na no problem..revieve me sorry circle is going near morons Be hidden guys Guys it’s 1 v/s 4 now We can win this From where did he killed me? i don’t know Hey , i also don’t know from where i got killed revieve me please save , now everything is in your hand wait don’t come to revieve us…kill Him.. leave us ..kill him don’t worry .. have no fear , I am here yes ‘ you made us won the game

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