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Hey, guys it’s the boat. plop – Did she just toss it in their lake?? Ohh, this is weird. Oh this is really weird… – Timbles, I don’t like this! Yes! – Oh, my. – (Screaming) I made it. – Alright, somebody needs to get out and open the gate. – NOT IT. – Um, I guess I should do that, probably, Ow, we-we’re okay that place looks – – Oh, it’s okay, I’ll – I’ll – okay, nevermind. – I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it. I got it! *don’t got it* – (Explosive laughter) Now see, this is… This is why *I* said I wanted to do it, okay? I knew this was gonna happen. – I feel aggressed. …Is that a word? – That’s ‘cos I’m aggressing you, it’s very simple – (Laughter) – (Singing) (vonpcmale01pain02.wav) Whoa mamaaaaaAAAAAA- – Ooh-whooo! – (Laughter) – Hey, it’s Gregory! – (Mockingly) It’s Григорий, say it right! – And who is this? Another mi- – My game is frozen! And all I see is hands- – HE’S DEAD IN SLO MOTION, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!? – (Light laughter) – OHH, NOO – Did you guys just kill Gregory? – Bryce! – Ohh, hello Snape. – Hello.. – Alright, c’mon, I wanna see you crawl. – I f – Fe – That this is… …Bringing me, to the level of… …James Potter. – The other day, the other day, a man walked up to me and you know what he – – (Annihilated) – (Laughter) – Oww… – (Slight laugh) I did iiiiit… (vonpcmale01pain03.wav) WHAT!? Ooh, okay. I don’t – I don’t… I – I hope that wasn’t… (Laughs) intentional. But I’m guessing it is because now you’re dancing. – (Maniacal laughter) – For a second I just thought the game just screwed me over and I was like… – (Maniacal laughter) How could you assume the game screwed you over when you’re playing games with me? – (Laugh) (Grigori having fun) – Helllllo. – What, who is this? – E… Snape. – Nope, this is not happening, this is not – nope. – IIII… – Nonono. Nonono. – I’mmm… Ssseverus Ssnape. – (Disappointed laughter) – Obviously.. – Where’s your wand, nerd? It’s just cheap cosplay. Ow, OWW! NONONONONONONO don’t kill me I don’t know what’s it’s gonna do to my game! – Twelve points from Hufflepuff removed, Mr. Mahvl. – Mahvl’s in Hufflepuff… (laughing) – I actually am in real life, which sucks, I took the quiz and it was like: (mockingly) “Mmm, you’re a Hufflepuff!” – (Small laugh) – I don’t like how this guy turned out. – This is what happens when you misbehave in my class… – (Laughing) – You get put in… D E T E N T I O N – (Laughter) – (Laughing) Oh god… What happens if you’re expelled? – Fortunately that’s outside of my jurisdiction, however… If it were in my authority… – (Panicking) – Yeah, it hurts ya to touch electricity. – Thissss… – I’mma touch it! I’mma touch it! It’s not doing anything, you’re wrong! (npccombine_soldierpain2.wav) OHH JEEZ! – (Laughing) – “You’re wroooong!” “*sticks face in electrified fence*”… What in the world is Snape doin’? – Snape, you doin’ okay over there, bud? – No. – Okay. – Did he say “no”? – Yeah, he just said “no”. – Oh, I though he said “hell”. – “How you doin’ over there?” “Hell!” – I thought he just got really gangster all of a sudden. – (Laughing) – “Eh, hell!” – Someone’s gonna go that way first, it ain’t gonna be me. – Mahogany, you grew up in the hood though, you grew up on the street! – (Laugh) – Oh, haha, s – – Guys, you can actually just pick up the crowbar, it’s an object! – Hey. Try to open that door for me. There’s, like, someone on the other side that keeps closing it! – It’s like the Useless Box! Oh gosh! – Step aside – WHAT!? – WHAT!? – (Amazement) – Amateurs… – (Laughter) -50 points from Hufflepuff for poor… performance… – (Laugh and cough) – Obviousssly. – Can you hit that thing? – Yup. – Got it. – Nevermind. It’s gone. – Why is Snape just a pro at everything, besides ladders? – Opening ONE door! …And shooting one headcrab…=Pro At Everything Status – (Laughing) What is..? What are you doing, what kind of spell is that? (Short laugh) – NO, NO, don’t. Don’t. – The “Shoot Gun” spell… – Yes… – (Small laugh) – I have mastered… Ladders. – (Laugh) ..What? Oh we’re supposed to go up there. – I will attempt to penetrate your mind… – Nope – You will attempt to resist… Prepare yourself! LEGILIMENS! – (Laughing) – That will be a detention.. – YOU’RE a detention, loser! – Fifty points from Hufflepuff.. – Your mom’s a Hufflepuff! .. Dork. Eh! – Actually, I think she actually was. – Hello? – Hey dad 🙂 – Hi. ..Son. – Hi. – I love you. – (Intentionally cracking voice) You’re not my dad! – (Threateningly) I am now. – I need – I need to escape, let me out, let me out! ..Oh no. – (Dad voice) There’s no escape from family, son. – Love you! 🙂 – You too. – Kay. – (Short laugh) Uhh.. – What happened? – We failed to protect Father Grigori. – I didn’t know we had to protect..Greg. – (Laughing) You shot him in the butt! (Laughter continues) – Banned from the Discord, you said “butt”! (Laughing) – Frick. – What? – Hit the barrel on your right. – Why? – Just to get it out of the way. ..Makes me nervous. 🙁 – You have PTSD from when we did Black Mesa Coop. (Flashback) (No dialogue in this scene, it’s replaced by sad music) – Who’s gonna drive and who’s gonna ride shotgun? – (Overlapping arguments about driving) – I called it first! – No. 🙁 – Yeahh! – What? – It’s magnet time! Let me in! Let me iiiin! (Breaking down into tears/laughter) Let me iin! – I’m tryiiing! – well, we can’t really do anything right now because we’re kinda stuck. – Hey, it’s got me! It’s gonna drop it on our heads, oh gosh! – Bryce, where did you go? Oh hey, you are. – No DONT- – (Loud laugh) -Bryce… – I was trying to press “Brake”, I swear! ..I didn’t know that was the nitrous button. Now it’s making me drive backwards, I’m not doing this! HELP! – (Mini laugh) – Where’s your car? – I don’t HAVE one! – You should, there’s three cars. – Okay, wait, lemme try getting in this one over here, and then Bryce, you try riding shotgun. – WHAT!? – (Short laugh) – YOU HAVE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! It just picked up – WHAT!? – Okay, Bryce, we have to get out of here! – “The Crazy Magnet Woman”… …She’s loose! – (Overlapping) The magnet woman! Who gave this woman a giant magnet?! The magnet picked up my car and dropped it on… – Get OUT of here, she’s comin’ for us! – (Laughing) … iM TrYInG… i’m tryin’! – MAGNETRICE IS COMING! She will find you.. – NOO! – What’s happening? Go, go, go! ..Go! She’s – she’s aimin’ for us! – WE MADE IT! – Magnet Woman always gets me… – Well, we’re drowning now. – Here, wait, I’ll push you back. – YES! – (Laughing) – WHAT!? – (Laughter continues) – No, don’t push me iiin! – We did nothing, you DROVE in! – No, I *inaudible* I’M PRESSING REVERSE! Get me OUT OF HERE! – (Laughter) – (Pained) AAAAAAaaah… (Short laugh) – I have video evidence that you drove yourself into the lake. – You turned around and drove straight back in! – Get me OUT! – I can’t..! Oh my head… – I’m – I’m dead! He’s over there! ..You’re in a lake, chillin’. It’s the immediate “YES!” and then he drove into a lake.. – Ooh, my gosh… – Oh no, Magnet Woman’s got him. – (Worried laughter) – Like, I – I just got into a vehicle up here and I’m like: “Okay, she’s actually gonna be helpful for once, pick me up and put me on the ground” NO, she just picks me up and puts me back further away from the edge! – Just get that other car. – Yeah. At this point, go and get it. – Now she’s gonna go get that one! – (Laughing and inaudible) – Here, I’ll drive – I’ll drive this time. Just- just for a second. – Do you know that magnet is sentient? Whoa whoa whoa, what is happening? What is happening? Bryce, when you go into that view, all of us get this! All of us get the filter on top of it! – Yeah. I’m like “What is happening” – – No, we are Combine now! – (Mini laugh) – I have converted us! I can’t turn it off, we’re stuck as Combine. – Fun fact: Even when you die, you’re still Combine. – (Groan of frustration) – I died, this is fine though, this is fine, we just have an Instagram filter.

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