Heaviest Vehicles – GTA 5 Vehicle Facts Countdown

Hello everyone, I´m Broughy1322 and in this video I’m going to be showcasing the heaviest vehicles in GTA 5. These values all come directly from the handling files used by the game code and to put what we´ll see into a little bit of perspective the heaviest motorcycle is the Chimera which weighs 401 kilograms and the heaviest regular supercar is the Nero which weighs 1995 kilograms. Now though, it’s time for the top 5 overall. The fifth heaviest vehicle in the entire game is the Dump with a weight of 35,000 kilograms. So, already we’re over 17 times heavier than the Nero and 87 times heavier than the Chimera. We have a tie for fourth place with the Cargoplane, Jet and Titan all weighing 38,000 kilograms. This makes these three the joint second heaviest planes and their size definitely matches their weight. Third place is held by two very new vehicles with the Chernobog and Volatol both weighing in at 40,000 kilograms. This also makes the Volatol the heaviest plane in the game. In the number two spot we’ve got the Rhino Tank which is in a very solid second place at 60,000 kilograms. Certainly the heaviest weaponized vehicle it’s also in the top spot for regular land vehicles as well being over 30 times heavier than the Nero. Which brings us to the number one spot. The Heaviest Vehicle in GTA V. There’s a reason nothing can stop it, it is of course… …the Train. The Train is made up of two things, the front car and the rear carriages. These weigh a whopping 25,084 kilograms each which admittedly is a strangely specific number. Since the Train comes with eight rear carriages plus the front car, the total weight of the entire thing is 25,084 multiplied by 9, which comes out to 225,756 kilograms. Easily beating the Rhino Tank’s paltry 60,000 kilograms and making it the heaviest vehicle in the entire game by far. That’s also around 113 times heavier than the Nero and 563 times heavier than the Chimera. And if you keep watching you’ll see the real reason nothing can stop it in those YouTube videos that you’ve seen but also feel free to subcribe and let me now down below in the comments if you want to see more lists like this in the future on different topics. So….. Bonus Fact Time! Weight actually has no effect on performance in GTA. Two cars with identical stats in all other areas except weight will perform exactly the same. Even if one is significantly heavier, it won’t be slower. The only thing weight affects in this game are collisions with a heavier vehicle being able to push a lighter vehicle out of the way much easier. That’s the reason weight is in the game and is the only way that it’s used. This is why the very light X80 Proto isn’t always the best choice in contact supercar races whereas the heavier Nero Custom is. But this is also why nothing can stop the Train. With it being the heaviest vehicle in the entire game by far it can have collisions with everything and not even break a sweat at getting them out of the way. So, that’s pretty much it for this video. Remember to read the description for more info, comment with your thoughts like the video if you enjoyed or found it helpful, and subscribe for more. Thank you all so much for watching I really do appreciate it, and I’ll see you next time.

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