Hiding logic in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Hiding


  1. Soy de España, no entiendo una mierda de inglés, pero igual me estoy partiendo el culo jajajaja

    Pongan los subtítulos en español en todo los videos

  2. That easy to hide, now I gotta try next time I do something naughty in that game. Reminds me of Altair in Assassin's Creed, just sit bench and they can't find you lol 🤣

  3. You gents make some really enjoyable content, I'm glad to see it and glad for those who put their time and efforts into it, keep doing what you do and thanks for making our days a little better for every laugh.

  4. Sometimes it's like that, but other times you can be on the other side of a forest and they still see you and shoot at you.

  5. Once I ran away from lawmen, and after the WANTED title was completely gone I chased them back to say hello and they immediately started shooting.

  6. Bro when you shoot a lawmen you get a Wanted Posture and not Witness .. They will immediately shoot you with backup.

  7. since rockstar was for me only about gta,i never gave chance to any of their games of different franchises,including rdr2

  8. I just wanted to play a game and just forget real world problems. My so loved main character became tuberculosis, died by coughing and spitting blood.
    I am much more depressed now than I was before playing the game.

    F*ck you Rockstar, I want my money back!

  9. Hello there sir.
    You must be very popular with the ladies I see.
    You exquisite range of motion with the tongue is mighty impressive 🤣

  10. Hey, this isn't how it works in rdr2, especially the ending part. The lawman would recognise him. They recognise you in areas you've recently committed crimes in for quite a while afterwards.

  11. I will not forget your face but I'll forget where you just hid, right before forgetting your face few seconds later

    But seriously, never knew you can hide behind a bush when being chased

  12. I wonder if VLDL makes music videos any more. Such a beautiful sound. I know that I bought one of them because I loved it so much.

  13. So True😂, you Guys are Awesome, i hope there will be more (ps. I would like to see a "RDR2 Logic" Video about the sliding when you try to walk up a Hill😁),(pps. Sorry for my Englisch😬)

  14. Kill em’ all no witnesses! gets $38 dollar bounty gets hunted by 5 players on has .22 and pistol gets shot with 5 dynamite arrows… had to laugh at that one.

  15. The old cliche where if you hide for long enough, the guards forget you were ever there.
    Always been very useful, even though it doesn't make any sense.

  16. Now I know what to do when my Mom will come look for me to do all the chores… I'll simply hide to a bush!!!
    Thanks Arthur Morgan

  17. It’s true. When I do trader deliveries and a player gets too close, I get off the wagon, crouch behind a tree with dynamite and blow up the wagon if they try for it. Then I try to kill them. Either I complete the mission or I destroy the wagon

  18. 1:00 😂😂 I almost lost it when he got that close to his face. Lol it really is like that sometimes in that game.👍

  19. The costume looks like it's american civil war days 😂😂😂😂😂 only if heats drop just by hiding like that in real life would've been easier.

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