Honest Trailers – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie

(snare sound as each pops up) (film reel noise) VOICEOVER: You loved the Power Rangers when you were a kid. Now, take a trip down memory lane, And realize… What was I thinking!? *cheesy music plays* This is terrible! Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: THE MOVIE Before they try to make a grounded reboot out of rainbow-suited teenagers karate-fighting a grumblebee GRUMBLEBEE: Now taste my poison venom! *evil laugh* Revisit the first Ranger project that didn’t rely on archive Japanese footage Which only makes it worse. Now what’s their excuse? You know it’s bad when the rapping pumpkin looks better than your CGI robot. RAPPING PUMPKIN: Ooh, you Rangers make me Mad! Waking me up with a rap that Bad! Follow the EXACT SAME FORMULA that cranked out over 800 episodes of television. Where Rita summons a monster… The Power Rangers fight their minions hand-to-hand… Someone gets really big… MONSTER: I feel big again! And the Rangers morph into a Zord to save the day. ALL RANGERS: Ninja Mega-Zord Power Up! But this time… everybody’s parents get drugged into committing mass suicide! PARENTS: Lead to our doom… KID: I can’t hold them back. What are we gonna do!? VO: Whoa… that got dark… Return to the 90s, an era so extreme, every group from the high school to the fire department has their own competitive skydiving team, and get pumped, because all your favorite teenagers with attitude have returned. Uh. Minus the attitude. “Six extraordinary teenagers” Also, none of the actors were actually teenagers. Aaand…three of them are actually replacing your favorites from the show FRAUD: I’m a fraud. Still. Three of your favorite non-teenagers without attitude, and no active contract disputes, are here! Like Tommy, the only one you care about, KID: Yeah! Go Tommy! MONSTER: Yeah! Kimberley, the damsel in distress, *Kimberley screaming* *evil laughter* KIMBERLEY: I’m burning up in here! And Billy, the nerd who was bullied so badly he walked off the show YOST: I was worried that I might take my own life. Dude. Again, dark. When Sydney Austr…aaangel Grove, is attacked by the news of Freddy Krueger as slime monster, FREDDY: Welcome to my nightmare. *evil laugh*
SLIME: Welcome to my nightmare. *evil laugh* The Rangers will travel to Sydney, Austr…aanother planet, to gain the power of the ninjetti, which I believe is Italian for ninja. An all new way to make it easier to swap the actors out with their stunt doubles. Now they’ll come together to save the universe from evil, with a fresh set of action figures! dumb new accessories, PINK: Pteradactyl Thunder-whip! BLUE: Mega-stinger! YELLOW: Activating power beam. VO: and a new, awful looking Zord, complete with emergency junk-kicking action. *groan* Ooh, right in the Bulk and Skull. So gear up for this feature-length episode of what’s basically a live action cartoon, that was so forgettable, the show ignored it, and did their own episode about ninja powers instead. NINJOR: You now possess the power of Ninjor, deep within your souls. But at least it gave more fuel to every Power Ranger’s fan’s most important question: Are Tommy and Kimberley hooking up, or what? *romantic ballad plays* Now that Jason’s out of the picture, they have to be. Right? So vague. Starring MMA actually kick your ass, Pinky and the Brain, the Sorceress from the He-Man movie, Fred Sav-ish, Belloq from Raiders of the Lost Ark… seriously needed a paycheck, pointless back hand-springs, PINK: Seeya! BLUE: Right behind ya, Kimberley Ay yi yi yis ALPHA 5: Ay yi yi yi…yi yi yi yi…yi yi yi…yi yi yi yi yi yi… Ee-ya!s VARIOUS: Ee-ya! Ee-ya! Ee-ya! Ee-ya! ALL: Ee-ya! Whooshes *whoosh, swish, whoosh, swish swish whoosh* WHITE: Let’s go get the other one. *whoosh whoosh whoosh, whooshlewhooshle whooshlewhoosh* *more over the top whooshing* *whoosh* And…the more you know Teenage Morphin’ Ninja Jaegers *sniffs deeply* MONSTER: Smells like….teenagers. So…cloves and Ax body spray? Eugh. Hey, Screen Junkies! Want more 90s nostalgia? then take a trip back down memory lane, to a tale as old as time… for our honest trailer of Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast. Or, if it’s still Morphin’ time, click the box on the right and watch our interview with the cast of the new Power Rangers movie. Ay yi yi yi yi! It’s Morphin’ time. How many Lowes could Rob Lowe rob, if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes? This milk is rated ‘S’, for spoiled. You’re a turd-biscuit. Harry Pooter and the Chamber of Secret Farts Neumono-ultrascopic-silico-volcano-coney-osis


  1. Power Rangers filme também Garriel para você também tudo bem você está em fase final Power Jack Johnson

  2. Always wonder why they didnt just get into the Megazord and set on the monster before it had a chance to grow. That drove me crazy

  3. 1:40 All three Characters have been replaced in the show, about a year before the movie, so this is not accurately "honest".

  4. Could you please say “Bunny Rabbit Wins, Carrotality.”

    Edit: oh my… this was… so bad. And so 90’s. No wonder I only remember the series opener of the next one where Zordon and his stuff get blown up. That and I never really watched it til Lost Galaxy.

  5. They just can't ever do power rangers justice these days. Its as rare as a good transformers game, good DCEU movie, good sonic game, ect.

  6. Since you guys are out of Marvel related material for Honest Trailers, how 'bout I give you a suggestion. That unreleased Fantastic Four movie from 1994. The same year I was born.

  7. I felt so bad for David Yost when what really drove him off the show came to light. Nobody should have their name replaced by a slur every time they're needed to perform a scene. I don't blame him one iota for leaving..no paycheck is worth losing your dignity and self-respect. That was back before LGBT trailblazers started showing up,so it was easier(and less embarrassing) to just say he left over a contract dispute. I was taking karate classes back then,and you wouldn't believe how many little kids showed up at the dojo wanting to be able to do the backflips and kicks they saw on t.v.,getting totally frustrated when they saw all the hard work that went before being able to do the 'cool stuff'. One thing that always irked me about that show,and I know I'm nitpicking here,is the stance the actors took when they were getting ready to fight..it leaves the whole middle of your body open. No wonder they had to resort to heavy machinery to defeat the monsters..their technique sure wasn't gettin' it done!

  8. That "Smells like… teenagers!" – makes me think: "Huh, sounds like… pedofile!" xD

  9. When I first saw this movie as a kid, I thought it was pretty good. Then I saw again as an adult, and couldn't understand why I thought that.

  10. That graphics for the new zoids were actually cool back then because that was the ceiling for top-CGI at the time. But in all honesty, I'd rather watch somebody clumsily move around in an oversized mech suit because its funny that way.

  11. You forgot to mention that this Movie was Filmed in Sydney, Australia and that various Sydney landmarks can be seen.

  12. I just noticed this for the first time ever: I had that EXACT SAME YIN YANG NECKLACE as Tommy when I was a kid!

  13. Ei-Ya was literally like what I said before I opened a Capri sun at lunch I was a huge rangers fan, just behind TMNT, my favorite ninja fighting based children’s show

  14. well, at the time, Tommy and Kim were totally a thing.
    but then Amy Jo left the show and the writers hooked Tommy up with Kat instead (complete with a Dear John Letter which didn't come up until Zeo, when Kat was already part of the cast from the beginning).

  15. Its 1:03 am and I'm laughing my ass off when he mentioned the pointless backflips the whoosh and hiya!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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