How Hard Can You Ride A Cyclo-cross Bike? | Blake Shreds A Bike Park On A CX Bike

– This is different. Oh! Boy! Oh my goodness me, look at this. Something totally different for you guys. This is my new nukeproof digger. It’s a cross bike, some would say it’s a seventies mountain bike. It’s got drop posts, it’s
rigid, I’ve got drop bars, it’s one by, I’m clipped in, I’ve got a hell of a spicy day on this thing. I’m looking forward to it. I want to see how hard
I can push this thing, because I’m all about jumping. But after that, I don’t know. Watch this. How high can you push the cross bike? (electronic music) Oh, well I just hiked up this huge hill. Come to a section, this is
quite techy, look at this. Quite out of it’s comfort
zone I think, for this bike. There’s a horrible drop into a turn. This is techy stuff, I’m
on the drops, oh man. I think I have bitten off more
than I can chew there, Nick. Right, uh, let me walk it. I’ve ridden this on a mountain bike. Normal mountain bike is quite fun, but it is quite techy,
especially this bit here. Come look at this. Look, so you’re coming down here, and then you’ve got this to negotiate. Look at that, that’s like
nipple height for me, where I’m dropping off. (laughter) Oh. Oh, this is terrible. You reckon I could do it? If I jump, I can potentially, probably, land there, hopefully in the turn and not get spat out the turn. Well, how hard can it be? (electronic music) Oh my God! I’m thinking twice about doing that. I might have to do a cross maneuver. Yeah, the running into it,
there’s loads of roots, super slippery, super greasy, these little tires are
following every single root. Plus I’ve got them pumped up to 40 PSI, which I don’t want to puncture, even though I’m running tubeless. Let me try again, quicker. (electronic music) Oh. Oh, no. I’m not doing that, full cross! Ha ha! If they can do it, I can do it. Okay, I’m all about pushing myself, but when it comes to stuff like this where it’s a little bit silly… Probably doesn’t look
like much on the camera, and on your screens at
home, but looking over these horrible bars down
at that, it was gnarly. So, I’ll get off my
bike and just walk down. Forget about the shame. Who cares? Who cares how cool you
are, I’m not showing off. I like my life. There’s more to ride on this trail. I’m going to hike up and do more. (rock music) Alright enough of that bike park stuff, let’s hit some single track. (laughter) (rock music) Climbing is so much
easier on a cross bike. The best thing about it, you
don’t got to get laughed at once you get off your
bike and run up the hill. Because that’s what they do, easy! More runs! (rock music) I’m going to do that again! (laughter) Yeah! Yeah! (rock music) Oh, haha! Wow! Wow! Oh, the cross bike. Super, super fun. Alright how hard can you push it? This thing is super capable of doing pretty much any mountain bike trail to an extent, when it
gets a little bit gnarly. That’s when it gets a bit scary, when it gets well out of its comfort zone, and myself as well. I’m not saying go out there and buy one of these cross bikes. If you have an old, like road bike… Stick some nobby tires on and
go and have fun on a trail. I’m telling you, running
this bike on the drops on a mountain bike trail,
puts a whole new perspective on riding a mountain bike. Well, a cross bike, on
such terrain like this. I loved it. It’s the first time I’ve ridden one. I’ve got to be honest,
I’m pretty hooked on it. I’m looking forward to riding
this thing a little bit more. If you love this sort of content, let us know in the comments down below if you want to see part two of this. Maybe, I like… Put some suspension forks
in the front, we don’t know. Maybe go to part two of this. If you love this sort
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