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Welcome back to another video,
today I’m going to be talking about
“How to accept yourself as
Play the Transgender Topic Intro! Before we get into it, two years ago I
made a video talking about accepting yourself as transgender,
this is a little revisit of that exact video. So, if you are familiar with that video and you’ve
watched it recently then this video may not be helpful.
And for like the 1% of you that have never actually seen that video then “HI!”.
This is a new original idea, I promise,
so without any further delay – this is tip number one! “Don’t fear
the views of others!” Fearing the views of others is the worst
thing that you possibly can do because I’m sure half of you have either heard
“Oh me Gad! It’s just a phase!” or even possibly “Oh my gosh! you’re too young to know that”
you’ve probably heard it a million times but being confident in who you are is
literally the best advice ever – like full stop! Period!
Or whatever they say in America… PERIOD!
On a daily basis I get tons of people giving me their
opinions on how I should live my life WAH!!! Unless it’s constructive criticism
just ignore it, just ignore it, just ignore it! Because listening to the views
of others isn’t only going to demotivate you to transition, it’s going to affect
your mental health and that ain’t good “See that positives in coming out!”
Seeing the positives in coming out is it can be a tricky thing, there are a few things
that you may worry about because once you’re out to your family you’ve got to
worry about going to school and transitioning there or college or work.
You’re gonna have to worry what others say like neighbors or friends. And it is
perfectly normal to be worried about all of that. But the main positives that I
felt personally when I came out was that feeling of being free! Finally being able
to be the real me! And being true to myself and being
true to myself and expressing that to others. But of course there’s many other
positives and coming out but for me that feeling of being free at last – that
feeling I will never forget “Don’t stress about blockers, hormone or surgery!”
Stressing over blockers hormones and surgeries within the first months of
coming out Wow now these things may be things that you
find really really crucial and important to your transition but trust me and
transition never happens overnight it really does take time see it like this a
transition is a journey but it isn’t a destination there’s never really this
finishing point of a transition you’re always changing and developing as a
person now not saying that there are no milestones in a transition but like
there’s no real ending and I think if there was a real ending I don’t think it
would be how you planned it to be in your first months of being out worrying
about the starting date of Easter June worrying about the starting date of
blockers or hormones or having a surgery they’re kind of irrelevant especially
within the first few months of being out there are so many other factors that you
should be thinking about instead of hormone blockers or hormones
and by no means am I saying that they’re irrelevant and there’s no need to have
hormones or blockers trust me they are important especially in the UK it’s very
very unlikely if you’ve only just come out that you will be starting blockers
in that year it does happen but it’s incredibly rare experiment with style
experimenting with style working out what clothes look better on you
for me it’s wearing hoodies and stuff like that also if you’re thinking about
it by my match like they’re good hoodies that but they’re really nice and build
up to me starting estrogen I really heavily focused on what hairstyle should
I wear most days should I have it down this side should I
have it coming down this side or does it look better with my hair up
are you a jeans person or are you a dress person sneakers or high-heeled
makeup or natural you don’t have to copy a youtuber who’s already out to be a
trans person finding your style is what’s important just because I wear
t-shirt and sweatpants doesn’t doesn’t mean they you need to do that
the main thing that you should focus on is what makes you the most comfortable
in your skin and the only way to find out what really makes you comfortable is
by experimenting don’t rush when I first came out rushing straight
in the day after I came out to my parents and buying female clubs wasn’t
the best idea ever when it comes to transitioning I
understand that live is a rush and if urgency in this one and this need to
just finally be who you want to be and you just want to go straight into it as
I previously said mood transition is overnight and for no one is it overnight
and it really takes a lot of time and energy to work out what helps you pass a
better I’m rushing to get the main stages of a transition underway and to
hit those first milestones is something that could be extremely exciting but if
you don’t do it at the right pace for you it may affect your mental health
very very badly and I learned that the hard way you know you you know you no
one else knows you better than you know you your parents don’t know better than
you yo GP doesn’t know better than you the
gender clinics don’t know better than you and I’m gonna take that bold
statement and say you know you better than anyone else knows you remember you
are not a freak you’re not a monster and you’re not an issue and I’m not gonna
say being trans is no because it isn’t but it is unique and by no means doesn’t
mean you’re strange or odd or just plain weird being trans isn’t a complication I
think it’s something magical it’s something that should be celebrated you
should be able to take pride in who you are and love who you are something that
I would like to add on to that is transition the way that you want to
transition don’t transition the way that your
parents want you to transition do what you wanna do you know yourself better
than anyone else after watching this video just be true
and stay real to who you are and transition the way that you want to
transition and that is it for this video thank you so much for watching and
remember as always – like comment and subscribe and I will see you in the next
video but before you do click off of this video I have a little message but I
I would like to say one of my best friends started a YouTube channel and
they haven’t got any videos up yet and for the one of you that don’t know who
they are I’m talking about Corey Mason she’s a transgender teen just like
myself and she lives in America but this is her channel and yeah you should
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goodbye goodbye
it’s time to say goodbye

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