hi guys my name is sohail khan you are
watching GET knowledge I’ll come to all of you well today’s
topic is something like that or you can move to your gaming experience everyone
loves to do gaming and your interaction on Android phone Android smartphone so
basically what we gonna do we will show you some tips I’ll show you something
two to three methods by which you can boost your gaming experience on your
Android smartphone without doing any hard work without egg and without buying any
you know any exchange the phones and in gamingsmartphone you don’t need to buy
that one on a lower budget Android smartphone like having one or 2GB RAM
so you can experience of the Faculty of screens that you can explain some part
of yeah so I’ll show you to the tree method by which you can ambush your
campus experience so
let’s get started first of all you need to go to your Play Store and you need to
search for the greenify training file is an application Thurman’s that
demands the root access first of all you need to have a rooted android smartphone
you need to root the Android smartphone and one thing guys if you want to have a
look if you want to if you want a video to how you can root your Android
smartphone so I can do that I’ll definitely show
you how to root your Android smartphone but you will find some other methods on
youtubes you can just search on youtube how to root your Android smartphone you
will find a lot of videos on there so you can just root your Android
smartphone so I just rinse install greenify
so just look at the applications of what it sees so I’m going to open it i just
opened it and it is going for you later my device is rooted I’m not sure next
and remember I’m going to allow that it was
the super user permission so you need to have rooted device finish I’m
going to finish and greenify memory hogging and first of all meaningful
enjoyed 23 fuga and follow the plus a penalized and I’m going to drink for and Instagram
whatsapp is better for background so video card of snapped you and these are
these are the ignore okay these files are ignored so you can just
a a free some memory for your RAM for gaming experience so at the second thing
be green if I’d just a second I’m going to show you something like here is the a
penalize er and you know like you can here create hibernation creation
hibernate now so you can just customize the things you can just explore the
things in the settings and you can highly highly highly increase your RAM
or free free some space on your RAM memory cue for better gaming experience
so at the second point you need to go for GL tools GL tools is such an
excellent application for Android smartphone that is not available in Play
Store but you can just have a have GL tools and you will find this application
so I’m not going to recommend this because this is not and I mean this is
not a cure thing but GL tools so I’m not sure about that where you guys can find
it you can search on the browser like GL tools so I’m sure that I’m pretty sure
that some third-party websites will definitely give you that applications GL
tools for Android I’m going to sell for it so I didn’t need that right now
because these applications are basic and and so I’m not going to and third
most handy things and third most easiest way to go to your settings and go for
your developer options if you don’t if you guys don’t know that how to turn on
the developer how to turn on the developer options or how you can be the
developer for your Android smartphone you can just click here baseband version
or Android version I don’t know model number okay yeah just a second
and yeah build number you can just tap it here and you will be the developer as
soon as possible you can just open the developer turn on the developer options
and after that you are going to grind drawing and you can just see these three
options windows animation skills transition animation scale animation
duration scales these definitely usual these are on animation scale 1x you guys
can turn it off to a 0.5 X so you guys can turn it off and these three you have
to alter that 0.02 0.5 X it yeah so definitely it will increase it will
definitely save some space on your on your RAM and you will definitely find
some better gaming experience so guys if you like the video so you can check it
out if you guys like the video or if you find something knowledgeable or if you
find some help from me so you can like the video or if you guys like to watch
the technology videos or if you find some technics paths or tech facts about
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just subscribe my channel I usually make videos on these topics so I’ll meet you
in the next video till then Allah Hafiz

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  1. Hey bro I'm playing black desert mobile on my Asus m1 and it's kinda laggy . I want to try this steps but my phone is not rooted and I don't have a pc. Is there any way to root my device without pc?

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