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What’s up guys. Welcome to a quick,
quick little Reezy Resells broadcast. How’s everybody doing? Give everyone
a second to cruise up into the chat. So what I want to talk about today is,
it’s something I get asked a lot. Quite often I get asked this question.
The question that I get asked often is ‘how do I get approved to sell
shoes Nike shoes on Amazon?’ or ‘how do I get approved to sell
shoes on Amazon in general?’ Hey guys, how you’re doing?
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Subscribe if you haven’t and share this broadcast please. So every day, I get this question, ‘how do I get approved to
sell Nikes on Amazon?’ or ‘how do I get approved
to sell shoes on Amazon?’ So the short answer to the shoes
question is you need to apply for approval on Amazon. So go to Google,
once you’re signed in to Amazon type category approval Amazon and that
will bring you to the category approval page on Amazon. What you
need to do is find the shoe category and request approval. It
should be fairly simple. You shouldn’t have to
submit anything and you should be approved fairly quickly. So now you’re approved to sell in
the shoe category, well hold up, there’s bad news still. There’s another restriction
called the brand restriction. It’s another level of restriction guys.
So you’re approved to sell shoes but you’re still not approved
to sell Nike or Adidas or Coach or all these other big name
brand shoes, Under Armor etc. So you want to know how do you get
approved, so you go and look on Amazon and Amazon says, okay you need to pay
$1,500 and you need to get invoices from the brand and you need to submit them
and then will review your request and hopefully you’ll get approved. But what I’m here to tell you
guys is that doesn’t work. You cannot get approved to sell
Nike or Adidas using invoices or paying the $1,500 on Amazon.
It’s just not going to work. They’re not going to approve you.
They don’t want to approve anybody. It’s just a farce. As far as I know, nobody has
successfully gotten approved to sell any of these big brands of
shoes since shoe gate happened and I know several people that have put
up the $1,500 to try and get approved and they were not approved. I know the Posh Hanger has
an inside hook at Nike and she might be able to get
approved sometime this summer like backdoor employee status. I’m not
sure, it might be an Amazon hookup actually but we’ll see how that goes.
But for the record, nobody has gotten approved to sell Nikes
or Adidas or whatever since shoe gate. But there is one way, there’s actually
two ways that you can sell Nike. Only one of which will let you sell
Nikes on Amazon, well actually two, I just thought of another one. But one is, you can sell these shoes on
eBay guys. They’re still worth money. You can still sell them on eBay. You
can use the way we scout products on Amazon to find the profitable ones
to flip on eBay because obviously you don’t have database or a full
UPC catalogue on eBay for shoes, some of them are there
but not all of them. So you can search for them
like you were an Amazon seller and when you find winners then
go check them out on eBay and that can be good. You know you’ll be
self fulfilling shoes from your house, from your warehouse, whatever,
packing on the shoes. I know several sellers that
are doing this successfully and making a full time
living off of it. But here’s the other two ways that
you’re going to be able to sell Nikes on Amazon. One, you’re going to
partner with someone who’s already approved to sell Nike on Amazon like
myself. So we have remote sourcers that we pay and we pay $15 an hour
plus 10% of the retail spending so if in 1 hour you spend
$1,000 buying shoes. You made 10% of 100… of a 1,000
which is $100 plus $15 an hour so you made $115 in 1 hour. Then you have to ship those shoes
out, that will probably take another 1 or 2 hours and you know that will
be another $15 an hour for you. So that’s how you can sell shoes,
you could partner with someone who can sell shoes. Either
working for them as an employee like I just mentioned or on a much
larger scale, maybe you’re the one providing the capital for the
seller who’s able to sell Nikes but doesn’t have $50,000 that they
need to go ham on shoes right. So think about your networking
and what’s your value, what can you bring to the table
and then seek out that person that is approved to sell Nike but
just isn’t milking the cow properly and let them know that you want to milk
that cow. Because if you can sell Nikes on Amazon and you’re not, you’re
missing out on a million dollar boat every year and who knows how long that
cruise is going to be sailing for so get on that. The other way which is the only
other way I could possibly think of to sell Nike on Amazon is you
need to buy an Amazon account. Now, hey before you go in
my comments and thumbs down ‘Reezy, Reezy, that’s frowned upon. That’s against Amazon’s Terms
of Service.’ Well guess what? The way I’m going to tell you is not
against Amazon’s Terms of Service and it’s technically not
buying an Amazon account. What you do is you buy a business
that owns an Amazon account so for example, I own several LLCs.
My Amazon accounts are registered to my LLCs, not to me, to my LLCs.
So if me and you did a business deal and you purchased my LLC. You
would now own all my assets which include my Amazon business.
You see what I’m sizzling. So you can buy an Amazon
business from someone this way. You can… not buy the business
but buy the assets that they own which includes the business and
then you can operate that asset. The other thing is that like what
kind of prices would we expect to pay for an account an Amazon account?
Right so, I know someone right now that will sell you an account that
is able to sell Nikes for $5,000. Maybe it’s worth it, maybe it’s not.
I haven’t actually heard of someone actually buying an account or
someone selling an account. I think it’s worth it because you can
make a ton of money but the reason it’s not worth it or might not
be worth it is because tomorrow Amazon could put hammer down
and just stop everybody from selling Nikes and not… you
know that $5,000 account you bought is now worthless for your intended
purposes and I don’t think you’re going to get
your $5,000 back so… But that could be a good
thing right because honestly this ability to sell Nike
could be worth $25,000 and the fact that it might vanish
is what’s keeping the price down at a reasonable level of $5,000 so…
you know maybe that’s worth it. Maybe that’s more than worth it
and yes this hat is super fly. I got it for $10 on lids clearance
in case my ears get cold. Tuck those big boys in there, yes
I’ll be rocking it. Kicking it. Got my goofy ears out. Anyways guys so that’s
the moral of the story is that you can’t sell Nike on
Amazon but if you’re very creative and you’re very determined, you
can, one definitely make a profit selling Nikes not on Amazon, on eBay.
Or you can get your way in to Amazon, whether it’s as someone’s
employee sourcing shoes for them or for their partner helping their
business source much, much, more shoes. Now let’s go into the comments and
answer some questions real quick. We’ll do a couple minutes of
questions so Ryan Thomas says ‘Bro glad you’re on, I’m in Utah. I
want to give book reselling a shot but with the new FBA fees, what is your particular cut off
price on the low end? Is it $8?’ Yes it is. Sounds like you’re well
on your way to being successful. So picture two states most
start with at least $2,000. Thrifty Antiquity says,
‘See you tonight.’ ‘We do really well on shoes on
eBay,’ says the Bearded Picker. Yeah see you guys all tonight. Please thumbs up this broadcast
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know your Instagram name or whatever the name that I know you by so
that we can interact properly because it’s hard out
here for a pimp online, when everyone has three different
names on every platform. Do you need an LLC? No
you don’t need an LLC. You can operate as a
sole proprietorship, use your social security number and
then you can change all that later. Anyways guys, I hope this clears
it up once in all final, once… finally once and for all that yeah
you’re not going to be able to sell Nike in the traditional way
that you think you can based on what it says on Amazon,
so save yourself some time and you know false hope
really is the thing. I see people saying oh
I’m going to submit my and I’m like nah bro ain’t going
to work, so just save yourself some anguish and anxiety and
focus on the possible ways that it might work for you. Alright guys, until the next
video, have a good day. I’ll see you on the live show. Please remember to thumbs up this
broadcast and I love you all. Peace.

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