How To Lower Ping For Android Mobile Gaming? Works For Fortnite, PubG, COD Mobile, Mobile Legends!

To get started what you’ll need to have
is a couple of applications installed on your Android device
so you’ll need a speed test and I recommend you guys to have the fast
speed test installed and this one is by Netflix or you can have the speed test
by Ookla then you’ll need to install DNS speed test and this one is by Cat’n the
Box then you’ll need to have DataEye installed and this app is by LotusFlare
then you’ll need to have and this one is by
CloudFlare and the last app is called DNS changer now all of these apps are
available on the Google Play Store so let’s get started so in case you are on
a 4G network the first thing you’ll have to do is test it out for yourself is if
your 4G network is faster than 3G network in your area and to do that what
you’ll need to do is go in your Settings>SIM Card and Mobile networks and then
under that you’ll have the Preferred Network Type option so right now my
phone is set to prefer for 3G networks so I’m going to test it out and see how
much latency I get using these speed test apps that I installed and now I am connected to data and I’m
gonna run the FAST speed test one thing to note is that I’m not really
concerned with how much download speed I get but it’s the additional
information that is included and as you guys can see it’s the latency so my
latency is 36 m/s unloaded and the loaded value is 1.1s and
I’m just writing these values down and then I’m gonna change my preferred
network to LTE. now that it’s connected to 4G I’m actually gonna run the speed
test again using FAST and see how my latency is looks like it’s taking a little bit more
time than what I expected so there are two main points from this a
speed test one is my 4G is actually slower than my 3G network in download
speed and upload speed but also the latency is a lot higher unloaded and
loaded as well so my 3G latency was 36 m/s unloaded while on 4G it’s actually
54 m/s and loaded was 1.1s on 3G while on 4G it’s actually
1.2s and there we go like one way that you can actually
reduce ping is just by changing your network to 3G which is quite surprising so in this case I will just go into my
preferred network type again and just like 3G because it just works better
once that is done we can actually move on to the next step so the next step
would be to run the DNA speed test app that I mentioned initially and see how
DNS performs and I’m gonna run it a couple of times to be sure so it looks like quad 9 seems to be
coming out at top and OpenDNS as well CloudFlare is way behind yeah okay so it
looks like for DNS QUAD9 – it’s the best service out of all of these for me at
least in the couple of tests that I ran and I’m just gonna note down the
values because I’m not sure if it’s mentioned in the other app or not
and the S is perfect and now I would open the DNS change your app it actually lets me
choose a DNS provider it looks like it does not have, it does have Quad Nine and that’s
perfect so once I selected I just click on start and the app would actually
change my DNS and that’s it let’s try to see with these two steps
that I mentioned if our internet became much more faster with lower latency and it looks like with the initial test
that I had I had unloaded 36 ms and now it’s 41 ms however my loaded went
further down to 966 ms compared to the initial 1.1 s which is fairly good
actually people lag out because they have a very high loaded latency but if
we have been able to bring it slightly further down with these steps that I
mentioned there are certain other things you can do as well to reduce latency and
one of them is using the Data Eye app that I mentioned and what you would have to do
is enable the data saving mode and then you will block out all the apps that you
do not need so let’s say I don’t need the downloads I’m just gonna keep the
Play Store because it’s an essential and let’s say in my case kind of see if I
have the games so let’s say in my case I want to be playing FortNite and I want
it to be optimized for a fortnight so what DataEye will do is that it will
only allow FortNite to access Mobile Data and that means that no other
application will be using the bandwidth available for my device which is going
to make it a little bit more stabilized the internet connection for you in case
that doesn’t work out you can try using the app as well and that will
take control from the DataEye app so you can only have
one VPN running at a time and I’ll have to disable DataEye okay and I go
back to and I installed the VPN profile and it’s connected and that
would be the last step that you can try to bring your latency down so let’s try
it out with the results are dependent very much on your location for
some people it will work better for some people it wouldn’t but let’s see what
happens so in my case it looks like the loaded
latency actually went up and the value for unloaded latency actually went
down Zero ms is quite surprising but it looks like for me maybe using for enhancing my gaming experience isn’t a good idea but
in case you are in countries where network providers block certain services
maybe it will enhance your gaming experience and yeah I do recommend you
guys to try it out and see for yourself if it works or not thank you for
watching this video and please let me know if there are any other alternatives
you guys have tried out to reduce latency for gaming whether you play FortNite Mobile Legends PubG thank you bye

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