How To Make Money Online Playing Games GTA Vice City Earn $2000 in Urdu Hindi

Hello & Assalam O Alekum Friends! ヅ
We’re going to discuss about GTA ViceCity.
About How to earn Money by Playing GTA ViceCity Game!! ⍤
Yes.. You heard right.
It’s the same GTA ViceCity game
that almost everyone have installed in their laptop, computer
or in PC & we play it
for entertainment purposes.
But!.. Till today No One would’ve told you that GTA ViceCity is
Not only the source of entertainment
We can make money from it as well.
This is a very unique concept & You may not have found
any video video related to this topic
and you would not have heard it anywhere else.
Making money online can be as easy as playing GTA ViceCity. ☃
Now, I will show you that
if you search this topic on Google or Youtube
then you won’t find even one method or technique about this.
About How somebody can
earn money online by playing game.
First of all..
Let’s open the browser that you use
whether Firefox, Chrome or opera.
Here I copied the search keywords
and I’ll paste it in Google.
After searching on Google about:
“How to make money online playing game GTA ViceCity”
As you can see, there’s not even a single topic
Which could show us that
is it possible to make money by Playing GTA ViceCity game.
Don’t get me wrong.
I’m not talking about earning money inside game
I’m talking about earning money outside of the game in the Real World.
If I search this same thing on “Youtube”.
Then Mr. Youtube also have no clue
about making money online by playing ViceCity.
So just stay tuned with me
while I will show you in this video how you will make money from GTA ViceCity simply playing it.
So, friends it is important to show you the proof that
there is a person already working on this method
& He is earning quite a pleasant amount of money.
You can check the proof of his earnings as well.
Let’s take a look on to the channel of that person
You can search on Youtube:
“Hindustan Gamer”
That’s his channel
Okayz.. You can check their videos
We creates very neat videos related to GTA ViceCity.
& He dubs his voice in the gameplay of GTA ViceCity
and now I will present you the proof of his
monthly earnings.. from vice city game.
Only from the single topic of GTA ViceCity
I will search their name on this website
“Hindustan Gamer”
well.. here, this, is the same logo of Hindustan Gamer.
which was being shown on the Youtube
by using this amazing website.
whose name is “Social Blade” & it allows you to
check the earnings of any channel.
It shows that the Monthly Earning of Hindustan Game is 2.1K
It amounts to an approximate amount of 2 Lac 30 Thousand Pakistani Rupees
Which is according to the current rate of Dollar compared with PKR.
If you multiply his earnings with 115 rupees which is equal to 1 dollar..
You can find out his approximate
earning percentage per mo
This persons earns about 2 Lac 30 Thousand Rupees in a month..
& if we take a look on his yearly earning..
It will show a estimation about it as well.
Now you may have gotten the idea
How you can just by working on the topic of GTA ViceCity, earn money on
So Friends!! ㋛
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