How to Play Chinese Checkers : Playing Chinese Checkers Online

Hi! My name is Carlos Ramos Jr. and I’m coming
to you on behalf Expert Village and we’re
talking about the game of Chinese checkers
today. So what I’m going to do is go over
the online version of Chinese checkers. Pretty
much every board game has a online game which
is great if you’re at the airport, at work,
on your lunch break and you just want to get
a game on one of your favorite board games.
The site I like to go to the best is for Chinese
checkers is a site called
and you can type that in your Google search
or you can just go ahead and on the top and
there’s a Chinese checkers right there. It’s
pretty cool actually and the way that you
do this is you go ahead and you start, press
start, it’s going to ask for your name and
that’s it, you don’t have to register or give
them any other information besides your name
and you’re ready to play the game and usually
it’s just you against the computer. You really
can’t play against any one else but it’s just
a cool way to build up your strategy and what
not and the way to do it is first you have
to click the peg that you want to move and
take it to the dot that you want to move it
to, alright and the computer moves right away
as well. Once you’re done and you just constantly
move it here and the rules apply here as well
when it comes to game as far as jumping goes.
See, you click that and you go to the opposite
peg and there you go and when you do a jump
it ask if you’re done with the jump and you
say yes, you just click done and then you’re
ready to make your next move. This is a pretty
cool way to build your strategy and to learn
the game a little bit better without having
to play someone head one but go ahead,
give it a shot, put your name in and go for

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