How to play cricket: The Basics

[Music] basically anybody can play cricket any size any edge any any person boys and girls I’ve seen players play cricket from 75 years old basically starting from three or four years old translated from the game throwing anybody the game of cricket is played between two teams of eleven players each there are two umpires and their decision is final there are two innings in each game in the first innings the batting or hitting team tries to score as many runs for points as possible within a limited number of balls being bowled or thrown to them by the opposition in the second innings our position becomes the batting team and within the same amount of limited balls being bowled to them they need to try and score more runs than their opposition scored in the first innings let’s see how these innings were each batsman will need pads gloves and a bet you may choose to wear a helmet to the batting side we’ll send in their first two batsmen the remaining nine players will wait off the field for their turn to back meanwhile there are position positions all 11 are their players on the field and they are known as the fielding side the goal is to Bowl and field in such a way that the batting side cannot score too many runs or to cause the batsman to go out the batting side will always have two batsmen working together by running and batting this is how grants are score [Applause] if one batsman is out he leaves the field and the next batsman goes in to join his teammate this continues until 10 of the 11 bucks when are out since the last player to go in cannot fight alone the team’s batting in is is motive up so the first innings is finished went neither 10 batsmen are out or the limited number of balls in the second innings the team’s will change roles the other team will become the bunting side and their goal is to beat the score from the first innings the now fielding side will defend their first inning score by trying to get all the opposition batsman out or by preventing the batsman from scoring too many runs in order for the team to get any score both batsmen must run to the opposite weaker they cross Midway and when they have both safely reach the other side one run is scored if the ball was hit harder they can run back and forth to score a few runs if the ball is hit so hard that it reaches the boundary the batsman doesn’t need to run he is automatically awarded four runs similarly if the ball goes over the boundary without touching the ground he is awarded six runners [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the Balinese teammates are trying to get the batsman out in the following ways there is a wicket three wooden sticks behind the batsman when the ball from the ball that hits the wicket the batsman is out he has been bald when the batsman hits the ball into the air and one of the field inside players catches it the batsman is out he has been caught [Music] [Music] [Music] when the batsman steps too far forward to hit the ball and misses it the wicket keeper can catch the ball and hit the wicket before the batsman gets safely back the batsman is out he has been stumped while the two batsmen are running to the opposite wicket a player from the field inside can try to hit the wickets with the ball if the batsman has not safely reached the wicket he is out he has been run out if the ball from the baller hits the parts of the batsman and the umpire believes that the ball would have hit the wicket if not for the pad then the umpire gives the batsman out LBW leg before wicket [Music] a lot of things make cricket fun to play I think one of the best things is it’s a team sport and you get to interact with your friends on the sports field in a competitive win in the competitive environment and also you put your skills against the best of other teams and you just are able to compare yourself to what the risks that people are doing I think at the end of the day the competition is the camaraderie and it’s the fun spur that cricket brings [Applause] [Music]


  1. As an American, I have always wondered. Very good explanation here. I actually think I have a fair grasp of how it goes. Thanks.

  2. Hi. Any chance you could turn on COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS to this video? We have deaf students in college that are watching this video for research purposes… I can do the captioning… the auto generated captions aren't accurate enough. Thanks!

  3. Never knew the field was a circle until I watched a size comparison of sporting fields, which then let me to figure out how the hell cricket worked lol

  4. I can't help thinking this looks like a disorganized version of American baseball. I know cricket came first, but still. I definitely mean no disrespect, it looks fun.

  5. If I was to play cricket with some friends, I would probably use baseball gloves for the fielding. I see no point in hurting your hands like that.

  6. Thank you for posting this video. Have been bouncing from Wikipedia to YouTube to playing a simple cricket app to get a feel for the game. It's fascinating.

    See, I've been a baseball fan all my life. Read up on cricket in "World Book Encyclopedia" decades ago and despite a fair explanation, I just couldn't get it. Seemed simplistic and drawn out compared to baseball.

    Now I see cricket is more complicated than I thought, and updated versions get a match completed in a day: that's huge.

    All I knew about cricket was Sir Donald Bradman's record. I'm becoming more conversant in the sport and I see the basis of its popularity much better now. This video helped.

  7. Helmet and cup…cover both heads Mate… and stop fightin, fellas. If you enjoy baseball you will most likely like cricket- both are challenging for sure. I lived in Australia for 3.5 yrs- fell in love with it(all of it). Dennis lillee was kickin butt-

  8. If the batter doesn't hit the ball but the ball doesn't hit the widgets, does he run or is he out? I could get into this game. It seems a lot faster paced and takes more strategy than baseball. Wish there was a national team here in the states. Or even local teams.

  9. This is a very informative video thanks! I've been to curious as to what cricket is and now I wanna see it in person!

  10. Maybe some advanced questions, how many balls do they throw for an inning? Is every match the same number of throws(excepting the last team out)?

  11. Non Cricket public such as Americans tend to be dumb understanding new stuff that they are uncomfortable with so this type of videos will confuse them even more, I believe you should make a video of 1.5 minutes to describe one single action of Cricket very slowly like explaining to a baby, you can make 30 videos on this, I believe this is the best way one can describe Cricket to a public that is very dumb to understand new stuff

  12. The only thing I dont understad is at 2:19 when they are explaining when a inning is over. After saying the 10 batsmen are out or the limit of balls are played.. That's the part I dont get. Are there a certain number of balls that are thrown to a batsman?

  13. This game looks like it was invented by a bunch of drunk villagers who learned about the game from another drunk guy who started making up rules as he was drunkenly rambling.

  14. This is just my point of view, but as an American living on the East Coast. Cricket is almost nonexistent, I’ve never once been taught by our education system how to play the sport, it’s almost like it’s invisible here it’s unfortunate because this looks like a really fucking fun thing to play with some friends.

  15. great video, but I do have a question about run out
    at what point is it determined a batsman has started running to an opposite wicket and is, therefore vulnerable?

    in other words, if one wishes to make, say 2 runs, but then "stand pat" at those 2 runs, how does one declare they are not runing (in American style baseball,it's simply a matter of staying in direct physical contact contact with the "base" )

  16. The back and forth running between bases while holding the cricket bat is the 2nd silliest thing I've seen in all of sports. The number one silliest of course is the Olympic racewalking.

  17. I don't know why it's seemed so mysterious when I've caught bits of it on TV. Seems pretty straightforward. The video didn't mention "overs", though, which seems to be what innings are divided into. Are those number of balls, or what determines it?

  18. Who is considered by all cricket players around the world as the best player ever (Sachin Tendulkar), and which country is usually number one? Is there a Hall of Fame for those that retire from the game? Answer: International Cricket Council (ICC) in Dubai

  19. Someone can explain the rules of cricket to me till they are blue in the face, and at the end ask if I understand?

    At the end of the instructional conversation, my head will bob north and south (yes), while my lips say no..

    In short, not interested.

    Now, would somebody please be so kind and point me to Arlington, TX?

  20. Here in Brazil we have a very similar game called "bets", which is pronounced exactly like "bats". Actually, isn't just similar, it's almost the same. The main diference is that it's a children's game, so there are only 4 players and the game is played with a rubber ball.

  21. Great video, I would really like to be able to play but not a lot of opportunities here in the U.S. I've played a lot of baseball and softball but this really looks fun also.

  22. We just got a huge cricket field here In texas… I figure I learn about it now and maybe play a game… cheers

  23. As someone who has struggled with written explanations of cricket or my old man (who played cricket as a kid) trying to explain it, this is the first explanation that made any sense.

  24. Can someone explain the "limited number of bowls"? How many bowls are per batsmen or in the inning? That was the only question I was having after watching this.

  25. I am black and always thought cricket was boring and for the lazy. This year we went out to play cricket and within 10 minutes I was very tired I couldn't make more runs. It's a very interesting sport and I love it more than football ??

  26. thanks.
    been enjoying watching cricket on youtube … this helps confirm or correct my guesses as to what is happening

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