How to Play Dungeons & Dragons : DDO: Dungeons & Dragons Online

Hi! I’m Robert Beverly for Expert Village,
and it’s time to talk about Dungeons and Dragons online. Originally, the first online version
of Dungeons and Dragons was called Never Winter Nights and it was played on America Online
back when America Online was hourly. So a lot of people ran up their AOL playing that.
Today, you can play Never Winger Nights oline the new version, which is a hosted sort of
strategy role playing game where someone can be either a dungeon master or a player or
both depending on what you want to do. There’s also a massively multi-player online role
playing game called Dungeons and Dragons online. There is a series of games called Baldur’s
Gate. The Baldur’s Gates games came out a while ago and went thru several generations.
They are sort of a top down strategic type of role playing type of game. All of those
are web based and I recommend looking into them and seeing if you can play some online
Dungeons and Dragons.


  1. So you basicly pointed out all the info one can find on wikipedia… now that makes you an Expert.

  2. Thats all expert village does! You should have seen their Super Smash Bros Brawl videos -_- all they did was restate the obvious on every character and made like 70 videos on that game alone…waste of time and a stupid company

  3. A few major mistakes in this rant.

    1: Neverwinter nights was not restricted to AOL users. People who had knowledge of and who used an ISP, didn't have to pay a dime to play.

    2: Baldur's Gate was not an online game, nor was it multiplayer in any way. It was a CRPG, but not an online game.

    3: He said they are all "web based". Web based means something that you are able to play via your web browser. None of these games are "web based".

    I hope this guy isn't getting payed to make these videos!

  4. Now that I look into it, I think Baldur's Gate did in fact have a multiplayer functionality. 😛 Albeit, it was primarily a single player game, unlike Neverwinter nights, which was designed specifically for online play.

  5. You dont need to be a nerd to like DDo…But that video do show that, in a certain way, its a requirement. At least say a joke or something… anyway, DDo RULES

  6. Some of my friends got me to play DDO and has to be the most boring game I have ever played. So awful.

  7. This person's voice is so boring (not that his tutorials are, just his voice) that the "Transcribe Audio" feature works relatively well.

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