How to play Fnding Bigfoot online multiplayer for free

good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is chief and here today
I bring you a tutorial video about how to play finding bigfoot’ online with friends of course
Now in order to do this. you are going to need a few things
you are going to need the win war
Rar a lab download file right here. I’m going to give a link in the description
Right up here, or you can pause the video and just like search it like that and you’re going to need a finding bigfoot file
RAR file which again the link is going to be in the description it’s right up here
Now moving on
We are going to need to extract folders
I already have this right here because it’s as is it ain’t going to change it shouldn’t change
Go on a go after you download that file. It will be like this finding bigfoot’ spelled with an 8
when I extract that
Open with white wire after you’ve downloaded it of course
K extract it to your game files or wherever the fuck you want it, just so you know you you know where it is I?
Should probably show you how to do that first
Finding bigfoot’ extract to
See anywhere you want basically, but I choose my game folders because it’s just it’s easy
See right here. Yeah, you just hit okay extract replace astrick or rewrite yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah
Once that’s done
You’re going to want to open up your folder
You’re going to want to make sure everything in here is
The same as what I have on here
Otherwise it may or may not work
And then I’d have to fix it again. You don’t want that neither do I?
go to your engine
Make sure you have everything in here
See these steam api’s
Win 64
third-party binaries
FB project binaries
win64 these three steam api’s
what you’re going to do next is you’re going to create a
Windows Firewall rule for that game in particular
And go dear
Go to your control panel
Which is not that one obviously windows system control panel
Now you wanna this top right corner here you want to view by small icons
Otherwise you’re never going to find this Windows Firewall
So when you find it right corner here?
click it
Now you want to allow an app or a feature
What you can do here since I already have this done
Okay, my bad my bad. I was confused there since I already have this done
I probably won’t need to do it anymore, but what you’re gonna be looking for is
This Unreal Engine, which you have found this Unreal Engine you want to have
both of these clicked I
Don’t know why it’s showing blue on here so whatever. Oh, that’s why?
Change settings how Precor my bad guys
Anyway, you want to click on that make sure it’s both of these are checked or if it’s not already showing there
so allow another app a little browse and
I’ll show you where it is, in your games folder
Finding Bigfoot
Then you want to go for the Finding Bigfoot
with your binaries win64 and use this
once you open that it’ll tell you your
Path you want to select Network types private and public click both of them
See I’ve already added this let’s exit out of this that’s done
And exit out of that
Now another thing you’re gonna want to do is to create
An exclusion for your Windows Firewall or not your firewall, but your antivirus your fucking malware or whatever fuck you want to call it
So you’re gonna go to your settings
I’m going to go to update and security
Now you want to go to your Windows Defender or whatever antivirus thing you have
Now bottom left corner is your settings virus and threat protection settings and
scroll down
Tell you hit add or remove exclusions. They want to add an exclusion see I already have it right here
Go to add add by folder
And now choose your finding bigfoot’ folder you select that folder and that’ll show up in there
Right here ok once you have all of that done
You have the down low you have the when are we have your Windows Firewall you got your
Defender bullshit going on here once you have all of that
You’re going to need one of two things
You’re going to add a need tunngle or you’re gonna need steam now as you can see I already have steam loaded up here
Spacewar what the fuck is that?
Not know where that came from anyway as you can see I have this
FB project 164 shipping in my games
With this steam symbol right here now what that steam symbol. Is is actually the SSE launcher now?
What you want to do?
To go to your games top left corner add a non-steam game
Go into your
your finding bigfoot’ folder and
Once you do find it you want this SS e launcher. That’s what you want to open in your
your project win64
Once you do that it should pop up like this
Smart steam EMU launcher now if you do not have this project
Win 64 shipping in there you’re going to have to manually drag it over
So and to do that we show you here
You’re in your Bigfoot folder
Go to your FB project
win64 and should see FB Project win64 shipping now after you’ve opened the launcher
Which I suggest you open up as after you
After you download the game where you download the files and you extract them
Once you do that
Drag and drop
the project
win64 into the steam EMU launcher
Once you do that it should pop up like this, and it should give you a page like this
it should automatically give you your game name your game Exe and your game folder all at once and
It should verify your Steam API IDs because they should be
Exactly where they are
Now for your game parameter you want this you want
Nan underscore Steam
But you’re gonna need that that little line is supposed to be like underscore when you’re use shift
Now you want your game icon in there, too
So the icon is located in the folder says icon just click that
Now your game app ID it has to be five zero nine nine eight zero
That’s for her to run smoothly or whatever whatever you do do not click any of these checkboxes
Non-steam app or the inject smart steam mu because if I do that it crashes on me
and it says the game parameters or the
The file paths are not correct. I don’t know why it says that don’t ask me why it says that
But anyway moving on do not do not check those off make sure your steam api’s are green verified that they are original
Next we don’t have any DLCs right now
I if I do find out there there gonna be any DLCs in this
I will make a another video later on and I will explain to you. How I did it
But anyway moving on emulator settings your for some your persona name
the steam ID
Yeah, you basically just your name your gamertag whatever you want
i Have mine on there obviously
automatically join the invite true storage on app data true
separate storage by name true
Remote storage path. You don’t exactly need this
But you can use it if you want to I’m not exactly sure how to use it now secured server
You want that as false because if it’s a secured server you’re not going to be able to join
Disabled friends list true I mean
Yeah true
disable leaderboard true
Now if you want a quick join hockey shift tab
Well yeah guess so game language English low violence false, or if you have children playing true
Persist loader false enable false enable false
enable false enabled false and fail on non existence. That’s false
disabled game coordinator
False I’ve no idea steam offline mode false now you’re networking we’re gonna move along
Do not change any of this this stays static and it will help you no matter what?
So now we’re gonna move on to extras enable overlay true
Enable online play true now your online key is a sequence of numbers or letters
That for you and your friends can play it all on the same server at least
That’s what it says not sure how it works. I haven’t even tried it if you want to fuck with that
a head but anyway
Make sure these are all true
direct path the yada yada go back game settings and
Once you have done this you’ve loaded up the launcher through Steam hit play
I’m gonna have a friend of mine to jump on his game, and show you that this works now
We’re going to jump into this right now
Are you joining the tumble network no well actually don’t matter does it I don’t know
Because I was on Steam last time
(scoobert) Okay, when I get some oh
Yeah, by the way you’re being recorded
(scoobert) I’m cool that
This is my body scoobert he’s here with me today to test this out. We’ve already tested this last night
That’s when we fucking fixed everything
As you can see the game is loading up right now my body scoobert is going to be creating a
Server which you can do in finding bigfoot’ as I can show you just
Let it load up here. Give me a second
If this thing wasn’t so fucking slow
(scoobert) Okay the game is created
I’m just waiting for mine to load up right now. I’m dunno why its being cunt
That’s probably why
And there we go
Should be working now
Yeah, oh yeah, I’m going to show you guys that you can create a session find a session
Server name. Don’t fucking matter
Come in
Okay, server name no matter
Yeah, now you go create
This is what my friend. Just did
I’m just showing you that you can do it, too
After this is finished loading. I’m going to back out of it, and I’m gonna find his game
Once this thing is finished loading obviously
are there any other changes that you have noticed there school
Look at it started
Choose a game, I don’t want to do this. I just want to make sure that that we’re online
Okay now let’s go back to group expedition find session. We should see my buddy
We’re there
can you hear me now
(scoobert) Yeah
, did you start the game?
(zkchris) Um i just get home
wait who is this
(zkchris) this is me
(zkchris) Kristen
Where’s scoo skoo the fuck are you?
Yeah, schoos girl. I’m not girl
Did you create your session already?
(scoobert)Yeah? I’m
Naw dude search failed
(scoobert) well maybe we do need tunngle then
(zkchris) did yall uh fix bigfoot
we didnt need it last time did we
(scoobert) we were both in tunngle last time
Yeah, but I saw you left I
(scoobert) i Never left.
What do you mean you never left? I was the only one in the server.
(scoobert) No I was there when it worked oh
Wait a second okay
i still got steam overlay
(scoobert) i have it too i can find my own game
you can find your own game
(scoobert) yup says its there
(scoobert) would you like to try with tunngle
yeah we can try it with tunngle
But I did it on Steam last time and it worked
(scoobert) thats weird
like I didn’t even load it through tunnel
(scoobert) i Am in the chief private network in tunngle
Okay, you’re on my private network. Okay guys we’re gonna instead of doing on steam
We’re gonna do it on tunngle because it works way better on tunngle. I don’t know why
But we did have this working on steam that I can assure you
and again all the
All the links will be in the description so you can find out what you want, you can download it, and that’s it
It’s easy as that
if you want a link for tunngle I suggest you find somewhere else because there’s a little tunngle is everywhere I
Mean I don’t mean to be rude about it, but
I’m sorry
Okay now i’m launching tunngle as you guys can see here. I brought it up on my screen
Yeah, no shit, they can see what I’m doing
Connecting to tunngle connecting to tunngle yeah, you guys can hear this
only thing I hate about tunngle this is connecting to the dapjur bullshit now for all of those that said that you need to
What is it you need your port open on tunngle to play this game properly you do not
I’m sorry you you don’t I mean you can create your own private network
that Works to that so me and my buddy did
So we’re just
You know waiting for tunnel to up its game here and fucking being a piece of shit

i dont want to undo that? I just want to wait for this
Yeah, I don’t need that I just didn’t even okay fuck it. This is done finalizing
We’re getting into this and I’m gonna show you that
Finding bigfoot is real
Just fucking with you, or we’re gonna. We’re gonna play Finding Bigfoot
On my private network
Run bitch
I’m going to create one since I’ve already done this before
Yeah basic
create update
Look at that network switch successful
Now configure now when you go to configure this game
You want to configure the launcher
As you can see here everything’s being slow as fuck okay Finding Bigfoot SSC launcher, that’s what you want
And you have that okay now all you have to do is play
It’ll ask you for running admin obviously because you got a four spine you’re going to have all those checkboxes
Checked off that way this game will work
Come on you stupid for spine for our and get in there
Okay there you go now. That’s working double click to play
Just minimize that I don’t close it because I don’t know if it’s gonna exit out of the game or not
I’m not sure. I don’t know I don’t want to find out
You’re the lobby tumble over game is running
You got your Lobby going?
I’m in your look. Yeah. I’m okay. You got your server going. Yes, okay, so
I’m gonna join scoobert lobby right now or at his game. He joined my lobby because I created lobby
Yeah, sure
And we’re both on tunngle so we know this works
Just got to wait for the goddamn game to load
Assuming this fucking game alone
That’s weird
Could it use UHC virtual ation last name
That kind of sounded like gibberish, but anyway group expedition Jasper National Park fine, Destin
BAM look at that you why is that my server?
That’s cheap oh
Yeah, I changed the name. Hey change the name. Okay, okay now
It’s going to ask you for a password because of course every server in
Daddy went fine session searching
Beep beep you can see that you can see that server right there boom motherfuckers
that’s how you play finding bigfoot’ online fuck you guys 1 2 3 4
The tutorial is now concluded
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HD chief
You’ll see my youtube channel. Yeah, yeah, you’ll see it. Don’t worry. You’ll see my lengthen the description
Bitches be pleased all day. Thank you. I’m Jesus
And some eye falls again forever loading. Hey there you are
Holy fuck why is everything green oh?
You just fucking blinded me
Holy shit, oh, I’m I on fire I’m on fire oh my god there’s Bigfoot
I’m dead you just gave me
You fucking killed me
Use left mouse button for switching
Okay, anyway guys. I’m gonna take that list cuz I just fucking died
I’m pretty sure you can join back any time, but yeah
Let’s see it’s still there
Yeah, okay peace, thank you made up
Left you some and it says there’s two players
Because your dead body’s still here
Yeah, probably won’t let me join back in
Okay, I’m gonna. I’m gonna watch this video
It should be good, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be about like 20 minutes long I
Want to try this with the other game dead by daylight?
Dead by daylight. Yeah, cuz it cuz that’s a game. I’m
Okay talking to my dog
Didn’t I stop this already

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