How to Play Online Games in Offline Mode

Hey guys! In this video, I am going to show you how
you can play any game offline. But AS YOU KNOW games like pubg and call of
duty are online, you can not play that games offline but here what I mean to say when we
are playing pubg or any online game, you may get disturbed by WhatsApp messages, facebook
notifications or any imo calls. And it might be irritating when you are playing
your favorite game Now You can turn off the wifi or data for all other apps. But how? In this video, I am going to show you exactly
that. Before we get started make sure to hit the
subscribe button and bell icon to get notification every time we post a new video. Install the app internetguard data saver on
your Android, and then open it. The app doesn’t do anything unless you enable
the interNetGuard switch on the top. After you enable it, NetGuard informs you
that it uses a local VPN to filter the internet traffic, so that it can block the internet
access for the apps that you select. Tap OK one more time. then asks you to disable the Android battery
optimizations for it, so that the operating system doesn’t stop it from functioning in
the background. Tap OK and follow the instructions. The Battery optimization screen is loaded. Choose All apps, find NetGuard in the list,
tap on it, select “Don’t optimize” tap Done. Get back to it, What that does is control all your internet
on every app, if I don’t ever want this application to take the internet I will disable
it and then we will never have internet for this app. If you are playing any online game and you
want to stop notifications from WhatsApp facebook or from all other apps. You can disable the wifi or data for all others
app except the game But if you are playing any offline game that
shows bottom or pop up ads, you can turn off the wifi for that specific game only. It’s up to you
Now that is an ads right away sometimes when you are playing the game the add will pop
up here on the bottom now I will turn on the app then the blue means when wifi is connected
to it, it will have internet but if I disconnect from wifi and my data it won’t have internet
but I m going to disable it right now so that’s gonna be no internet and all for the game. now lets launch the game one more time and
I’m not gonna have an ad at the beginning anymore because I disable the internet and
some ads need the internet to run on top of the game for another perfect example lets
say one of your apps is taking an internet from the background it’s draining your data
or battery you can literally say I don’t want it to use my data, you can simply disable
that app from accessing the internet. So I hope this video will be helpful for you. If you guys enjoyed this hit the like button.


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