How to Play Pool : Tips on Approaching a Pool Shot: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

This is Richard on behalf of,
I’m now going to show you a tip on approaching
a shot. You are approaching a shot in your
game, most people will have the tendency to
just walk right across and right into the
shot. Actually the best way to approaching
a shot, you come back once you step back from
the shot and you approach it much like you
would approach a golf shot. You view the shot
from your point of view from the cue ball
to the object ball to the pocket forming one
line. Much like a golfer would approach his
golf shot from the golf ball to his target
which is 200 yards down the road. You line
up into your shot and what you are doing here
is you are just stepping into this shot, you
just walk into the shot plant your feet. You
want your feet to be anywhere from 18-24 inches
shoulder width somewhere in that area, you
want to be comfortable, you want to be able
to stand, you don’t want to be wobbling around
much like your bridge. You walk into the shot,
you approach it, you come down, you get down
the ball, you getting down on the ball you
want to get down as low as you possibly can.
You don’t want to be shooting at a ball when
you are in a standing position and trying
to hold your level of cue. You want to get
down to where you are actually looking over
it like you are looking at a barrel of a gun.
Then once you are down on a shot, you select
a bridge in this case a close bridge. Line
yourself up, you are already lined up and
you just give it a shot.

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