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What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of
Today we are talking about how to go pro in
america. This soccer video is geared towards
american male and female players who’s “it”
is to play professional soccer in America.
One day I will do another video about how
to play professional soccer outside of America.
Before I go any farther I want you to understand
that just because you play soccer sports DOES
NOT mean you have to making it pro in soccer
or want to go pro. Soccer players can play
the game, improve, soccer video, and love
it just as much as any pro does not matter
how old you are and no matter what level you
play at. I DO NOT encourage every OSA player
to try to go pro, that is not the point of
the OSA. The point of the OSA is make better
soccer players and to help you reach your
personal “it”.
I get asked about how to go pro a lot so I
thought I’d make an OSA video about it. The
top pro league in America for men is MLS and
there are other lower level leagues below
that. For women the top pro league is the
NWSL and there are other lower level leagues
below that. Most of the tips in this video
are applicable to male and female players.
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Back to how to be a pro. Think of a ladder.
If you want to get to the top of a ladder
do you jump to the top? No, you would fall
off and hurt yourself. But if you take it
step by step you will continue to climb slow
and steady to the top. Pro soccer is the top
of the ladder and it’s a steep, hard climb.
Youth soccer is at the bottom of the ladder.
Now lets talk about the steps you need to
take to climb the pro soccer ladder.
There are different routes to being a pro,
these are just a few key points.
Key Points: How to Play Pro Soccer
1. First you get on a club/travel team and
do really well. The best travel team you can
be on is the one you want to be on. If your
local club team is good but the one that is
two hours away is great and they go to a lot
of big college showcase tournaments then I
recommend you try to get on the great team.
Yes, I know two hours is a long way to drive
for training. I use to drive 2.5 hours to
play for a great team when I was in high school
so I feel your pain. DO NOT do this type of
extreme commitment until you are high school
age and fully committed to taking your game
to the next level.
If you can get on an MLS Academy youth team
that is a phenomenal opportunity because you
don’t pay to play and you have pro coaches
around you a lot. Soccer world. The whole
point of an MLS Academy team is to groom players
to be a pro. Not all players will sign pro,
most won’t but if you are 16 and doing well
on an MLS Academy team there is a good chance
you will get to train with the 1st team, play
in a reserve game and if you do really, really
well against pros… they will want to sign
you as a pro even though you are a teenager.
Other top youth leagues in America are the
US Soccer Development Academy and the ECNL
which stands for Elite Clubs National League.
Play on a club team that is in either of those
two leagues are you are where you want to
be at the youth level.
What about high school soccer? Good question.
High School soccer is great, it’s fun but
typically in the American soccer system most
players are recruited to play college soccer
or pro soccer from their club teams, not their
high school teams. Just the way it is.
2. Try out for ODP. Football soccer. ODP stands
for olympic development program. It is US
Soccer’s way of finding out who the best of
the best are. ODP has a state level, regional
level and a national team level. The idea
is that you make the state team, then try
out for the regional team and make that, then
try out for the National team and make that.
Easier said then done of course and only a
very small amount of people make the national
team but if you do, that is great!
By making ODP teams it shows college and pro
coaches you are, on paper at least, better
then players that don’t make the team.
If you don’t do well in ODP it doesn’t mean
you can’t make it pro. I didn’t make my state
ODP team one year. I’ve got friends that are
pros that didn’t make ODP. I also know players
that were youth national team soccer player
and they couldn’t cut it as a pro because
they were to mentally weak from being babied
their whole youth career.
3. Play college soccer! College soccer is
a big step in the ladder for making the jump
to pro soccer football. Typically pro coaches
scout the best college players on the best
college teams. So if you can you want to go
to high level D1 programs. Pro soccer is the
best of the best, not the best of the average.
If you play for D1 team Indiana and you are
one of the top players that will increase
your odds of going pro. If you play for D3
team Rhodes college and are one of the best,
your odds aren’t as good as the best player
on the Indiana team.
Yes, you can go pro if you play a lower level
then D1, I played D2, but typically it will
be easier to get scouted at the D1 level versus
a D2 or D3 level.
Lots of young players in America message me
saying I’m 15 and no pro scouts are looking
at me. That is the wrong mind set. You want
college coaches recruiting you in your teenager
years, not pro scouts scouting you. Yes, if
you are the elite of the elite youth player
some pro scouts will be looking at you but
for most of you, the next step to going pro
is playing college soccer.
For tips on how to get recruited click here
to read our free College Recruiting Handbook
from our other company
That will teach you all about how to get recruited.
4. Attend a paid pro try out or combine. How
to soccer. If you don’t get scouted and signed
after college in the MLS draft to play pro
soccer then you still have options. Yes, it’s
best to get drafted and signed from day one
but lots of great pros in MLS didn’t get drafted.
Most pro teams, MLS, NWSL and lower leagues,
offer a paid try out you can attend. Go on
a team’s website and search for when their
try outs are and sign up for them. Do 2 or
3 of them. If you do great at their try out,
they will be interested. Think of yourself
like the diamond in the rough they want to
Click here to check out the InfoSport Combine.
Not anyone can attend this, I believe it’s
invite only, but this combine is one you want
to attend. It’s meant for high level players
that didn’t attend the main MLS combine. Lots
of pro coaches attend this combine and it’s
a good one. This combine is for male players.
5. Accept the odds are against you. Only 1%
of players play pro. There is a reason for
that, the best of the best play pro. You need
to understand this and be realistic about
this. If you are not in the top three players
on your team and you don’t train a lot on
your own that is okay but you probably are
not good enough and committed enogh to be
If you are one of the better players on your
team, you are constantly improving and you
are working hard to achieve your “it” then
good news… you have a 1% chance of making
it. Odds I’d take any day!
Click here and you can watch an OSA video
on my personal story of how I went pro.
6. Put yourself in the right situations to
get lucky. It doesn’t matter how good you
are, if the right people aren’t seeing you
then you won’t get recruited to play college
soccer or scouted to play pro soccer. Do the
best you can with what you have around to
get on the best travel team, play in the biggest
showcase tournaments, go to a great soccer
college, etc.
If money is an issue for you ask your neighbors
if you can do chores for them for money. I
use to cut lawns and wash and wax cars to
make money to help pay for some of my soccer
bills. Do what you have to do but keep it
legal of course!
Don’t forget your education through all of
this! When you make a lot of money as a pro
you want to be smart about what you do with
your money so having a good education will
help! DO NOT forget about school, make good
grades and be successful off the field, not
just on it.
Have no regrets! It’s better to give it everything
you have and not make it then have a dream,
not go for it and 20 years later you lay in
bed at night wondering what if.
Be confident! A lot of people will doubt that
you can achieve your “it”. They doubted me,
they laughed at me, that’s just the way it
is. Be confident, work hard and Believe in
it®. DO NOT let negative people bring you
All pros are talented, the difference is little
things. How hard they train, how confident
they are, how much they improve, how quick
they think, etc. I know lots of talented players
that couldn’t cut it as a pro and I know lots
of players that are having great pro careers
because they do all the little things right.
If your “it” is to go pro then good luck.
I hope this OSA video will help shed some
light on how to get there. Remember small
improvements daily equal big improvements
over time. Keep climbing the ladder.
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