How to Play Travian Online : Travian Buttons Tutorial

Hi. Hopefully you actually registered in the
last clip. Now we’ll be teaching you how to actually manage the controls. Now, if you
look at your screen, you’ll see five circles at the top of the screen. Each of these buttons
has its own special function. The first one brings you to the resource fields. The state
in your city-state. The next one brings you to the actual city, where you can begin managing
your town. The third one is your map. The map will actually tell you the neighbors and
the surrounding oasis. The fourth one are your stats. These tell you your ranking, the
alliances that are around you, the power of your offensive forces etcetera. Now the fifth
one is actually two buttons. The first one are your stats. Not the stats, the messages
to you. These tell you when scouts scout you, when attacking forces try to hit you, when
merchants come to your town. The next one is when individual players actually send you
a message. You can tell the difference between these two because the messages from the game
are green. Messages from the players are yellow.


  1. The…. ummm map. He doesn't even play the game! He doesn't know what one of the buttons does!. He also calls an oasis (O-A-sis) an oasi (O-A-sigh)!

  2. come on he is just nervous and he messed up..give him some time xD..oh and btw yeah…you should delete this video 🙂

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