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Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial. In this video we’ll be showing you how
modern and advanced video slot games work. For this video, we’ll be playing on the
video slots called Safari Heat. Safari Heat is a popular slots offered by many
online casinos. It contains a multitude of bonus features and options that are
not available in most other slot games. Before launching the game, we’re
going to show you the bonus features available in Safari Heat. To see all these things, we’ll press
the “Info” button. Here, we can see all the bonus symbols
available in the game. Discovering these symbols will award the bonuses
described on the screen. The next page tells us that in Safari
Heat we’re able to win free spins. Discovering 3 or more scatter
symbols will give us a 15 free rounds that will multiply all
winnings by three. And the last page shows us that Safari
Heat offers a gamble game as well. With the gamble game feature, players are
able to double their winnings if they predict the color of a card that will be
drawn. But let’s play a little. Safari Heat is a 5 reel 15 pay-line
video slots. As we explained in our basic online slot videos, playing with more
than just one pay-line greatly increases the winning odds but requires us to
spend more money per spin. Let’s play with 6 pay-lines
for now. Now, since out total bet became larger, we
should decrease our line bet a little bit. Let’s spin the reels! And we didn’t win. But let’s launch
a new round. And this time we won $54. Wow! Pretty cool! And it looks like we’re lucky, so let’s
increase the active pay-lines to 15. Again, since our total bet increased,
we should decrease our line bet. And this time we won $2.80. So basically this is how new and modern
video slots look like. As we said in the intro, video slots are
basically defined by the multitude of bonus features they offer. Triggering
such bonus features is a pretty rare event. But once you manage to trigger
one, you will be richly rewarded. Check out our additional videos
about online slots or visit
Thanks for watching!

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  1. This slot only features one actual bonus round. What you are calling bonus features are actually just normal wins.
    For decent slot guides visit

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