How to PROPERLY DualBoot the SNES Classic | Add games to both, easily! | Custom hakchi2.21f | STOCK

Download these two files.
Custom hakchi and NESC dump.
Extract the zip file
Open hakchi2 and connect your SNESC to your PC.
Make sure FTP server is ticked.
Go ahead and open up your FTP client. In my case Filezilla.
Password: clover
Put the .hsqs file into var/lib/hakchi folder
Make sure it uploaded properly.
Open NotePad++ and create a new file.
Save it as “blank” with file extension “All types”. In this example we create two of them.
Delete command line code and replace with:
/bin/hsqs /var/lib/hakchi/dp-nes-release-v1.0.3-0-gc4c703b.hsqs
That will point to the uploaded file on your SNESC.
Oh no, there’s no way back into SNESC!
But wait, we have two blank files, right? Let’s make blank2 point us back into SNESC!
This time, type /bin/hsqs _nand_ to make it point us back into SNESC.
It’s really that simple.
As you can see, we are now back into SNESC.


  1. what is the reason behind dual boot? The Super NES classic can play NES games or is there something different you can gain from dual booting?

  2. Lol i dont need to dual boot i just used retroarch and added all the games from the nes classic to my snes classic dualboot is a waste unless you really want the nes border on your home screen

  3. i wanna do this dual mod on my NES mini this time…is the FTP login same for both NES ans SNES mini? And please where can I get SNES hsqs?

  4. Ive tried 100 times! Every time i click the switch to nes classic icon it just refreshes the snes and puts me in the same spot with switch to nes classic still selected! I had the previously hacked with whatever way its harder to add nes roms. This is why i wanted to try this way. I ftp the file and Im sure everything is correct. Im not sure what Im doing wrong.

  5. I found out the issue. There is a blank space in the command line I didn't notice. Now I've got everything working properly. Now I'm getting an error when shutting the system off. It's c8 an error has occurred.

  6. I want to use retro arc module, but I do not recognize it. Please tell me how to do a full initialization.

    I want to play gbc games.

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