How To Stream PUBG Mobile Live From Your Android Phone To Facebook/YouTube ETC [2019 TUTORIAL]

what’s up guys welcome to another
Android tutorial in this video I’ll show
you how to live which team your team
play on Facebook YouTube or others
platform from your Android phone or tab
so let’s get started
first of all you,need to download an application from play store or so, open your Play Store and
search for DU recorder then install
it after downloading the application
open it then give it the necessary
the application is showing a demo just
skip it ,tap on live
then select the platform you want to go
live on I want to go live on Facebook
but you can go live on YouTube or others
platforms log into Facebook if you are
already logged in then press ok type
your title here they allow all the
permission now you are on live, start
playing the game now here you can see my
game play is live streaming online
that’s it if you found this video
helpful then make sure to leave a like
comment below and don’t forget to
subscribe for the upcoming videos thanks
for watching guys

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