How to use Xbox and Playstation Controller on the Nintendo Switch using Sys-con

Having a hacked Nintendo Switch console gives you the freedom to choose various controller to play games. For example, I can use my Xbox 360, Xbox One and a PS4 controller on my console. And as usual, I will show you how to do it. So let’s get started. You need an unpatched or hackable Nintendo Switch that is running Atmosphere or AtlasNX Kosmos CFW. Watch my previous guide on how to install it. how to install it. And at the moment, you can use these type of controllers Prepare a USB cable, USB Type C OTG Adapter, and Xbox 360 wireless receiver if you want to use an Xbox 360 wireless controller In this video, I am using Atlas NX custom firmware, and I am inside the Homebrew Menu right now. We need to put some files into the sd card, so what I need to do next is to get back into the Hekate menu. Open the Kosmos Toolbox Then choose Reboot to Hekate Press reboot Now it is safe to remove the micro sd card from the console Download Sys-con, at the time i made this video, their latest version is on 0.5.1. You might see a newer version than the one in this video And if you want to find out some information about Sys-Con, you can read the Description. Or maybe you want to find out which controllers that are currently supported, you can read it there too. Download WinRAR or 7-zip to extract the downloaded archive This is the content of my micro sd card. Yours might be different than mine. Oh BTW, I forgot to tell you that Sys Con won’t work under SXOS. So I suggest using Atmosphere or Atlas NX Kosmos instead Double click the sys-con archive and drag all its content into the micro sd card Installing sys-con is pretty straight forward, just drag and drop and you are done. Reinsert the micro sd card into the console Select Launch and for my case I chose CFW on sysnand Now you can start plugging the controller to your console, let’s start with the PS4 Dualshock controller. Get your USB cable, and get your USB OTG Adapter. Get your USB cable, and get your USB OTG Adapter. Plug the USB cable to the console, then plug the other end to the Dualshock controller. And it will be detected automatically And you can use it right away You can go to the system settings and check your controller. Try calibrate it if you want. It worked like a native Nintendo Switch controller Now let’s try other controller like the Xbox One controller. Remove the USB cable and plug it to the Xbox One controller And the same thing, you can use it right away And I think we can only use one controller through sys-con at a time. If you find another breakthrough on this cool stuff, let me know. I will surely update the video sooner or later. Thanks to Cathery for this awesome stuff Now the last one, let’s try the Xbox 360 wireless controller. We need to plug in the wireless receiver because it is the only way to Remove the USB cable from the console and from the controller We need to plug in the wireless receiver because it is the only way to get it work unless you have a wired Xbox 360 controller. So plug the wireless receiver to the USB OTG adapter and plug it to the console I have synced the controller before, so I just need to turn it on. And you can use it instantly The good thing about this module is, we can save the cash to buy a native or third party Nintendo Switch controllers And I am sorry I didn’t show any gameplay footage using these controllers to avoid any copyright claim. So I think that’s it for a simple guide on how to install and use the sys-con system module. It is cool, isn’t it ? Although we need to use a USB connection at the moment. And of course, IT is not a fake video at all. Thank you for watching and see you around.


  1. For me it doesn’t work I tried it a while ago and tried it again with Xbox 360 charging adapters and it doesn’t work the controller just stays in pairing mode and doesn’t connect to my Xbox nor the switch until It is unplugged

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