Incredible Retro Cross-Sections! | Nintendo, PlayStation, GameBoy, PS2, Polaroid, C64…

Welcome to Perifractic’s Retro Recipes
I recently discovered the incredible work of Richard Parry
And it was clear that, like us..
He also loves Retro Recipes
So relax and enjoy these incredible cross-sections
As we step back in time
Step inside these beautiful devices
And bring the photography to life
With some assembly required
And our first device is the Game Boy
An 8-bit handheld game console developed and manufactured by a small company called Nintendo
Combining aspects of the NES with its earlier handheld game and watch devices
The Game Boy was the brainchild of longtime Nintendo employee and Metroid creator, Gunpei Yokoi
Inside the Game Boy is a custom 8-bit Sharp LR35902
Running at 4.19 MHz
And it’s CPU is actually a hybrid between the Intel 8080 and the Zilog Z80
And it was followed up, albeit eight years later, by the Game Boy Colour
Its Zilog Z80 processor has a few extra bit manipulation instructions
And a clock speed of around 8 MHz
Twice as fast as the original
Not to mention three times the RAM
And although the screen resolution is the same as the original Gameboy
At a whopping 160×144 pixels
It’s the addition of 16 colours that really set it apart
Even if they did misspell colour
(clears throat)
And at 120 million units, they were the best-selling consoles ever ..
..for the time
Well, for a video about retro photographs
You can’t get more retro or iconic than the Polaroid 1000
The camera includes a one element 103mm f/14.6 plastic lens
Fixed focus and even an exposure compensation dial knob
And for the Polaroid Corporation, it became the best-selling camera of the 1977 holiday season
I know I loved mine!
And speaking of photos, you were probably wondering how these photos were made
And that’s really what they are
Photos of each component meticulously stitched together
Dubbed (American accent) the most wildly ambitious consumer electronics device of its era..
I think we can agree that it realized co-founder Edwin Land’s dream
Absolute, one-step photography
Ah ..the Nintendo 64
Technically, named after its CPUs 64-bit accumulator
Though not really comparable to today’s 64-bit processors
It was released in June 1996
And was the last major home console to use the cartridge as its primary storage format
Until the Switch
During the system’s first three days on the market, retailers sold almost all of the available units
And was in such demand that even celebrities including Chandler Bing.. I mean, Matthew Perry
Allegedly tried contacting Nintendo directly to get one
The N64 could display resolutions of up to a forceful 640×480 pixels
And 16 million colours
Having sold 33 million units, it was retired in 2002
Following the launch of the Gamecube
And we’ll come to that soon
1994’s Sony PlayStation was the first entertainment system to sell over a hundred million units
Although that took ’em nine years
Inside the PS, is a 32-bit MIPS R3051
Running at 33.9 MHz
16-bit sound
2 MB of RAM
And up to a 640×480 resolution
And 16 million colours
It’s also one of the few devices to have been rereleased, twice, with the year 2000 redesigned PS1
And it even had a baby
With 2018’s miniaturized PlayStation Classic
The literally game-changing Wii was released in November 2006
And forever revolutionized the world of gaming with its Wii-mote Nunchuck
And Wi-Fi for web surfing, multiplayer games, and even downloads of then retro games
The Wii competed indirectly with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the PS3
With Nintendo stating that its console targets a broader demographic
And that demographic agreed.. even without HD graphics
As of 2016, the Wii led the market
With more than 101 million units sold
And although Nintendo closed the Wii Shop Channel back in January 2019
The console lives on in us
Or should I say in.. Wii?
The equally millennial sony PlayStation 2
Was so popular that a man named Dan Holmes even changed his name to Mr. PlayStation 2
Ridiculous idea changing your name for retrocomputing
(clears throat)
Inside the machine is the Emotion Engine CPU
A custom-designed processor based on the MIPS architecture with a floating point performance of 6.2 GFLOPS
And a custom GPU capable of rendering up to 75 million polygons per second
Unlike Nintendo, the software is delivered on CD-ROMs
Given the benefit of being able to play music CDs and DVD movies
As well as being backward compatible with the original PlayStation that we saw earlier
By 2013, it had sold 155 million units
Beating the Game Boy at its own .. game
We all know and love the Commodore 64
But what about the Brixty Four?
This is my Lego implementation of Commodores record-breaking machine
Which, at over 18 million units, is still a best-selling home computer of all time
The life-sized Brixty Four features a sprung mechanical Lego keyboard
And is made of 2,192 bricks
Weighing in at 2.2 kilograms or nearly 5 pounds
And you can even put a real keyboard and PCB inside this
Making it the only replacement C64 Case option available
And speaking of beautiful PCBs
If you’re thinking of creating your own I recommend PCBWay
And as we all know, PCB stands for Peri’s Computer Bits
Doesn’t it?
Either way, if you’d like to see Lego release the Brixty Four
You can vote for it now and Lego Ideas
And last but probably not least
The Nintendo GameCube
The console was praised for its controller, software library and high-quality games
But not so much for its design and the lack of features
I don’t know though.. I kinda like it
Especially in its teardown form
Partnering with Nintendo in 1998
ArtX began the complete design of the system logic and of the graphics processor
Codenamed “Flipper”
And with an earlier internal codename of “N2000”
This could have been the Nintendo 2000
If it hadn’t been released in 2001
Still, Nintendo sold 22 million units before the console was discontinued in 2007
That’s more than the Commodore 64 so.. not to be sniffed out
Did you know they even considered including 3D support?
Though that work was shelved and later showed up in the 3D version of the Nintendo DS
Which brings us back to the start..
Everything old is new again, after all
Well, that’s all for this recipode
But if you enjoyed this little stroll down nostalgia lane
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  1. A small, pedantic thing!
    The late Gunpei Yokoi’s first name is pronounced “Gun-pey,” much like the weird puzzle game he created.

    Still, an awesome video.

  2. Beautiful aesthetics!

    Especially the BrixtyFour. Can't wait to grab one off the shelf in a Lego store. So, people, vote for it!

  3. Great video! It's really cool to see how the DS hinge works. This makes me want to 3D print a handheld … hint, hint.

  4. That's the thing with Nintendo early handhelds. They may of been cool and all, but their spelling was atrocious. I mean, not only did they spell coloUr wrong, but they missed off the D in Advenced. Still, it's nice to see that the actually spelt Switch right. I guess they must of found out wha a dictionary was used for. Amazing video, Peri . Just something I long to ask with your now many years as an "American." Do you call them Q-Tips or Cotton Wool Buds? Love your videos as always!

  5. 4:24 Re-released twice? I personally don't call a revision a re-release, and Playstations have all had their "Slim" revisions over the years (Yeah, the one for the first iteration got that PSOne name, instead of Slim, but same concept). To me, a re-relase sounds more like putting again into the market something that had been discontinued for some amount of time, but I guess opinions might vary…

  6. I miss the Wal-Mart/store skits. It made your vids super interesting. Without then, it's kinda not the same anymore.

  7. From a small company called nintendo
    I think I've heard of that company somewhere

    Was that gameboy popular?

  8. Did he draw those sharp shadows that the parts throw on each other by hand? It looks very CG to me, because of a largely decoupled lighting and that point light shadow.

  9. When I was a lad, it was the imagery of Richard Scarry that was all the rage… Richard Scarry or Richard Parry… it's all retro to me!

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