INSANE 21 KILLS | Powerbang pubg mobile gameplay | PUBGM

MrWINTER:hey, get in the car
MrDM:No need to go on nova. no we are going
MrWINTER: no we are going !

THOR:There is a car over there !!!

THOR:They have a gun man !

MrWINTER:I have knocked one,come fast!

MrDM:coming coming wait !
MrWINTER:killed, one of them is still alive

Pegasus:DM come here?
MrDM:hmm hm hmm

Pegasus: I have extra x8
MrDM: Its block !

MrWINTER: Look towards West……NW !

THOR:Revive me….. WINTER
MrWINTER: Where is he ?
THOR:I have 7.62 ???

MrWINTER: All dead,hahaha

MrWINTER: Go inside hexagon shape

MrWINTER: must me near drop !!
MrWINTER: DM look NW side…
MrWINTER: stupid!! was running wearing ghillie suit !
MrDM: what a play man!

MrWINTER: DM dont wait just drive
MrWINTER:just spot him
Oops LAG!!!!!
MrWINTER: look over there ?
MrWINTER: who’s grenade was that ?
Pegasus: That’s mine only ..
MrWINTER: Ok got it.

MrWINTER: Look at the side we came from ?

MrWINTER: he was coming from outside ….
THANKS for watching

I mean 21 KILLS !!!!! SQUAD>

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