I’m telling you what bro. Thing- the shots are landing. I mean this is promising. So easy to push now, no frame drop again pushing that guy. Yeah, we want to go get angles on this dude. Bro, I’m back. What’s happening fam, Powerbang here. Make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel. If you want to take part in the regular giveaways that are gonna be happening I’m giving away an ice hockey set the hockey set today I’m gonna click this randomly pick winner button three times And if somebody has their in-game name as part of their comment in one of those three times. I’m going to be giving away A hockey set. So here we go Random winner being chosen from yesterday’s video and what an intro that is not gonna do it. Let’s pick one more There it is Lord. Shuba hu are getting hooked up with a hockey said Shoop attack dude. Thank you so much, man I apologize if I butchered your name, but dang and I tried Congratulations on the hockey set Make sure you guys are subscribing to this channel and also liking each and every video and I’ll make sure that I hook you guys Up with giveaways on the regular as long as things are trending well, I’ll keep giving back to you guys. Thanks again Enjoy the video. We are trying to fix our stuff here. That’s what we’re trying to do We literally just did a repair – a repair – I said that like an idiot, but we did a repair on our game and redid our interface. We did… Just a whole bunch of stuff to try to get this thing back to like a playable state I’ve been having so many issues lately with like frame drop and FPS issues. Like just you know lag crazy stuff So we’re gonna go to Vihar right now and I want to check and basically see if I fixed it at all or made it more playable and We’ll know as the game goes on because I’ve been having these issues every time. Look at all the people come to Vihar, dude so many. It looks like we have popularized this drop spots – kind of funny. Who would have thought? So flying in… There we go. Open. I love you though, buddy. You got that BAPE gear, bro. I tell you what – everybody that drops fast always seems to be wearing BAPE. So the BAPE dudes know what’s up. There we go, we got UMP to work with Excellent so that felt really good so far. I mean like literally no framedrops at all. No lag issues But again, it’s early this stuff doesn’t seem to happen until the zone start to come in Beautiful double M4 action, baby Man I’ve got so much loot. I love dropping here. So good. Dude, two level 3 bags in the same freaking building. Another level 3 bag. Oh my god. This is crazy, dude. Level 2 vest, I’ll take it. I am moving around WAY easier like it’s not clipping as bad. I’m not missing windows and stuff Which always happened before so I actually do feel better moving around right now. Let’s hope that it’s fixed Man I tell you what if there is a noticeable difference here, I’m gonna be a freaking pleased — Panda bear. I don’t know if I’m actual – actually a… I was trying to think of something that started with a P giggity We are almost through Vihar and we were we’re doing good on loot, honestly Okay Where is this guy?? I heard indoor footsteps. But the shot sounded farther away Hmm… Oh Yo, uh, firing feels decent, although my sensitivity is off. I think I jacked it up, unfortunately. So we need to make the… (shoots a guy) three times sensitivity a little bit more severe. Overall it’s feeling much better though. I’m actually kind of surprised. Much smoother. Now, I am playing on smooth and extreme. And for those of you iPhone 10s max users I am playing with the The zoom enabled on the – like the it’s displays and brightness or something like that Playing with a zoom instead of standard and that’s super important because otherwise your crosshair is choppy because this device is not yet optimized for Pub G Mobile and that’s on Pub G Mobile’s side, I think. Should definitely have people here. I only have two kills and I saw at least six people dropping in this area Wow It honestly feels different, which is really strange. Okay, so I’m gonna move towards those shots. All I’m trying to do, fam, is just feel out. I want to feel if this fixes it. So if you guys are feeling the same thing, maybe – maybe we come to a solution here. I don’t know at least make it better. Get off my kills, bro. Get off my kills. Alright at least three guys up here Flare is up over here. These guys are looting right now, guaranteed. Oh yeah, that’s buttery smooth. Bro, it feels good! Like I can actually aim and and do stuff again Maybe it fixed it I’m unreasonably excited right now. You guys have no no idea how long I’ve been suffering I didn’t know that revive – or repair – was a thing And yeah, man, so if that is a thing and this works again Telling you what, this could be a very very happy PB. I’m just saying Wait a minute, I did not Auto pick up did it? Oh yeah, this is glorious! It feels so much better, okay, so let’s just say we’re rockin’ smooth and extreme Let’s go ahead and pop this now No, I don’t want that I thought I heard footsteps. I’m looking for the SKS I ain’t looking for this, bro. Yo, that’ll work. That’ll work. That ain’t it. Bro, where is it? There it is Now we got ourselves a flare. We are looking in solid shape right now. I would love to go ahead and grab an eight times scope here as well What the hell? Why? Alright, let’s go ahead and get some snipes in, man. Eight times. I mean this is where… I’m excited. I mean, like, god dang, it’s so much smoother. Let’s check this out. Where they at? Crap I’m just crazy freaking out over the the spraying capability now Like if it lets me actually spray, bro Holy cow, man Like, I’m I’m freaking out, like I can’t be stopped. I’ll be back to the PB of old, man, if this actually works Now we go! The true test is gonna be getting a six times. Oh my god, I’m freaking out this is literally like playing the game how it used to be for me. Oh my goodness. so now it’s gonna be just a matter of kind of getting everything dialed back in all my Sensitivities like the the interface and stuff cause it’s all like different right now Ooh, flair straight ahead, 140. Dude, my look around is too slow I need to be able to speed that up. Damn that’s far away Give me an opportunity to snipe here, please Mmm, the one good thing is I haven’t experienced the render effect or any sort of frame dropping like when I’m running around right now That’s uh, oh there’s a guy right there I wanted to snipe, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen I’m telling you what, bro, things – like shots are landing. I mean… This is promising I’m quick snapping at people’s heads. Okay, here we go Yeah, that’s just the SKS. Crosshairs on them the whole time but you know, what can you do? Just Got to pull it down more Dude I’m uh, I’m pretty pumped We’re going right towards that crate No cover at all right here. We’ll have to flick on people. In order to get kills right now, we’ll have to flick on people. I kind of want the pressure. I want to see if I can actually… respond. So I used to be able to win those head-to-head gunfights, like no problem. And, as of like the last two months – basically since the candy came out, actually it’s been a struggle and I know it has been for a lot of people. But I’m thinking this repair and he settings changed to smooth an extreme may have fixed the problem. No framedrops yet this game Literally running in the open on purpose Come on where you guys at? Beautiful Whatever, I’ll just go in. Bro it’s so easy to so easy to push now no frame drop again pushing that guy So I feel so much more confident which is like the key thing man Especially loot his body really quickly. Get all the stuff you could ever want, beautiful. And an AWM, let’s see how the sniping goes. Yeah, buddy We’re going to continue to go center circle, put ourselves in awkward positions. And just play aggressively dude, I might be able to play aggressively again Let me rephrase that I might be able to play aggressively and actually win again Yeah, I kind of just fell. Helps to, uh… load up. Bro am I gonna be able to snipe again – like dude, I’m just so baffled right now. Need to stay to the high ground I’m gonna go over here to Center zone literally have the zone to ourselves Bunny hopping again smoothly like this legit feels like a new game And it’s not perfect yet, I just need to get used to it again Figured as much that would be right above my head Alright, let’s test our snipes, man This is a long way away so… Oh – we got a guy on us I mean – uh-oh stuck? Yep stuck You know what I’m good, I’m already fully boosted Okay, we want to go get angles on this dude LeBron back Yeah, I’ll, uh… l’ll third-party that. Let’s test out the ol’ Aug We’re back We’re back! Let’s go! Dude, big shout-out to Vlad for helping me work through this. I think it was a client-side issue this whole freakin’ time. so guys if you’re if you’re out there and you’re struggling with framedrops and Issues with like what crates you’re nearby or when vehicles are nearby Go repair your game. You gotta log out. I’ll show you exactly where to do it right now. Go to this page Click the logout button Exit the game and login again say ok, and then right here on the main menu You see that top right button right there that wrench with the repair. Click that and it’s gonna just wipe everything You’ll have to reload your your settings not do it from scratch, but just load the right page from the cloud it’ll it’ll load it up and then Yeah, dude, good to go bro. This made such a huge huge difference. So Guys, I hope it works for you fix your lag fix your frame drops in pub g-power bing signing out. Catch you guys next time

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