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Karakin is an arid, rocky,
inhospitable environment. It sets the stage
for a really high-intensity showdown for all the Battle Royale players. It’s immersive and it’s intense. A map that is constantly changing
throughout the gameplay. Karakin in one word is tension. Karakin is a very special map. It offers a lot of new pillars
of gameplay. The first pillar is the Black Zone. We never want players to experience
the same match twice. The circle is random,
the drops are random, the other players are random. But what if the map itself
had a little bit of life to it? Considering this feature,
imagine the Red Zone. The Black Zone is the opposite. It is designed to get players outdoors. Designing this feature came
with a lot of technical challenges, because we have never done anything
like this in another map before. Karakin buildings are a lot different
from the other buildings. Each one has a demolished version
of itself. So we had to develop
new procedures and pipelines in order to create all this new art. Any individual building
could change states, so we had to find a way
to dynamically change the way that our game is created from scratch. We used the tools in Maya and Houdini that let us make these destroyed shells
of the building a lot faster. And then what’s cool
is a secondary function on this tool allows us to simulate the leftover parts
of the building, for destruction. David created some really great tools
for creating new buildings. We were able to reduce the iteration time
so we can get to playtesting quicker. Another challenge was getting
these destroyed concrete edges here. What we ended up doing
was taking an asset like this, which is a photoscanned asset
from Megascans, and we were able
to capture the edge data here. It allows us to reshape that data
into all these different pieces. Our second pillar we’re excited about
are breach walls. Breach walls in PUBG introduce
what I would call Lock and Key gameplay. The Lock is the wall
and the Key is the sticky bomb. Because the gameplay intention
is kind of to make it more intense as you’re inside of the building. You have to be more aware
of your surroundings. Breachable walls were
tough visually to design. PUBG is based in realism, and we didn’t want to have
this big cartoony space in the wall. So we chose, like, this red brick
that’s not used anywhere else in the map. So if you see this red brick,
you’re going to know. We wanted to balance the realism and the ability to be able
to distinguish these walls. And there’s another wall
that’s just pure concrete for the floor. And also in some buildings,
you may find some passages to tunnels. And in other ones, you can drop through
onto unsuspecting players. The smuggler tunnels
are always going to be a good avenue for stealthy approaches, or for getting through mountain areas
that you just don’t want to be exposed in. There are bunkers that are all over.
So those also lead into the tunnels. This is the symbol
of Karakin’s smuggler faction. So where players see this octopus, they should look for breachable walls, and attempt to explore
the vast underground network of the smuggler faction. Not all the bunkers
are going to lead to tunnels, and not all the tunnels
connect to each other. Some of the bunkers actually
only have one or two rooms. Some will lead you
into an entire tunnel network. The third thing we’re excited about
is bullet penetration. We didn’t want to put it anywhere, because it can be quite
an overpowered feature. We have special, tattered,
war-torn drywall you’ll find inside our interiors,
that give you glimpses of enemy players. This allows you to hear players
you wouldn’t ordinarily hear, get brief glimpses of them
as they’re sneaking through. So it adds to the gameplay. Where you can see somebody
or hear somebody on the other side of the wall. Do you want to keep hiding, do you want to give away your position
and try to shoot them? Then you have to fight through the wall. We wanted Karakin to be all about tension. So every new feature,
every layout decision, the rocks, and the trees,
are all designed to amp up the tension. It’s about survival. It’s about choices. It’s about making the best decision
out of a lot of bad decisions. And this is just one more way
you can experience and tell your own story. At PUBG, we think developing
the game with you, the fans. Hit us on the forums.
Hit us on Reddit. Hit us on Twitter. Come talk to me. This is a live game.
It’s an evolving game. So your feedback is incredibly valuable.


  1. If there was a mode just like zombie mode but instead of zombie.a land where xenomorph and alien Queens roam where one would get predator plasma weapon s and cloak …that'll be hell of a game..😂 so bad it's a dream😁

  2. If you really want this game to stay papular for longer
    Ppl those who purchase hacks from you ..sell them further n further n further ….now we have ALMOST 50%OF PLAYERS ARE HACKER'S n 50%are just fair players

  3. You need a god tier PC to run this game, please just optimize the game, weapons don't spawn at the beginning, the textures doesn't render properly.

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