Inspiring Recovery: Spinal Cord Injury Dirt Bike Racing in Nevada Desert

Okay. For me, just hopping on a brand-new
bike. I was super stoked and ready to go go rip. And it dropped down to like thirty
degrees and it rained. We were coming down a hill. Came down and I started sliding
sideways, foot away from the cliff, I was like, “oh my god!” and fell off the cliff
and landed on my bike and my butt hit the seat. So then I was laying there and I
just remember like my legs and everything below my waist were numb.
Couldn’t walk. Perry went through a lot. He ended up with what we call an L5
burst fracture. See that as this bone fractured and this is all edema and what
we call a burst fracture pushing back into this canal. It actually impinges on
all of those nerves as they come down. There was a big question on whether he
was ever going to regain some of the motor function in his legs and the
function of his bowels, the function of his bladder. I knew I didn’t really want
to stay here that long. If they told me, “hey jump,” I’d be like, “how high?”. I call her
the Princess of Darkness. It’s a good nickname to me because she really liked
to push me and you’re just Sara – she just wants to see you get better, she wants to
help you and she’s gonna do whatever it takes to get that way. He just shows
that power of the human spirit. You wouldn’t even know that he had a spinal
cord injury. I want to get back on my dirt bike
but I think my dad would kill me so I’m probably not going to. I’m actually
thinking about buying a RZR here soon. Hopefully that’ll be a little bit better
on the back and something that gets my adrenaline rushing again, you know?


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