// The World’s Online Racing Sim is a sim racing game
that combines a true-to-life racing experience with an online community of
virtual racers from all over the globe iRacing offers a multitude of officially
licensed cars and tracks – laser scanned with millimeter accuracy. Their car models and
mechanical systems are based on real-world physics and engineered in
cooperation with manufacturers and race teams. iRacing’s web-based interface
allows members to compare stats and test drive any combination of car and track instantly. Their skill license system
ranges from rookie to pro ensuring members are always pitted against those
with similar skill sets. Members are able to sign up for a weekly
race series, compete in time trials, host a private race with friends and
participate in racing leagues created and run by the community. With over 60,000
members iRacing works in partnership with renowned motorsport organizations
like SRO Motorsports Group to deliver virtual races based on the real-life
Blancpain GT Series. iRacing’s Blancpain Endurance Series features Team Racing
giving members the ability to build a team and participate in races ranging
from three hours to 24 hours. Additional partners include NASCAR, IMSA, V8 Supercars, IndyCar, allowing members to race in their very own 24
Hours of Spa, Bathurst 1000, Daytona 500, and many more. Delivering the most
authentic racing experience short of getting into a real race car.


  1. Glad you guys made a video like this. I was going to make one just to get the word out and get more people involved. I sort of wish you would have mentioned safety rating since that's what got me interested in the first place.

  2. If they put this on tv as a commercial, they'd probably need to upgrade their servers to support everyone that comes and signs up.

    But they need to make a commercial that lets people know what iRacing is all about. They said it's based on real world physics, but to the guy that never heard of iRacing before, it's just another gran turismo. Add in a clip about how gregor huttu could drive a real race car after driving it in the game.Or dale earnhardt talking about how iRacing actually IS realistic.

  3. it would be great though if they could save the money spent on this promo and make things cheaper in the game. that would really boost my love to this game. other than that it is a really good game.

    sorry if anyone disagrees but i just had to put my opinion out there. it is the one thing (in iracing's control) that i dislike about the game.

  4. It sucks to wait to get promoted. You can't even race after Rookie class unless you buy the cars and tracks! ($11.95-$14.95)

  5. Thank you for all that work iRacing and continuously improving. Truly the best racing experience you can get online.

  6. thinking of getting involved. as far as pedals, don't want to use a clutch and shifter. Most cars are paddleshift anyway. is it necessary to buy pedals with a clutch and shifter???

  7. just imagine iracing obtaining an f1 license….. that would never happen, but if it does….. i dont know what to say

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