Is the Scarlet Crusade Still Around?

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about the Scarlet Crusade and their whereabouts. Briefly covering their history and then discussing
their current state and if they could ever return. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore. So the Scarlet Crusade are like the good guys
that had noble goals, but turned bad and ultimately it lead to their destruction. After Lordaeron fell in the battle against
the Scourge, the paladins of the Silverhand had united to cleanse the land and to get
rid of the undead. All with very noble goals to save their homeland. However not only did they not succeed in that
but they went in a completely different direction and were attacked from all sides. Since their creation, the Crusade has been
plagued by the nathrezim that constantly manipulated them which led to many of the bad things they
had done driving a lot of the crusaders mad. Initially, they swore to fight the undead
and as the Forsaken were formed they were now fighting on two fronts although they had
seen all the undead as one enemy. The troubles really began when the living
became the enemy as well. They refused to ally with other races as they
saw them as unclean and they figured only men could save Lordaeron. It turned out though that not even all men
could be trusted and they would just starting purging everything and everyone. This is partly attributed to dreadlords, partly
to fanaticism and ultimately to insanity. The Scarlet Crusade turned from an order of
paladins into a religious sect where leaving would mean death. This is exactly the fate Tirion’s son Taelen
Fordring encountered when he attempted to join his father. The Scarlet Crusade use to be pretty powerful,
mainly pre-wrath of the lich king which was the peak of their strength. They had control over much of Lordaeron at
least what wasn’t infested completely by the Scourge and they even managed to develop a
fleet and to send an expedition into Northrend to battle the Lich King. They must have been pretty strong at the time
if they felt like they could take on the Scourge on their own home continent. However, everything would go terribly wrong. When Wrath of the Lich King came around, they
were once again manipulated by dreadlords, got destroyed by Arthas’s death knights as
well as the Alliance and the Horde both in the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. Now it doesn’t make much sense that we really
fought them as after all we had a common enemy but the narrative was that they were so corrupted
and insane that they were beyond help and were more of a detriment in the effort against
Arthas then they were help. There were noble souls and dissidents within
the order but generally the upper echelons were fanatical. By the time of Cataclysm, most of their forces
were obliterated. The Northrend expedition severely weakened
and they lost much of their possessions within the Eastern Kingdoms. As the Lich King was defeated the Argent Crusade
became their successor whom they had a very strained relationship with. Sometimes friendly sometimes hostile. Many of the surviving members fell to undeath
or were just gone. This makes sense as they had almost no economy,
they were located in the middle of undead territory and after their atrocities became
widely known very few wanted to pledge themselves to the Scarlet Crusade, especially as the
Argent Crusade was there as a much better alternative. Now with the new paladin order there are even
less reasons and much of their growth came from the shock of the fall of Lordaeron which
is now a distant threat. By the time of Mists of Pandaria most of their
power was within the Scarlet Monastery and they actually started to rebuild and regain
their power. However, by Legion the monastery was attacked
by the Ebon Blade that swore they would wipe out every single one of them. Now we have also heard that there were some
Scarlet Crusaders left as a part of the Onslaught which was their Northrend expedition. The onslaught is a bit different as they had
splintered off from the crusade and they even employ death knights and shadow priests which
is like the number 1 sin by their rulebook. Still ultimately almost the entirety of the
leadership and not just leadership but even the higher ranks were almost completely wiped
out. Some dissidents managed to join the Conclave
and abandon them. Things even got so bad that there was a scarlet
crusade quartermaster at the Darkmoon island selling paraphernalia in order to fund their
campaign. What is certain is that they are severely
crippled but exactly how strong they are is not confirmed. Seeing that the Scourge will soon be all but
defeated and much of Lordaeron was cleansed their purpose is slowly becoming obsolete. However, with the Shadowlands and undeath,
it is entirely possible that they might return in some other way. We might see some of their prominent characters
in the afterlife and they might join us in other ways. Nonetheless, I don’t ever seem them returning
near their power level of Wrath of the Lich King and them becoming a significant order
ever again. Thank you for watching. Check out why the scourge was so effective
by clicking on the screen and also check out the second channel Doron’s academy for videos
on real-world history and science. See you next time!


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  2. lol i remember when i was new to wow in wod and my first character was human paladin and i actauly read about the scarlet crusade so i tried to join them but i didn't understand why the were hostile to me. So i even went as far as searching everywhere to a way to grind reputation somehow with them but ofc you couldn't.

  3. Great video as always, here are some video ideas

    • Non-playable classes found in the lore or in-game. For example, Tinkers, Shadowhunters, Dark Rangers, Necromancers.

    -a speculation video on what could be under tirisfal glades with the dark whispers one would think it's an old god but blizzard already confirmed it isn't

    -Have the gnomes reclaimed gnomeragan? If so will we ever get to see the city in its non-dungeon state?

  4. Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration. Great video as always. Hope you will do it for other factions as well!

  5. I had hope by watching this video I would hear that the most epic faction would return thank you blizard i fought it cant be worse in the lore

  6. The Scarlet Crusade has always been one of my favorite factions
    Their downfall due to corruption and manipulation without ever realizing the truth is somewhat tragic but pales next to the horrors they committed because of it, and i hope we at least see more of them in the prepatch

  7. The Scarlet Crusade (with the help of some malicious being) will open a portal to the alternate Draenor, bringing Yrel and his army of Light with him; they will also go to Azeroth from that timeline, and bring Aedelas Blackmoore with all the human armies of the Iron Alliance.

  8. Other then very very small secluded groups they exist on roleplaying servers, all they do is sit in the cathedral and talk shit about non humans or have drama

  9. Hey you should do a video on the brotherhood of the light and their by any means necessary approach to reclaiming the plague lands. if the cats quests for eastern plague lands are Canon they seized control of stratholme and the scarlet enclave. Their leadership also talk as if they are slowly splintering from the argent crusade.

  10. I have always hoped for some sort of redemption of the Scarlet Crusade, though sadly it may not be possible, unless some have truly survived and will perhaps join up with the Argent Crusade and Paladin order in Shadowlands pre-patch, which, could be cool, since I believe the Scourge is gonna run rampart due to there no longer being a Lich King. But either way I'm hoping to at least see Argent Crusade action, with Maxwell Tyrosus leading and having some nice spotlight, afterall, wasn't it him who founded Argent Dawn in the first place?

  11. For anyone interested in the bfa PTR scarlet npcs were once again shown to show up in the Scarlet Monastery however they never made it into the live game, It is also believe that the Scarlet Crusade still lives on at the Scarlet Palisade in Tirsfal Glades as the quests involved in that location never wiped the crusaders out from this location.

  12. U know on wc3 ft there is a lot of role plays and RTS maps with early wow content and my god everyfucking one loves scarlet crusade, seriously people fight to play scarlet crusade in any map u can think.
    Yeah is sad how its probably scarlet never coming back they used to be soo cool sad blizzard didnt use it too well

  13. Scarlet crusade survivor folks would join up with the Syndicate. Two birds with one lore-stone. Alterac needs to be revisited.

  14. Blizzard should give us a new generation of paladins named something like "The Legacy of the Silver Hand" , "Lordaeron's Vengeance" , or even something like "The Gryphon's Order" I don't care what they call it just GIVE US ANOTHER PALADIN SQUAD

    We still need to avenge those who fell against the Scourge before the ultimate fall of Lordaeron,Silvermoon, and Dalaran…. never forget

  15. Great evil faction but got to say, thank god they are gone. not because I don't like them but ironically it seems like nothing ever stays dead anymore in this game

    RIP light crazed fanatics. you will be missed but rest in peace

  16. With Sally Whitemane one of the 4 horsemen, they definitely havent forgotten about them. Interested to see if that goes anywhere. Also, One of the most prominent undead characters, Lilian Voss, has a backstory heavily involving the Scarlet Crusade

  17. 5:17 –> The scarlet crusade becomes the strongest faction in Shadowlands due to the amount of members that were decimated during previous expansions

  18. Great video @Doronsmovie really opened up my eyes on the power of the Scarlet Crusade pre Wrath of the Lich King as that is when I started to play Wow. This video makes me want to play Classic Wow. By the way the Death Knight starting area was my favorite and after the Death Knight class was my favorite after they got patched. For anyone who never played a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King you missed out because each spec felt unique look up plauge strike and icy touch then you will realize. For all of the people making a Death Knight now, the quest where you have to duel other Death Knights the spells they use you used to be able to use it was great then after WOK they fucked up the class.

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