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Hello YouTube, welcome to my channel
There must be many of you guys who tried to unlock Weapon Master achievement
but still you were not able to unlock it
If you faced any such problem, then you have arrived at the right place!
In this video, I will show you the right method for unlocking Weapon Master
and I will clear all your doubts regarding it
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If you guys are watching this video, then most probably you already know that…
To unlock Weapon Master, you must kill enemies with 6 different weapons in Platinum Tier
Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, Vehicle, Grenade or Molotov Cocktail must be used to kill
Now most of you guys try to unlock this achievement by doing all the kills as specified
But even after, following the steps, the achievement doesn’t get unlocked
Then you search on YouTube that why the achievement didn’t get unlocked
So many youtubers unlock and show how to unlock it in their videos
Their videos are genuine, and they use same technique as you, but in their account the achievement gets unlocked
You then attempt again to unock it
But still it doesn’t get unlocked, and in the end you give up after getting frustated
Similar thing happened to me, I attempted to unlock it 10 times, after watching videos
Then! finally after a lot of research I figured out where the fault was
So, if after trying trying everything you’re not able to unlock it
Then there are only 3 reasons behind it
Number 1: you must not be playing in Platinum Tier
Number 2: your friends must be knocking out the enemies for you to kill them
Number 3: you must NOT be knocking and killing the enemies with the SAME weapon
Your kill will be only counted if you KNOCK and KILL with SAME weapon
PUBG Mobile has mentioned this in the help section of the game, as you can now see on the screen
In the old versions, knocking and killing with same weapon wasn’t neccessary, thats how a lot of people have unlocked it
and many youtubers too unlocked it successfully without knocking and killing with same weapons and uploaded videos as proof
Thats why you must be following their same technique
If you want to unlock this achievement now…
You must knock and kill by yourself with same weapon, in Platinum Tier
I too unlocked it off lately, in SOLO vs SQUAD
because I was not in Platinum Tier in Solo Mode
I would recommend you guys to attempt unlocking it in Solo mode only because…
in Solo mode, enemies get killed directly (without getting knocked)
therefore, grenade and vehicle kills are easier to do
and even in Squad, I would suggest you guys to attempt it playing Solo because random teammates may claim your kills easily
but If your friend plays PUBG well, then you can play with them with automatching turned off
doing that will only give you the advantage of getting revived
Your friends won’t be able to help you with killing
because if they knock the enemies out for you, then that kill won’t be counted
So you can now see on screen that when I unlocked it, I played Solo vs Squad in Miramar
and last kill was made using grenade
I didn’t record the full gameplay, because I wasn’t sure that I would be able to unlock it in that attempt
and too many people have already shown the gameplay in their videos, so I won’t bore you guys by showing it again
So thats the reason why Weapon Master doesn’t get unlocked
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