Jaringan Lag?-Setting Apn Game Online 4g Terbaru Semua Operator Ini

ok assalamualaikum meet again with bang techno here friends how are you from Sabang to Merauke I hope you guys are always healthy and smooth fortune and in this edition of our encounter this time is techno will share the fastest apn 4g settings info the newest and certainly suitable for all operators but for friends who have just seen the bang techno channel It doesn’t hurt for you to subscribe first if you already subscribe I say thank you very much keep staying tune don’t go anywhere, before going to the core of the video we watch who want to pass the following ok if friends are already in cellular networks just go ahead and choose the name of the access point Then you can add new APN or add a new access point name next name fill in friends like this ok the name fill in like this when it’s finished, just save it and next for apn fill like this when it’s finished, just save it for the proxy you just leave it blank for the port you just leave it blank next for user you fill in like this when it’s finished, just save it and next for password you fill in like this when it’s finished, just save it for next server,just empty it next for MMSC,you fill like this when it’s finished, just save it and for next proxy mms you fill like this and then save it for next port mms if already saved MCC don’t change it like the default operator leave it alone and then type of authentication select PAP and then type the APN fill like this and then protocol and roaming apn fill like this and others dont fill be careful again if you have directly selected without lingering ok the network has changed go straight to the network speed test like this video and dont forget to subscribe ok,we see together and you can screenshot summary on this screen friends ok,good I try to play pubg just testing apn just now friends whether the ping is stable or not and if there are obstacles please write in the comments column and include your place I thank you very much if friends already want to participate I hope you guys stay healthy always and smooth fortune aamin without lingering because this phone is borrowed from my mother still smooth the ping is green not yellow not red still stable,even though I was cornered and play delicious games while drinking coffee, friends Do you want to know the delicious coffee? wait for the next video ok friends ok, that’s all the video settings from bang techno the newest and fastet don’t forget to subscribe like and share to your friends the end of the words I say thank you very much wasalamualaikum


  1. Apn 4g tercepat game online dan terbaru semua operator cocok untuk main game dan work di semua operator 3g maupun 4g jika ada kendala silakan komen teman teman

  2. Bang mau tanyya, kenapa operator yg saya pake ini 3 kecepatan internet nya berbeda dengan paket internet 3 punya istri?? Padahal HP sama dan jaringan sama2 4G

    Punya saya Lelet bener, full speed nya kalo malem aja di atas jam 23:00

    Mohon sekiranya waktu buat di jawab bang, nyari tutorial nya ga nemu2 sebab nya kenapa ??? 🙏

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