Jumbo Tournaments – Play Multiplayer Rummy Tournaments Online

Classic Rummy does it again! We have 9 exciting rummy variants – 3 in pool rummy, 2 in deal rummy, 2 in points rummy and 2 in rummy tournaments.
Here is one more – Jumbo Rummy Tournaments!
What is great about Jumbo tourneys?
It is bigger, it is better, it is more fun and it offers mega rewards!
What is Jumbo Tourneys?
It is a 3 level multi player tournament, where you can play free rummy tournaments daily to win mega prizes.
There is a special prize of Rs.5000 every Saturday for Regular free jumbo tourneys and every Sunday for Premium free jumbo tourneys.
There will be multiple winners at the end of Level 3 in all tournaments.
How can I play Jumbo Tournaments?
Free players can join to play Regular free Jumbo tourneys and premium players can join to play Premium free Jumbo Tourneys.
In regular free tourneys both joining and rejoining options in the tourney are free.
In premium free tourneys, joining is free and rejoining option needs to be paid for.
To play, you need to register in advance. To register in advance for Jumbo Tourneys, follow these steps –
Verify email and mobile, enable pop up from Classic Rummy on your computer and join the table at the designated time.
Enjoy more rummy every time with many players and win prizes in lakhs!
Click here to play jumbo tournaments : https://www.classicrummy.com/rummy-games/rummy-jumbo-tournaments?link_name=CR-138

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