Now I’m gonna hit your left shoulder so dont move the arm so beautiful… Hi everyone from Cihan Kosif TV Friends today have Tolga Bahar with us. Master of the Youtube itself of weapons in Turkey. It’s one of the first names that come to mind when you call it a gun. You know I have a twitch channel and I play PUBG every night in twitch. And I think the weapons I’ve used in this PUBG … I wanted to see. Thanks to Tolga and Şevki our friend … They told us they could help. And now we’re here … We’re going to try all the weapons in a place like the gun ammunition depot.
– We’re in the safe of PUBG. I took my helmet for what happens. Initially, this Vector .45 … Vector friends in PUBG. -Unbelievable. I’m gonna try it all. There are a lot of weapons we see at PUBG … Should we go in?
– Let’s go. How’s my bag? First I want to introduce Kriss Vector to attract people Kriss Vektor is a very sexy weapon with design. -I’il sleep with him.
🙂 -There is a silencer in this version. – We loot it in the game Yes, we find it when we loot. We can even put on the M4. -M416 and his butt were the same, right? Yeah, it’s the same account. – We can remove the silencer cant we Şevki? – She’s coming out, like … -We should find them in real life … Vektor is such friends … In the meantime, vectors are actually 9mm, right? There’s the .45. They have both. Then it’s true, so it’s the game. – It’s 416 HK’s. M416 to M16A4 unified version HK 416 was the name. -Modern M16A4 Look what we got here. Vertical pistol grip looking everywhere During the game I think he’s got a silencer, right? -Yes with muffler I’m not using it 🙂 In the meantime taking me seriously Tolga shoots me Everything I’m saying is for the game. This is a tactical swaddle that we know Look, actually, there’s a lot of difference with Vektor. but we can put them both in the game. -This is the ancestor of this gun. So the M16A4 in the game. – Fixed stock, so the butt is not moving. Isn’t it true in the game that you like in the game one by one and triple?
– Ofcourse. It’s different in the game. For example M16A4 with 4X Scope 2X with scope You can shoot very nice guy with 3X Very serial – Because the barrel is long. Is this a bit relevant to the barrel length? There is quite a difference between the time we look Let’s see from the top there, and they’re UZIs. -MS-9. By the way, there’s a hologram binocular on it. Isn’t that holo? – I’m calling the PUBG authorities here. We can’t put it on UZİ But we can in real life In the game – I put it on and I played Airsoft. Friend of this magazine .. Normally .9mm again Will you look at Holo So holoda really have a sign? – There is maybe the battery there. Burning is currently in The exact same sign as in the game Can you see from underneath? Laser in the middle Look, I’m gonna show you something. Every Turkish soldier knows this. Everybody who did his military service knows that. – Normally, he can drain the whole magazine in 1 second. 30 beads in 1 second. Normal .9mm pistol with a tightening human have this too .. My uncle has a word … “One G3 for a thousand friends.” But look, he knows what he’s got – Memory memory. In this game, my brother. 7.62 ak ammunition, but not It’s smaller. Very realistic game Because I’m a curious person Shall I tell you something I like about PUBG? It’s even something like this in the holywood movies. For example, we play sniper. We’ve got a Sniper The first thing you see in the game is the man’s flash. Sound comes after. and then a bullet next to it “Cuff” sound Look, you know, no hollywood movie, this isn’t done. And they put a lot of dress on the game. Because I don’t get it. There is no shortage of optimization what I do not know. He understands the lack of players professional players a little bit of him I don’t understand it, but the only thing I understand is that I play the game where I feel nervous And he gets me into the game. Shall I show you VSS? VSS Vintorez VSS Vintorez throws .9mm, but … But the gun we’re talking about is not .9mm. He’s using an ammunition that we call long 9. With self silencer Doesn’t sound like a silencer, do you? That’s the weapon itself. Back of wood This is real wood It doesn’t have the same weight of ammunition just as much as the actual weight. 9mm seems to be very low in PUBG the reason is 9mm He’s wearing binoculars, doesn’t he? There’s an apparatus next to you. We’re wearing a foot here. you can wear your binoculars So is the gun here AK? Let’s show him If you ask me, I would go to him. Turkish ARMSAN is a rifle manufacturer company … This is the real weapon. We’re still just in case Take our security measures Turkish replica of AK RS-S1 Works with 12 caliber ammunition the following type of firecrackers. you are placing Normally not like that Assigns 7.62.39 Al to you kar98 really ancestor in this business And the same in the game Your friend in the meantime also love That’s what this is about. Will you take a look at her beauty, that gun? and so simple There was always that in Retrieving Private Ryan. Hakana Bi is the owner of a very good bi weapon collector Is snow making Russian? There is also Turkish production We can call Kar98. What is the reason he made such a name? -PUBG Before him, for example, to save Er Ryan. – First-world weapons. I think it’s a little bit of people. You know, I feel the feeling of making an ambush in the distance Let me explain why those guns are so far away. every other weapon we show there is a magazine at the bottom It’s not on that charger. So what? now AR platforms We have a magazine at the bottom. We shot. Semi-automatic or fully automatic Gas, the gas that pushes the bullet when pushing the bullet from the barrel An amount here from a hole comes back to build mechanism So the gas does not give full power to the bullet but what’s in these I put a bullet in it. and I’ve locked it Nothing to come back to when I pointed this up and pulled the trigger All gunpowder gas pushing the bullet out of the barrel and how much of the deeds within how advanced the weapon technology is that distance is growing even the world record 1450 feet from a canadian sniper two men If we consider 1450 meters, we can calculate how far away it can be Was it 1 mile, 1,000 meters? one and a half kilometer I’ll take it without doing it but now big brother you do it once you leave These are the exact dates this is probably from our brother’s collection We can’t hold The guys who did this, the guys who fired it. I don’t know how it fills the devil. This is the ancestor of Kar98 alone. Kar98 is a little better than that. But we never put a magazine. Most snipers are absent. It shouldn’t be you may go to a wrong conclusion He puts all his strength in that bullet because … It’s not one m249. but operating logic and ammunition type especially m249 let me show you another replica it can actually be considered in the logic of an AR platform but as in m249 ammunition as in the game Carries 100 grain Airsoftta buys 5000 1 pounds of beads And in the same way as real-life airsoft You can’t get your head off many players have left the game because of this weapon Is that an Airsoft gun?
-Ofcourse Airsoftta you start the game on the basis of weapons Or is everyone taking the gun he wants? Everyone can get what they want everyone comes with their own gun in the meantime they are doing PUBG game Airsoft in real life They’re distributing weapons invisibly. Everybody gets to find his gun, brother. I don’t know if this video is on the air “Noob” on 14 October PUBG short film we share it with you will be in a new channel maybe we’il put it down let me show you let me put it together This m249 … by the way red dot here is one One-on-one with Pubg even here the battery does not exist But normally there really is a red we see the point I looked before highly detailed aa 8X binoculars came I even saw 15 X here. this is normally coming out of the game 15X 15x comes out of the droptan this Let’s see how many X Actually 32X Is this 8mi really? he also … 9X this is 32x it zooms in 32 times There’s a multiplier of 4, I think. exactly can you see Such is Jehovah such he won’t be dangerous it will not please pay attention look at me will make me squeeze fit he looks pissed don’t feel i’m throwing I’ll take 40 grams less painful Abi 40 grams how big it will hurt less .. Look at you just think how much did you throw? One One two no he mechanism to work take one filling such gas now it’s like lighter here You’re pressing, brother So in the end we’re squeezing each other in the game I think the most beautiful meat in the butt but you can’t show him to people so I think one shoulder or back back hurts but blood there is nothing Let’s take it from the arm Abi breaks arm Felan no more abi eyewear also has cheek we don’t throw it up at yaa :)) kill me or Let’s wear our glasses just in case whether I hurt or hurt a little bit more .. I Tamaa now I play in the left shoulder so I play a lot the arm ağğğghh It hurts a little, doesn’t it? Not exactly as I expected that’s how much pain in the game Naturally, when he was walking, showing bi reflex If the guy eats it already to eat more will come out of the game I guess it’s not certain right now, but it’il be visible soon. Is it certain ? I’il take you to the policeman in a safe environment. With the facts of these weapons Okay, let’s go to the polygon. Let’s get a shot. I never had a gun in my life. use for the first time in the meantime this is the vest level 3 Yeah, friends, now … polygon 216th day We’re gonna be guns here. Normally in game weapons Glock on pistols Followings there is also glock but I’m a little too nationalist on this subject Glock has heck These two domestic weapons. sifx sar-9 saint de canik tp9 sfx produces bitanesini unshakable Bitanesini also produces samsun lush defense canik Both of them in the world guns let’s talk about basic rules when to shoot you’re definitely not going to turn the barrel back from this line if you have been stuck, or if you give up the gun barrel will always look here you won’t talk to me The mechanism is over you’ll say I’ll take it we will be sure of your safety put it on the table so we will continue to chat because these are real firearms there is no pardon let’s not do the burial here you’ve never shot before With pistol before with unshaken I’m showing you now You pointed your finger sideways you have 3 fingers closed you lifted your thumb with the soft part of the hand there you closed This finger is long on the side you covered it on point to target now the full hand is locked in the future this hand will not squeeze the gun a good way to grasp this hand do you see white in front? you are focused on this The target is flu take position be ready arms always looking forward gun empty Now we normally display the camera 25 meters but Less than 25 meters man’s eye nice shot this lady is taken hostage hostage in life now goes to 10 meters now i’m putting 3 so you don’t hear 3 bullets definitely turn your gun back The finger is always outside the trigger this is human hand, Every time we fear our fingers actually move together Designed. Therefore, each reflekten we can pull the trigger but when the finger is outside and resting on the guardrail you cannot turn it off involuntary we are ahead I filled it up, you set it Check from above leave super Again man’s head Aim at super Cihan firing for the first time just fine man doesn’t live just one hasan But there’s no way to go to the destination the first time you took the man’s hand I guess the second got to the right third came to target again the story in her is because you pulled the trigger while I was still talking about the latter. she wants to have the brain together should I or should I throw Trigger at one precision Trigger after each shot when it is straightened and starts to crush the trigger already these shots will come out so you know in the video first A little bit of airsoft beads now living things more enjoyable Nice sensation I was expecting more to come That kick in G3 i waited something Let’s get another local gun. both of these weapons, especially canik unshakable in a bit more then released canikten both are members of the police even in america recent research especially canik glock in case of I think he’s on his forehead Now you’re doing something like this hee Ma’am went long distance seven in the chest now that’s why when you pull the trigger holding a blank space to prevent the gun from bouncing keep as high as you can because it’s not just peace because this mechanism comes back too fast if you keep this hand down this weapon will swing and after each shot you do this regroup disrupt your hand there is a lemon in his hand as if cut in half the water will flow if you squeeze it too hard but if you squeeze less, you will lose your hand you need to keep it like that the other hand is the main weapon control now i throw 3 you can normal these are mine these are my friends I’m actually throwing this bad A little trip to the gun the headset is also not here use here Yeah There are two at 9 and one at the left yes this is the event pistol as in other PUBG in fact so what is medicine medicine medicine pistol Because you don’t have it all over the place. you can’t control more you put your finger to the right pulls to the right to put a little pushes felan by the way, here we are in the Polygon 216 On the way to Ataşehir left and right here you can come and take lessons from Mustafa teacher both can shoot Anyway friends Tolga Bahar helped us today about the gun Definitely visit the channel of Tolga can be reached by clicking on the above everything you want to ask about the gun You can ask from youtube don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and be sure to laugh hadith


  1. 2012 yılında başladım Pubg oynamaya İlk Hayatta kalma oyunu o zaman WarZ adıyla çıktı adı değişti şu anda adı İnfestation The NewZ oyunda ilk mermi geliyor sesi gerçekteki gibi sonradan geliyor. Mermide gittikçe mesafeye göre düşüyor dürbünden yukarı kaldırman gerekiyor. Tüm silahlar orjinal adıyla var oyunda. Vss Wintorezi o zamandan biliyorum mesela uziyede gerçekte oldugu gibi holo görüş takılıyor. Ayrıca Pubgde bulunmayan çoğu sniperde oyunda mevcut Mauser SP66 Blaser R93 M82 Gibi.

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