[KR Official] 0.14.0 Update patch preview | PUBG MOBILE | BATTLEGROUNDS

Hello, PUBG Mobile players! I’m CM Red Chicken, introducing the sneak peek of the patch note for 0.14.0 Update Just getting the 0.14.0 update will give you the new deep sea pirate lobby them (60 days), one Summer crate, and 2,000 BP. Don’t forget to claim your rewards on the event tab after the update! Fight the Zombie Virus! No, wait, spread the virus!? New survival mode: Zombie Mode – Virus Infection has been added. This new virus infection mode is an asymmetric PVP mode where players fight each other and only available on TPP. This mode consists of 3 rounds, with each round being 3.5 minutes long. Once the round starts, there will be 20 seconds of waiting time- then some of the 12 players randomly turn into zombies, the rest is the Humans, and the match begins. Humans get infected when killed by zombies. Zombies can revive when killed by humans- when respawned, you can choose between hide-type/speed-type zombies Zombies can’t use weapons- they can melee attack only with their bare hands. Humans can use weapons. (M416 and AKM are provided with full parts and ammo) But remember- If remaining unattacked for some time, zombies regenerate their health. During a match, zombies can acquire boosters and infect humans to reach level 3 or higher and become Zombie King. Humans turn into Heroes when there are only 3 humans alive. Heroes’ weapon get changed from gun to melee weapon (knife). Heroes and Zombie Kings are much stronger than humans and zombies! Once Heroes appear, zombies and humans will be dead when killed by each other. Each round ends when all humans get infected/killed by zombies (Zombies Win), or when any human (including Heroes) survives until the end of play time (Humans Win). The ruling between the two group is based on the players’ role at the end of the round. So try your best with your role! Utilize terrain and booster spawned here and there for a more diverse gameplay. Final ranking for Virus Infection Mode is decided based on various factors: wins for each round, damage, kills, infection scores, etc. Jump into the thrilling battles under various play conditions! Tip: Control button settings for Zombie/Hero can be customized ※ Settings – Controls – TPP – Custom settings – Virus Infection → Subtitle Zombie-exclusive quick voice will also be added- you can play Virus Infection Mode in custom rooms as well New Virus Infection Mode that is totally different from the old Zombie Mode! Please leave your comments after playing-! New character system has been introduced. After 0.14.0 Update, all players can receive the new character, ‘Victor’ for free. Go to public match at the bottom of lobby – character menu and tab ‘claim for free’ button to get the character. Press ‘use’ button to use the character. The first new character ‘Victor’ is an avid fan of SMG, having the SMG reloading acceleration skill. This skill is of course available in Survival Mode: Zombie Mode only, and not applied to Classic/Arcade Mode and Team Death Match Mode. Each character has its own level. You can level up for the character by selecting the character to join a match. For each level-up, you’ll be get an upgrade reward for that character. As for ‘Victor,’ the max level is 10, and after reaching the level 10, you can get character level-up crates by collecting additional XP’s. With the new character system and the fun from character progression exclusive to PUBG Mobile, enjoy Survival Mode with greater variety!
※ New character system will be added on August 26, 2019. Daily mission system has been improved.
※ Mission – Daily mission – Subtitle Number of daily missions was reduced to 4, but they now have bigger rewards. 3 daily missions, except for the sign-in reward mission, will be set randomly. You can reset them randomly 3 times a day if you don’t like them. Weekly activity rewards have also become affluent with crate exchange ticket pieces/crate exchange tickets. So don’t forget to check daily missions out! You’ve accomplished so many achievements that you have no more mission left to do!? Various achievements now have 5-level missions added. By challenging the new achievements, claim various rewards faster than others! To reduce the game installation space in Android devices, some resource packages have been detached. Seldom used item resources have been separated as expansion package. So for the skins that are not displayed- click them in the storage/store to download individual resources, or download the resource expansion packages on Settings – Split download menu, and the entire skins will be displayed and enabled to equip. Storage UI has been improved. Non-storage UI will disappear from the storage. Number of item slots displayed per page increased. Location/feature of Emote edit menu has been improved, and vehicle skin selection feature now has descriptions. You can now choose in the lobby display settings whether to display weapon, vehicle, helmet, and backpack in the lobby. Also, if the skin you try to equip collides with the skin you’re already wearing, the old one will be unequipped automatically and replaced with the new skin. Check various items you have more easily, and conveniently! Mode selection screen and armory UIs will also be improved. Especially in the armory, a new halation effect will make weapons displayed more realistically. Check your realistic weapons out from the armory! Other than that, the issues where players can go outside the map through certain objects in Team Death Match Mode, where players move to different space when parkouring under certain circumstances, where backpacks are shown incorrectly, where zombie’s lower body gets stuck to the wall under certain circumstances, and other various bugs will be fixed. These are the major features of 0.14.0 Update I’ve brought today! Don’t forget to check the REAL patch note to be released before the update in the official cafe for further details. It’s been CM Red Chicken so far. See you in the next patch note! Chicken dinner!!


  1. 바이러스 인펙션 모드 너무 재밌네요. 이제 컴퓨터 게임들 보다 모바일배그가 더 재밌어졌으며 앞으로도 이것만 할거 같습니다

  2. 신규좀비모드 꿀팁
    1.먼저 사람이 많은구역으로 가야합니다.(사람마다 다르겠지만 저는 B구역이 가장좋다고 생각합니다.)
    2.당신의 주의에 좀비가 있을경우 도망가고 총을쏘면서 도망갑니다.(좀비가 느려지고 피도 딸기때문에 훨신이득입니다. 좀비가 1명일경우에만)
    3.영웅이 될때까지 최대한 버티세요 점프구간등을 잘이용하면 살아남을수있습니다. 영웅이 됬을때는 칼을 휘두를때화면조정을 빠르게해야합니다. 좀비들이 매우빠르기때문에
    4.만약 영웅이 되었는데 자신밖에없다면 좀비를 죽이기보단 최대한 도망쳐야합니다. 님이 한대를 때릴때 좀비는 매우많이 때리기때문에 싸우기에는 가망이없습니다.
    영웅이1명일때는 그냥 끝난거라 보시면됩니다.
    부족하지만 참고하시면서 플레이하시면 감사하겠습니다.
    제가 몇판 하면서 생각해낸 꿀팁입니다~

  3. 이거 답장 꼭 원합니다 바이러스에서 시작할때 총이 둘디 60/600 이여야 하는데
    전 왜 여러번 30/600으로 30발이 날아가나여
    이거 못보고 장전하다 감염이 많이 되었습니다 원래 그런건가여 아님 오류인가여?? 오류이면 답장 부탁드립니다
    그리고 힝상 즐겁게 플레이 히고 있습니다♡

  4. 님들 제발 영상좀 제대로봐요 밑에 내리니까 빅토르 어디있냐고 졸라많네 몇개째냐

  5. 안녕하세요. 모배관계자분~ 게임에 겜자도 모르던 제가… 모배시작하고 직장 출퇴근 시간이 즐거워졌고, 유툽 시청자 커스텀(다옴커스텀)에서 나이를 초월한 초딩모배 친구도 사귀었네요. 어제는 초딩모배친구와 그의 누나와 3명이 크레이지 삼쿼드를 했답니다~ 좀비모드도요~ㅋㅋㅋ. 나이는 어리지만 실력이 오빠더라고요!!! 하면할수록 출구없은 매력에 빠져들어 날밤새고 있습니다. 이렇게 재미있는 모배가 더 활성화되었으면 좋겠네요^^ 항상 즐겜의 기쁨주셔서 오늘도 성인유저인 저는… 모배옷에 현질로 보답합니다~헤헷

  6. 제발 이런 영상오리지마세요 제발
    올릴꺼면 배그 리매이크 라던지 랙제거 버그(엔진 버그) 대규모업뎃만 올리세요
    배그에본질이 좀비게임이었나요
    옷장은 돈 많은사람많 필요한거지 순수 배그를 즐기는사람은 써도 필요가 없어요
    배그 게임 그자체로 업뎃하세요
    그럴려면 컴배그도 좀비모드넣던가
    님얼굴 모바일배그좀비배틀그라운에
    좀비되고 싶어요. 게임 개 ㅈ같이만드내
    750MB면 파쿠루모션추가 총소리업뎃 발소리업뎃이라도 하겠다. 미친 년놈들

  7. 어차피 님들 뎃적어봤자 무시해요 적지마세요… 이게게임이라고 배그 처음개똥망겜이랑 지금이랑다를봐가없어
    왜 파밍 100인정투 전문게임을 씨발 망겜으로 만드는거지?

  8. 총기 반동이라도 늘리던가 레이저 총이에요?
    아나중에 맞춤법 고처라할꺼줘 팩트라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. 고스트 마스크,호피 마스크 등 목까지 덮은 마스크 종류를 자주 쓰는 유저들 한테는 안좋은 패치 이네요. 원래 같이 입던 옷들이 많이 없어졌어요 ㅠㅠ

  10. 왜 저는 치킨 메달 언론월커 섬머상자 이런고 안줘요? 진짜 이런 거 왜있는지 모르겠어요 모두에게 준다면서 저에게 절데 주시지 안고 이벤트도 안뜨고 이게 비교 되서 배그를 잘 안하는 이유입니다그리고 그 스킨 두요.닉: (내가니사장)

  11. 현재 새로나온 바이러스 인펙션모드는 너무 재밌고 기존과 다른 특징의 개임이어 재밌습니다.하지만 게임특성상 서로의 닉네임을 모르는 상태에서 통화도 전체 혹은 진영끼리만 가능하기때문에 이러한 특성을 노려 몇몇 인성이 덜 형성되거나 가오를 잡고싶어하는 인간들이 패드립과 욕설을 너무 심하게 합니다. 하지만 서로의 닉네임을 모르기 때문에 누가 욕을 하였고 누가 패드립을 하였는지 모르기때문에 신고도 못하는 상황입니다.이러한 사실을 펍지 고객센터에 문의를 하더라도 현재 펍지는 대회진행때문에 바쁜상황을 알기에 고객센터로 해결이 안될거같아 이렇게 댓글을 답니다.

  12. 현재 게임중인 플레이어의 관전뿐만 아니라 리플레이도 가능하게 해주세요 데스캠두요

  13. 솔찍히 이번 좀비모드 ㅈ같음 그냥 오리지날 pc판 좀비모드나 만들것이지 기대했는데 ㅈ망작이누

  14. ضيفو لغه عربيه خاطر ربكم دري ما راح تفهمون لقتي بس كو برنامج مترجم ما رح تخسر يذا نزلته

  15. 렛지 그렙이랑 오토바이 새로운거랑 1인칭 변경 버튼 만들어주세요 이거 올려주세여

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