Lenovo P8 Review & Hands-on: Gaming Tablet for $150

Hello friends! This is Tech Brothers. Tablets are not so popular today, because
smartphones offer the same features and has smaller sizes. However, for only $150 you can buy great
tablet with Full HD screen and Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. We have first review of new tablet Lenovo P8. One of the main feature of Lenovo P8 tablet is processor Snapdragon 625. It is great processor for Android tablet
that is quite powerful and at the same time energy efficient. Adreno 506 graphics accelerator allows you
to play any modern 3D games. If we talk about budget device under $200, many manufacturers think that HD resolution for the screen will be enough. But we cannot agree with this. As for me, the tablet should have high quality screen. After all, the display is one of the most
important part of any tablet. Lenovo P8 does not disappoint with its Full HD screen. Also, Lenovo P8 tablet has integrated GPS
receiver with digital compass support. In other words, you can use it, as navigation
system in the car. Well, once again about price. You can buy Lenovo P8 Tablet just for $149.99. We think that it is great tablet for 2017. In fact, there are only few tablets on the
market, which deserve your attention. Lenovo P8 is one of them. Thanks for watching! Under the video, you can find links, where
to buy tablet cheaper, and other useful information. Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers.


  1. Decent video but it would be nice if you actually showed benchmark scores. Speaking of which, what is the antutu score for CPU and GPU?

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