Local Cricket DRS

Jeez, skip that is plumb.
Any danger of hitting one this year?
He using my bat?
– Local Cricket Hawk-Eye here.
You there mate?
– Yeah, I’m here.
– Okay, first things first.
He’s clearly out.
– Yup, I agree on that.
– But let’s start with the front foot.
– Front foot, who checks
the front foot out.
I haven’t been checking
the front foot all day.
– Right, don’t worry about it.
Let’s get at the other end.
Can we go to real time Snicko, perhaps?
Oh my word.
He’s bet another postcode there.
– Yeah, maybe Rambo will be able
to help us with height at square leg?
– Can we have a look at side on, please?
Looks like he’s not paying attention.
Instead watching the races.
Let’s go to bloke tracking, please.
Okay, so the correct decision is out.
– I agree on that.
– But we do recognize this team
is a bunch of tossers.
– Yes, spot on there.
– It would also seem this
is your last decent bat.
– Yup, fair to say.
– Now, do you require a
lift home from this bloke?
– I actually do require a
lift home from this bloke.
– Then you can stick with your
original incorrect decision.
You are on screen now.
– Yeah, not out.
– You are kiddin’?
– It’s going down leg champ.
– Cheers mate.
Good call.
I smashed that boys.

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