Low budget VR Gaming

The development of VR is something that I
have been paying a lot of attention in the last couple of years. One of the things that I find interesting
is the potential it has for redefining what “low end” means due to how extremely computationally
intensive it is. Take this GPU for example, this a GTX 750,
a mid-end graphics card from 2014. I bought this one for about 70 euros and after
asking you guys it seems it can be found 60 to 90 euros or dollars in most places, or around
of 100 if you are unlucky. Compared to the GPUs I have featured on this
channel in the past this card is an overpowered beast that crushes games on the lowest settings. However, throw this thing on VR benchmark
and you realize that supposedly this is pretty insufficient for virtual reality. So the question becomes: can you play in VR
with a “budget” GPU like this one? Lowest settings? Maybe, Tweaked games? Answering this question is hard because of
another problem, the cost of a VR headset. At the time of writing this script the full
HTC Vive kit is about $800 and from what I could gather you can not buy just the headset
alone, at least new. You can buy an oculus headset but… it is
about $500 dollars which is like twice my entire PC budget which prompted me to search
for some creative solutions and I was surprised of what I found. I will be using a service called Vridge by
RiftCat, which basically allows you to connect your cellphone to your PC in a way that tricks
the computer into believing you have an HTC vive headset, so you can then play any seated
VR experiences by putting your phone into some headset, like this literal piece of cardboard
I got in amazon. So now, not only my computers are shitty,
now my VR headset is also crap. Awesome! And after contacting RiftCat they have agreed
to sponsor this video, so double awesome. They have a free trial version of their software
so you can try it, link in the description. Setting it up was fairly easy. You can run a program in your PC and a companion
app on your phone and you can stream the view of the game over wifi, if you are brave, or
better yet, a USB cable. After setting it up you can launch steamvr
from the program and then start a game. There are plenty of guides on their website
if you want to give it a try. So now we test My first experiment was Subnautica, I already
dedicated a video to this early access submarine survival game. As I commented on that video there is a secret
menu accessible with f3 and in there, you can use the numbers in the keyboard to disable
a lot of the effects. Furthermore if you disable mouse pointing
using your view in vr and press escape you can reduce the draw distance of most objects,
as I explained on that video. Welcome to the very dangerous sea. Man, it’s a little bit too close. I can pick up things by just staring at them,
that’s interesting. I can’t remember what’s the- does that
thing hurts me? Can I grab them? Huh, what are-? Wait, those are bad right? Yep, yep, that doesn’t look good. The great low-resolution expands! With low draw distance and things popping
out in front of me and this time… in full virtual reality. Now you can live the low draw distance, not
just see it, you live it! Like, you’re there! Another game I wanted to try is Project Cars,
a game I have not shown in the channel before but that also includes a VR option and seems
to be fairly well optimized on the lowest settings. You can also add some launch options to the
game to try and squeeze even a bit more out of it, like dx11mt for multi-threaded mode,
skip crowds to disable models of bystanders and pthreads to match the number of cores
in your CPU. Oh wow! Well, this is something else. Wo-wow shit! This sure aint Mario Kart. I don’t know if I’m in awe or scared! Another game I was curious about is minecraft. Java based Minecraft does not support VR out
of the box, but thanks to a mod called Vivecraft you can add some rather robust VR options
to the game. And the mod installs optifine which adds all
sorts of graphical options which I am going to take advance of to disable all weather,
animations and sky effects for the best VR performance. The link the vivecraft mod is in the description
if you are interested. If I do this, and I stare, my fps is right
here, it’s 57 fps… that is neat, this is the best one that I have tried so far,
wow, I was joking draw distance before but check this out. This is literally the world that’s in front
of me, huh? Is the world not gonna load? I’m staring down into the abyss of the unloaded
world, this is really scary. Oh, there he goes. Ok, the other examples were cool but this
was by far the coolest. I seriously never want to try minecraft any
other way again, this is really something else. So, in conclusion. How did it go? Is this an Vive and Oculus killer? No, I mean come on. VR are nothing short of of technological marvels
and thinking that a phone will be just as good might be a bit naive, but it you want
to get your feet wet in VR, and get your first experience without breaking bank, this might
actually be a really interesting first option. Performance wise, the results were interesting. There is an option on Vridge to limit a stream
to 30 fps but definitively the closer you can get to 60 fps the easier it becomes to
handle the movement. Minecraft which is by far the most twekeable
of the games I tried and therefore the closest I got to 60 fps was quite the experience. My current VR library is… rather insufficient
but I wonder if I keep digging, would I get a couple of other VR games to be low enough
to work really well on this setup? Well, you tell me. Let me know if more budget VR experiments
are something you would like to see in the future in comment or in the discussion thread
of the LowSpecGamer subreddit. Thank you to the Patreons and this video sponsor
for making my crazy experimentation possible. See you in the next video.


  1. Oh man, finally. I have had the idea of experimenting with budget/low end VR in my head for more than a year.

    It’s easy to see the appeal for someone who likes to experiment with budget friendly technology; VR is so computationally intensive that a mid end computer quickly becomes a low end computer while using VR. I just could never get the money or justify buying a headset so I started experimenting with the idea of using some substitute like Vridge.

    And then riftcat agreed to sponsor this video and I knew the stars had finally aligned.

    This is the first of what may be more VR related experiments. You know how I like to experiment. If you are a fan more of the regular tweaking videos then do not worry, next Saturday we are back to those. In fact, I am going on a little trip I have been planning for a long time soon so I am putting some extra time to research/record enough content that I can then edit on the road. There is going to be some good stuff there.

  2. опять это блогеры из третьях стран, вот че этой индии надо, катайтесь на слонах и пейте чай куда вы лезете

  3. A friend of mine uses a phone and 2 Switch Joycons for low-budget vr. Another friend uses their phone, 4 Xbox 360 Kinects and a DDR pad for VRChat.

  4. I found the fps a little low in minecraft, I own a PC with a GTX 1060, but before I got the 1060 I get around 200 fps in minecraft on UHD 630 at highest settings, with optifine of course, but that's on 720p you can expect a 120fps on 1080p but that is Intel HD this is a DGPU and a much stronger one

  5. 60 Euros for a GTX 750 seems bad, I live basically in the middle of nowhere for tech ( Pakistan ) and I can find a GTX 950 for around 85 Euros 95 Euros at most if you guys are getting a 750 consider this as an option the 950 is a good 3-5 years newer option which will also be considerabley faster and have more better driver optimization updates but in the end it's up to you

  6. vr requires a minimum of 90fps in order to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness and that is why you need better hardware to run it

  7. The program with the "free trial" gives you 1min… that didnt even give me the time to set height and stuff…

  8. Well done for getting VR running at a low spec, because I'm often asked whats the lowest spec required for VR my answer is usually a GTX 1060.

  9. I recommend the vr-tech headsets, they are about $20 and are actually kinda good, they are a full hdmi headset instead of requiring a phone

  10. soo.. long.. i didnt see this channel..
    so.. my pc gaming is broken and i have to play with my shity laptop again so yeah X,D

  11. So you got the headset part completed, but what about the controllers? How do i game on a budget with those?

  12. Guys, mobile phone vr is literally nothing compared to oculus rift/htc vive, on mobile it's nothing impressive, you get really disappointed, while with an oculua rift/htc vive you literally feel like you are inside that game

  13. In Germany you can get a gtx 760 for ~45€. And if you've got a decent Power supply, there are some r9 280xs for 50€

  14. Mi abuela me compro unos lentes vr para el celular a 25 pesos mexicanos algo así como poco más de 1 dólar xd, mi abuela no sabía que era, solo sabía que estaba e oferta xd

  15. I tried this and holy hell didn't it make me feel sick like nothing else.
    The delay you're getting even with tethering is so bad it feels like your head follows a whole second behind anything you do. It's like being really drunk but missing everything that's fun about being drunk.

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