Mario Kart Tour – Gameplay, Online, Nouveaux Circuits, Un Free to Play !?

The Mario Kart series features the characters
of the Nintendo universe in races of kart since 1992, and motorcycles since the years
2000. Just about every shot (fun and nice)
are allowed to finish first, using scattered objects along the route
: carapace to throw towards the opponent, banana to drop to the ground to slide the
competitors, rocket to go faster and overtake everyone, star to be
invincible for a few moments. The use of these objects makes all the salt
of Mario Kart because of the permanent uncertainty that she creates on the outcome of the race. And that’s what makes this game so fun. Well, hi everybody, it’s Zeldendo
and we find ourselves today for a new video on Mario Kart Tour. He finally arrives. Announced early 2018 and several times rejected,
Mario Kart Tour is out on September 25 on smartphone, to announce Nintendo this Tuesday. It will be available on phones using
Android and iOS operating systems. In this video, we will talk about the gameplay,
new circuits and lots of stuff about this game But before, subscribe, if you are new
on the chain and put the blue thumb that pleases. With these words, I wish you a good viewing. New gameplay & online
Nintendo broadcast on Tuesday a video of gameplay, which gives indications on the
operation of this mobile version. Mario Kart Tour is played with the phone
held vertically. Vehicles advance automatically for
simplify the gameplay. With a finger, the players direct their vehicle
and use the harvested objects. To launch an object, simply touch
the screen, and move his finger to the front or back in order to launch it into the
direction desired. It will also be possible to challenge his friends
online. Start the pursuit of the best
! The records you win in the race determine your world rank. Train hard, test different
combinations of drivers, karts and wings, and climb to the top of the leaderboard
! There are also badges. You will receive all kinds of badges to wear
behind your nickname by winning challenges or special missions. I even released a video on the challenges. Click on the card at the top right for
to see her! The game will be provided by default with some
circuits and characters. It is finally necessary to have an account
Nintendo to play it. Unlike other Mario Kart games,
in this new opus, there will be no trophies, the player is rewarded in big stars
and emeralds. These last have a singular value
: they allow the purchase of loot pipes boxes which, randomly, have a
wing, a kart, but still a playable character. Characters have favorite races
: when one of them rolls on his track favorite, he gets extra items. In addition, rare characters possess
several favorite circuits and better objects in these. Objects may even be peculiar to
characters, alongside Mario Kart: Double Dash !! They even have objects that are
own. Characters and vehicles can
to be improved, and the duplicates received pipes allow these improvements. A gauge characterized by five hearts is
important to the game. A completed race consumes a heart, and
once the gauge is emptied, you have to wait that it recharges to be able to replay,
and you have to wait about a dozen minutes by heart. It can, however, fill through
improvements, while waiting, or by buying hearts with emeralds. The pieces obtained at the end of the race depend on
player and character performance. These are then useful for the purchase of objects
in shop, and even emeralds. The cuts are subject to a time before
their accessibility. The more the player unlocks, the more time
waiting becomes long. You also need to have enough large
stars. Mario Kart Tour gives access to a panoply
powerful objects! You can even move up a gear
by activating the new Frenzy mode so to enjoy a few moments of invincibility,
combined with an infinite amount of an object specific!
Tours evoking cities of the world full
Mario Kart Tour promises circuits evoking cities around the world. A rotation of the places visited will take place
every two weeks. Circuits from previous versions
Game consoles will also be available. Plus, some of your Mario characters
Favorite karts are now available in inspired versions of the cities represented
! Mario Kart Tour will integrate many circuits emblematic of the license, as the Island
Choco 2, appeared for the first time in Super Mario Kart in 1992 on SNES, the Circuit
Toad discovered in 2011 on 3DS in Mario Kart 7, or the Jungle Dino Dino, briefly
discovered in 2003 on GameCube in Mario Kart: Double Dash !!
Pre-registration, free to play The game will be available in a few weeks
on iOS and Android. It is already possible to pre-register
on Google Play and the App Store, to be immediately informed of the exit. The application will be downloadable for free,
and will work just like Super Mario Run and all of Big N’s mobile games,
on the principle of a free-to-play. It will thus be possible to access the first
internships without paying but the title will require obviously to go to the cashier to get
more lives and bonuses, once a certain level reached. According to 9to5 Google, in-app purchases will go
from 2 euros to 75 euros, a scale pretty classic price for a free-to-play
mobile. The wait is great around Mario Kart
Tour both the series is a success since more than a quarter of a century. Many of his episodes are part of
best-selling games historically, all brackets. Nintendo should not be wrong with
the economic model. If the base game will be free, options
Paying will be proposed. It remains to be seen what exactly they are
will give access and if they do not unbalance not too much gaming experience between those who
will have paid and the others. The Japanese video game giant will have better
measure what is paid or not if he wants to know a great success with Super Mario Run,
released in late 2016. This game was the first appearance of Mario
on smartphones. Although successful, he did not experience as much
the success that was expected. Its operation forced to pay enough
quickly after the start of the game and quite expensive for a mobile game to continue the adventure. It’s already the end of this video, I hope
that you liked it. If it is the case put the blue thumb, subscribe
if it’s not done yet. Join me on social networks. Waiting for the release of this new Mario
Kart, I wish you a good day and a good school year. See you 🙂


  1. J’ai pas compris pour les achats c’est quoi les rubis ? Ils faut payer pour les circuits les persos et les karts?

  2. Salut Zeldendo comment ça va ? Je viens du groupe facebook et j'ai vu ta vidéo. Je like et je m'abonne. N'hésite pas à faire un tour sur ma chaîne et faire de même pour qu'on s'entraide. Je te remercie beaucoup.

  3. super vidéo je savait meme pas que sa allait sortir sur téléphone ^^ en tout cas merci de nous en dire plus ^^

  4. Salut le online se passe comment? On peut faire de réel vrai courses en ligne ou c’est des courses en solo et tu peut juste comparer tes scores avec les meilleur joueurs/ ami

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